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  1. The Governor says America was never great

    From what Sean Hannity said on Fox news-- Cuomo will be in the run in 2020. Kirsten Gillibrand às well. Trump is doing a great job so far.
  2. Hunter harassment

    My Brother in law got yelled at just before he walked into Sterling Forest State Park. A homeowner straight across the road said -- Don't you hunt on my land!! My Brother in law said - you own Sterling Forest?!! In he went..
  3. Parking Wars At Stewart State Forest. Bow vs Pheasant Hunters.

    I do plenty of Hiking and Hunting Posts about Stewart State Forest . I the picture above,you see that , I support SPARC. They have done so much to keep much of that land at Stewart State Forest from being developed. I have donated many hundreds of dollars myself to help out. Anyway,this thread is very important as hunters-- both for deer and Pheasants and other small game drive from near and far and there just needs to be more parking spots opened ASAP. Again, by simply upgrading existing parking areas from 1 Vehicle to 2 Vehicles-- this can be for the most part solved. Not all 77 parking areas--- but a good 25 of them. 25 or if 2 people are in that Vehicle-- 50 hunters could enjoy themselves right away instead of driving around looking for a Spot. I myself have spent near 1 hour driving around on past October's and November's. Not fun with an excited Pheasant dog sitting next to you. Plenty of views already and DEC - Region 3 in New Paltz has viewed this thread, I am sure. There is yet time for more parking areas for hunters at Stewart State Forest before October 1st. Hoping for a positive change.
  4. I bought 3 this past weekend. A blaze orange hat, a LIMBSAVER recoil pad for my Steven's Single Shot. Up to 70 percent reduction. Find out this Sat. Took the existing recoil pad off. And those Special Ops Sunglasses as seen on TV. Night Ops glasses are out as well. At least at the Monroe Walmart. Think, dropped 30 bucks for both. I am going to fire a 3" Turkey Load and see how much of a thump, I take.

    Nice Racks. Maybe, I should take the Rifle out this year and give Deer hunting a try.
  6. triple spur

    I just read that article and saw the 3 Spurs. Wonder if that birdmade it to the taxidermist? Once in a lifetime Turkey for sure!
  7. JAWS vs Shark.

  8. JAWS vs Shark.

    Jaws-- my favorite Henchman. The man with 9 Lives!
  9. Paying More For A Turkey Permit And Getting Less..

    Good and interesting replys here. Yeah Airedale - not many Wild Turkeys in Orange County when, I started in 1974 at age 14. I think, I saw my first Turkeys in fields while driving around 1988. Many more hunters-- both Young and established older hunters are taking up Spring Turkey Hunting. Alot more money is coming in now with the increase in price.
  10. Paying More For A Turkey Permit And Getting Less..

    I know--- 10 Bucks is not much. Just wanted people-- mostly the many guests who log in (hundreds sometimes) that their resident NY Turkey permit has gone up. I know that money is probably going for Increased salaries.