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  1. gastrodoc

    Ithaca Model 37 12ga

    Hey Larry Any rust or blemishes on metal? How about stock?
  2. gastrodoc

    Bullzeye Archery rant

    Best shop ever. Phil was the best bow tuner I have ever met. Several years ago Gander Mtn had screwed up my bow and he made it perfect. Subsequently bought a new bow from him several years later and was also tuned to perfection
  3. I have a Remington SP-10 and the thing is absolutely deadly on geese. I cannot get any of my 3.5 12 ga to pattern BB or 2 anywhere near as good as this gun. It has virtually no recoil as it is heavy and gas operated. In fact, it kicks less than an 870 shooting 2 3/4" loads. In fact, it is my most borrowed gun as many of my buddies want it for goose hunting. I have no idea why one of the posts above states it has a small safety and this somehow effected their turkey hunting???? I have shot hundreds of geese with this gun and never even thought twice about the safety Now a 10ga pump--that may be pretty brutal on the shoulder
  4. gastrodoc

    Dad's Buck

    Larry--awesome buck! Was that 8N?
  5. gastrodoc

    New Rifle - 25/06 Rem vs 257 wby

    If you could find a Remington Sendero in 25/06 you would have one of the sweetest field guns ever made
  6. Kudos. A true sportsman for sure
  7. gastrodoc

    Really bad acid reflux

    I definitely recommend you see a GI doctor. You should have an EGD to determine why you are not responding to the anti-reflux medications. Many things can mimic reflux and not respond to the medications. If you would like you can PM me where abouts you live and I can tell you who you should see. I practice in the Fingerlakes region and will tell you who I would trust my family with
  8. gastrodoc

    Marlin Guide Gun .45-70

    I have the same gun in .444 Marlin. Awesome gun
  9. gastrodoc

    Dominant Buck in my area. Help

    it lookks more like tree decay or insects or even a woodpecker. i have never seen a rub "chip" like that
  10. gastrodoc

    Dominant Buck in my area. Help

    I agree. That doesnt look like a rub
  11. gastrodoc

    What makes or breaks certain hunters?

    Getting one big buck is luck. Getting a nice buck each and every year is not luck. It means taking your hunting to the next level -wind mapping your property to know exaxtly how each wind blows across your property -not hunting a stand unless the wind is perfect and remains perfect -getting all of your stand set up my early summer and remaining out of your prime hunting areas until after the season -discipline to pass on many many small bucks and being fine with having buckless seasons -remaining as scent free as possible -reading as much as possible from experts such as Neil Dougherty/ Stergis/ etc -starting your scouting for next year immediately after the current season ends -trying to hunt perimeter stands on your property and only hunting high-impact stands when conditions are perfect and chances of a mature buck moving are high
  12. gastrodoc

    Building platforms in trees

    That tree is begging for a strap on/chain on portable stand! They would never see you in there and it would be much safer and much easier than building a wood stand
  13. gastrodoc

    Rut activity 8H Rochester

    Bucks are definately searching and the dominant bucks in the area may very well already be hooked up with the first estrous does. Saw quite a few searching bucks this week at all times of day in 8N. Also am seeing lone fawns without their mothers. Jumped a real nice buck bedded with a lone doe at 2pm while riding my bike down near Hemlock Lake on Wed.
  14. gastrodoc

    Dad's Top 12 Whitetails

    Very nice collection of deer!
  15. gastrodoc

    Rut in southern ny

    Things seem to be a little delayed where I hunt (8N and 9P). Very little scrapes or rubs yet even in the typical areas they usually tear up. Typically I really like the week of the 4th but feel a week later may be best this year