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  1. Hmmm not always . Our lab one time all the sudden had a hard time walking, I think she was about 5 yrs old. She didn’t wanna get up. Being a Sunday we took her to urgent care. They said she had a ligament or something in her rear leg and needed surgery, it was gonna be around $5,000. They gave her some meds to take. 2 days later she was back to normal. 5 yrs later she is absolutely fine. Just like media outlets you cant always take faith your getting honest accurate info these days. Maybe thats the dilemma they are having.
  2. At our main hunting land it was a weird year and I partly drum it up to the zero acorns anywhere on our nearly 100 acres due to the moths. I saw only about 4 bucks all season. The smallest was a 6pt, I didn’t see about any small bucks, usually its a polar opposite. To boot our back yard in primo area stunk. Lots of work to try and make it better.
  3. Awesome congrats!! Looking forward to the trespassing story!!
  4. Welp the seasons over for Ben. He fractured is ankle in his first basketball game this am. It was a frustrating season for me. I could never seem to get him in the right spot or the right time. Our backyard was a major dud this yr. Normally is great during the rut and fairly slow the rest of the season. I only had 2 or 3 daylight (good size) bucks on cam during the so called rut. They have been hitting the food plots pretty good but all at night time. He hunted pretty hard during gun but we didn’t even see horns, again super frustrating. Its gonna be back to the drawing board for next yr. I need a place close to home for another close option. Going back and forth down to the land, 25 minutes one way multiple times a day gets old fast.
  5. I did the Hoyt klash for my son. He may outgrow it based on his size down the road but its been a great bow. If i had to do it again id buy the Hoyt Klash all over again!
  6. I know of a litter coming next yr..
  7. Probably one of the worst hunting seasons I’ve ever had. Usually I see a hundred small little bucks but I have only seen a couple all season.
  8. Still nothing seen, remind me 3 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are a 1000 snacks are not enough with a growing 13yr old, I only got some snacks, no sandwich for me.
  9. Live from the redneck. Son wants to hunt all day. He’s currently on the floor sleeping!! Just need some horns!
  10. Honda or Yamaha, anything else is less!!
  11. Picker her up today from a tree farm in Livonia. She doesn’t look big and wide but she is 10ft tall!! She has over 1200 lights! Couldn’t resist another buck rub special for the living room!!
  12. Well I ended up seeing a fox, button buck mid day and 2 doe around 4:30.
  13. Right?! Can u imagine not texting or calling your dad or friend to say hey I'm tracking a deer I shot. How someone can shoot and not exactly know what your shooting is beyond me.
  14. How something like this happens is plain unacceptable. How someone can shoot at something and not know the target first is crazy stupid. No orange? No call or text im looking for a deer. Makes zero sense. https://13wham.com/news/local/man-dead-in-ontario-county-hunting-incident
  15. The rednecks have tremendous value, buddy heater on low, I can hear the wind but i only feel a bit with the window cracked open. Unlimited data helps pass the time. Watched one movie that was over 2 hrs so that also kills time!!
  16. I don’t doubt it. I grew up right around the corner from it. As a teenager I would drive thur there shining my headlights all over. Saw some ridiculous big bucks. I’ll have to ask around
  17. I always heard that was a big shed hunting spot but never seem to see anyone off the trails like me. We usually hit the spot across from the kennel, and along clover street. My son found his first shed down behind the sheriffs horse barns. My son also found a nice buck, dead all tucked in a downed tree one jan or feb, well hidden and seemed kinda odd but who knows. Also baffling if its true that it’s not all over the news, anti’s would be all over it, maybe because its not covid or politics they dont care.
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