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  1. Hey, sorry I hadn’t been back since my last post. It’s been a wild few weeks of baseball.
  2. All I know is thats its a wood bat tourney and were playing up at 15u teams
  3. Yeah, it was just crazy to watch. Fortunately I video every at bat so I have them!!
  4. Well I wanted to post updates along the way but its just been to damn busy! Season is going well for Ben. Team has been struggling a bit for a bunch of reasons. We have been all over with tournaments. This week we’re heading to Lake Placid for a wood bat tourney. Then next Thursday starts a PBR tournament in Toledo OH. Son tried out for the PBR Jr Futures games in Cortland last week. If selected he would go to LakePoint in Georgia at the end of the month. He ended up doing extremely well and was picked! He played 2 simulated games. First game the opposing pitched was throwing 79/80 fb, kid struck out the first 5 batters, I was anxiously watching Ben the 6th batter as he loves fast pitchers. Anyways he hits oppo shot down the right field line for a triple! Big sigh of relief knowing ur kid did well in that spot. Next at bat was a ground out. 3rd at bat was another triple right center one hop to the fence. Now I'm feeling like he did well enough for an invite. 2nd game: first at bat was another right center field triple, next a check swing hit to 2nd baseman, last at bat was another right center field triple. It was a wild day watching him do so well. Went 4-6 all triples. He was pumped afterwards, I’ll never forget that day no doubt! So after Ohio we head to Georgia for the week as he represents team NY.
  5. I recently did my permit re cert. first time in like 8yrs. Nobody came after me. I may never again. Co&% sucking demorats
  6. Zag


    Thank you sir!!
  7. I don’t recall ever seeing one but looks like it. @G-Man
  8. Team and son played well yesterday easily winning both games. They allowed 2 runs over 3 games and are the 1# seed and start at 2pm today.
  9. Clear in our neck of the woods too!! Last yr was brutal.
  10. Welp 1st travel ball game is in the books. Last sat they had a scrimmage with a Orchard Park team and lost 2-1. Son went 1 for 2 that day. Son played as well as ever tonight offensively and defensively (rf), he went 2-3 with a double and triple. Had a great foul ball catch and backed up the center fielder who missed the ball and made a play throwing the kid out at second. 2 games tomorrow and hopefully he stays hot.
  11. My kid slings a lacrosse ball into a net nearly each day and has never played it. It’s deff on the back of his mind but me being a baseball guy I dont say a word about lax.
  12. Well school ball wrapped up last night. Team had a 5th inning rally to come back and win, finishing the season undefeated. Son was one of just 2 starting pitchers and did very well. He gave up very few hits and runs. Travel games star tomorrow in Tonawanda at noon. Let the chaos begin!!
  13. And if she’s tossing heat, dig ur cleats in the dirt a little more, choke up a little and have a f you attitude at the plate, good things will come!!
  14. With the transfer portal now becoming yearly free agency for college’s, it adds more uncertainty to your spot/scholarship each yr. I have heard of schools now replacing half their roster with transfer portal players. Its all about the $$$
  15. Hahaha, He is all signed up with barstool sports, jk. I’m just hoping he continues to enjoy playing baseball and hopefully that leads to opportunity to play into his college days. I also hope any offers received are in or near the Appalachian / smoky mountains as we are outta here and will follow him. I will also flick off NYS as I cross the state line. Yea NY is draining me in so many ways.
  16. July 7th tournament 14u
  17. Just booked hotel rooms for tournaments in WV, OH, Buffalo and Lake Placid. Ouch that’s gonna be expensive. Kids been pitching well this season, last night was no different, 6k no walks and gave up two blooper hits.
  18. Yeah no doubt. My kid has a low 80’s mph exit velo, I turn and duck after each pitch even behind the L screen
  19. Here’s one 2 1/4 barrel, light weight and not end cap heavy like many tend to be. Mostly likely you may have to get a different size each season. My kid grew so much I was buying and selling each season.
  20. I bought my kid used easton mako bats off ebay. Like 2016 or 2017 in the drop -10,11 or 12. Great light weight bata with lots of pop. If my son was doing ll all over id do it this way again.
  21. Good luck to ur daughter and team!!
  22. Wow she’s getting big!!
  23. Yeah its nuts and leagues need to adopt zero tolerance for the parents and the coaches.
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