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  1. farmhunter

    Shed Hunting 2019

    I don't get the time I used to for shed hunting - did manage a couple this season so far, Coyotes - foxes - even deer definitely carry them around - I've found them where they weren't before fro sure, sometimes even have teeth marks in them,
  2. farmhunter

    What's Wrong with Shooting Young Bucks?

    Yeah I'm not agreeing with you all. If glad to shoot a young buck - then why not shoot a young (or old) doe instead for the freezer? Maybe some parts of NY still have doe restrictions - but not most I'd say, I think there is still the "I got my buck" attitude/culture out there. I remember it - I was part of it. I think that as a hunter, there is great satisfaction to setting a "lofty" goal, and obtaining it. If the goal is any buck - well, I don't think that is very lofty. Just saying, elevating ones standards, doesn't make one a trophy hunter. For me, unless you only plan to hunt a time or two a year - then you can raise your standards, and still have a reasonable chance at a buck. For some it might be 3 on a side or "no Spikes". I'll say it again, a different way, its the goal setting and accomplishment that keep hunters interested and coming back.
  3. farmhunter

    Cold taking its toll

    not buying it. looks like a healthy deer in moderately deep snow to me walking away - maybe pawing for food.
  4. farmhunter

    Just A Topic For Discussion

    deer hunting is different than it used to be I'd agree - and we remember it differently than maybe it really was -"good ole days syndrome". So its a combination of things. Its definitely fun to point out to young hunters how it used to be!! I think for me- when i was young - NO NONE hunted in tree stands, some of my mentors said I was nuts to do so. The deer were different they didn't encounter scent around trees and or catch people up in them - not often. I still see it sometimes. But - now a days pretty often I'll have an old does pick me out in a tree like I'm flashing neon. As far as a genetic trait - well no - not so much. It's learned response. Genetic adaptation is more like a 50,000-100,000 year thing or more in evolutionary terms. a few generations cannot have an affect on a species genome.
  5. farmhunter

    Owl Picture

    owls are very cool - Barred owls are visible in the day quite a bit - I love seeing them
  6. farmhunter

    Permanent huts/structures

    Good to start thinking about it early - Where we have the following blinds - we had lesser versions there first and once the locations was proven - we built them permanent, Made our own as well. Old pallet racks are a nice frame for an elevated blind. A ground building can be great too on the right location - this one covers a pipeline right of way in a valley - we call it the Ticket Booth. Its nice to build in some personal touches - good luck!!
  7. farmhunter

    Dry sausage all done.

    Thats one I've not done yet. Looks like you've made it before. Did you use pork shoulder for the fat, or is it suet? Beef or pork? shrunk down quire a bit, is it nest with cheese and crackers or do you put it in recipes? Nice job
  8. farmhunter

    Over/Under On Weekend Snowstorm?

    Sames as a lot of others - Central NY -14-18" depending on if windblown or not. Enough for snowmobilers to get it going for sure -
  9. farmhunter

    That's my boy!

    Looking awesome Matt!! You have a great eye as I've told you many times! You see detail others do not. I'd like to see you do basically the same thing again and see if you come up with the same result. I like the bend in the bird - its lifelike and makes the piece in my opinion. Awesome!
  10. farmhunter

    Biggest doe thread

    Yep she's cut like a racehorse too. Older Does get that deep chest - and have that pushed out - bacon looking briskets.
  11. farmhunter

    Biggest doe thread

    she's a big one. when the ears look small you really know. Its like the same as a bear with the ears.
  12. Well - I was responding to the Original Poster's Mega 4 point. (2 points per side). I see your point, I agree with much of what you say.
  13. farmhunter

    Happy birthday Wooly !

    Matt - happy birthday old friend!! hope you had a stressless day!
  14. In my opinion - some people worrying too much about a one in 1000 deer (or more) that is mature and not legal (referring to the OP). Point is well taken - however in most of NY it doesn't apply. In the few areas it does - its got to be pretty rare occurrence , probably busted up racks are more commonly not legal, they would be on my property, and we'd pass them if it were the law. I do now, and I'm no trophy hunter; if I'm going to take a buck, I want it to be something I can remember happily. If I want deer meat I take does, and I'm not opposed to taking a healthy fawn deer in the late season. Its easy to pass young bucks and "non-legal" ones when you have plenty of does and tags to use - I understand, so some places, maybe not so easy. But I think the DEC recognizes those areas aren't likely to be AR areas. Besides - seems like DEC is content to encourage passing young bucks, and not mandating it for now.
  15. farmhunter

    DEC Looking For Input

    I had that very bow when I started bowhunting in 1983. 45 lbs draw I think mine was,