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  1. A lot of good people here.

    No thanks Steuben Jerry- erase my account for now. Growalot and I shared texts about this problem . Some long standing members make things too personal. Doewacker and Pygmy are just 2 of them. Look at doewackers reply about a female bigfoot--- hope that was not about Growalot. Pygmy's replys to Posts are just as bad. By the way pygmy-- you might have 10 years more of Turkey Hunting on me-- but I will soon surpass your reported total of 120-25 very shortly! Steve863 was just the last straw. Intelligent give and take,like what Rob and I had many times is ok-- going beyond that line is not and may anger a member .
  2. If Bigfoot was real would you shoot/ hunt it ?

    This topic was very similar to one that was posted not too long ago. The Author was chased off the site.
  3. If Bigfoot was real would you shoot/ hunt it ?

    steve863- could care less what you think bro!!
  4. If Bigfoot was real would you shoot/ hunt it ?

    Steve863_ I have some extra time this morning-hence the pics. Form your own opinions. I would hope no one would shoot one out of fear. You may not make it out of the woods...
  5. If Bigfoot was real would you shoot/ hunt it ?

    Hope these pics help. Read Deadly Dangers as well. It makes sense that the Author says Bigfoot is more afraid of us then the other way around.
  6. Gobbles In One Spot And Won't Come In.-- WATCH THIS VIDEO!

    Thanks Uncle Nicky! Learning as I go. I have had a Smartphone for just over 1 year now.
  7. For all you Reaping and Fanning enthusiasts

    Thanks for sharing Wooly. I read what you wrote twice. The passage below is from Waynes Turkey World-60 Years Of Hunting by Wayne Bailey-- Wild Turkey Biologist . I have been mistakenly shot for a Turkey,had two close friends killed by turkey hunters, and personally know half a dozen people who have been wounded by turkey hunters. In the Spring of 1981,at least two of the Nation's wildlife biologists of long hunting experience were wounded by turkey hunters.--page 139. Forget reaping-- let's all have a safe and very enjoyable Spring.
  8. Gobbles In One Spot And Won't Come In.-- WATCH THIS VIDEO!

    Well members- these are the Boxes that I will Gobbler Yelp on. The first is a Holly body and Ebony paddle. It is Very raspy! Made by Albert Paul. Both Tom Turpin and Henry Edwards Davis liked this wood combination for Gobblers. The 2nd is my Melvin Newman Box with a Red Cedar body and Black Walnutpaddle. Also really good Gobbler helps on this one. And the 3rd is one anyone can buy. The LYNCH World Champion. It has a hen side and a Gobbler side.