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  1. At home it wasn’t windy at all. The hills of the fingerlakes, winds as a mother trucker
  2. Awesome, congrats to your pops!!
  3. I’ll go against the grain here. You have yotes and warm temperatures against you. I shot a doe 2 years ago square in the guts. Gave her about 3hrs and took the track (at night) found her maybe 100yrs. I hate waiting over night if I can avoid it.
  4. Well our backyard spot was pretty active early this week, yesterday and today its been dead, son is really getting frustrated and thats getting me frustrated..grrr
  5. Can say the same about yesterday yet it sucked:-(
  6. We saw one buck far off crossing a field, left to grab breakfast and saw a lone spike in a cut soybean field and another field had a buck chasing.
  7. I heard chasing multiple times last night while letting the pup out. This morning has a great feel to it!
  8. Well I’ve been behind updating this. Ben took a doe last week and id really like to help him get a darn buck. I’m letting him skip school so he has a 3 day weekend to hunt hard with me. Bucks are moving a lot in our area. I saw 5 bucks today and I didn’t even hunt. Wish him luck, nows the time to get it done!!
  9. Anyone else feel like the trees are way behind dropping leaves this yr?
  10. I had the complete opposite experience 2 yrs ago, He had no receipt either (purchased thru team) but maybe because they were just youth baseball pants it was a cheap fix. No questions asked they mailed me a new pair.
  11. Ripped a monster thru the woods one day, probably tool some leaves off the trees from the wind/vibration of it. I was pretty impressed with it!!
  12. Its getting going here, saw a decent 8pt buck with a doe last night while driving to get my kid from basketball and taking him to school saw another decent 8pt on a mission. I also have 2 fawns alone in my hedgerow the last 2 days while moms out ho’ing it up somewhere.
  13. They are great buck attractant right now. Plenty of time for doe kills!!
  14. My son never wanted anything to do with halloween. He never wanted a costume and never understood the concept of going to a strangers house for candy. I was selfishly all for it. Sweet no halloween commitments!
  15. Accuweather says N wind, deer cast says NW, huntwise says SE. I say N, sw and se. I bailed on my best stand for a N wind.
  16. I hear ya, we had a pee hole between 2 blocks the other day pissing water on the floor. Judging by Twitter it’s getting crappy in Ontario and Yates county with flooding starting.
  17. This damn rain. If it’s raining in the morning I’m out.
  18. I love the cheesy line .34 but feels like .50!! Shoot $565 per sq is crazy. I could sell mine for well over a million if I could move the damn thing!
  19. I have only heard it a few time and we’re always bigger bucks! Last night after my son shot his doe, we took our bows back to the truck and un packed most of our stuff before we headed back to gut before it got dark. As I was almost back to the doe I heard it twice but couldn’t see it. I was assuming it was a mature buck. Cool to hear!!
  20. Has anyone heard a grunt/growl from a younger buck?
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