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  1. Turkey Hunt Weekend

    I hope everyone here gets a fat jake or a hermit gobbler. Now one thing that has not changed since 1990 is the fact that I will get very little sleep the night before a Turkey Season Opener.
  2. OMG. The ticks are taking over the world..

    A little later- I am treating my camo with Permonone. Clothing treatment only.
  3. Hello and intro from WNY

    These are great pics---welcome!
  4. So- why do I care to help other Turkey Hunters.

    Good posts! I am not an expert either Mowin--just been out alot in the turkey woods. Uncle Nicky and gfdeputy2 have great posts as well. Helping out is fun and I am seeing a good number of novices up in their 40s and beyond.
  5. I can still impress him....

    Great Story Growalot! You wrote that you blocked a few members out and I finally looked into this myself after far too long and blocked two out. Hope thats it as I love this site.
  6. So- why do I care to help other Turkey Hunters.

    Thanks Grampy-- Hope you take a fat jake this Fall. There are plenty of great turkey hunters on this site that I learn from as well. I am trying also to learn from the deer hunters here in case I go out this Fall.
  7. Hello All!

  8. So- why do I care to help other Turkey Hunters.

    Well Turkeyfeathers-- I still think that the old clucks and purrs work great. I have a Gaskins Cedar scratch box that I like for the ole clucks and purrs. Regular slates work good too. I try to hit different tones and not too faint with the purrs.
  9. Belo wanted to know why I post the info to what I think are very good Fall Turkey Hunting Videos. He thought I was a funny guy for doing so--- so here goes. ----- I keenly remember my turkey hunting beginnings . 5 full years or actually 10 Seasons Spring and Fall to finally bag my first wild turkey. It only came with many hundreds of hours of scouting and reading everything I could get my hands on. Of course I had no mentor and no Private land access and info from other Turkey hunters that you talked to was near to nothing. Now I fully realize that there are Spring Turkey hunters here on this site and 2 other turkey hunting sites that I am on that can take 2 gobblers- 2 days in a row on Private Land with no problem and call it a Season-- but for the vast majority- this is not the case and so I freely give my time to type in some help that a novice may need. I think there are some members here that can learn from my posts-- but if not- just let me know here and I will just reply to posts I already see up .

    Hey there Belo-- I like to share info and as both my Sisters say-- Bill-you are too nice of a guy.
  11. Excited about tonight!

    Great pics!

    I think on this video from what I saw- a (crew) of deer hunters had this place (covered) and (showed) themselves when other deer hunters dared to venture on (their) public land. Alot of this is easily solved if a hunter has a plan b+ c and possibly d. If someone is on a gobbling tom- I just hit another area and possibly a 3rd time if my 2nd spot has a Spring turkey hunter calling there--just respect for him or her. I can always find another bird. I have to say however that many Spring turkey hunters do not think this way. ---- About 8 years ago my Brother in law and I had a decoy set out in a field and we both were on the field edge by 1 hour before Sunrise. 10 minutes later- this hunter walked past the decoy and nearly stopped while looking at it and I said- Morning. He moved on- but later, I found out that he moved just 40 yards away and set up!! His buddy was in the corner of the field and shot twice and missed at the 2 gobblers that were coming to my calling. The guy in the corner did no calling. Now this was much different from the video. Setting up too close to another hunter- while it may be legal-- it is not moral or respectful.

    I was out for timberdoodles yesterday and decided to check also for any wild turkey sign. I think that I hit the Jackpot!! I think that I found where a bunch of gobblers had flown down. I could see where they flew down and milled around before moving off. Plenty of scratching near the bases of trees and blowdowns. Gobblers do that. The family flocks rarely scratch near the bases of trees. I spent a good 30 minutes just checking out the travel pattern after they flew down. Alot can change before this upcoming Saturday- but at least I have a good starting point. My friend Jeannine called me wanting to go out on this Fall turkey opener with me and I have yet to call her with the good scouting news. She only has 1 Fall turkey--a hen from 3-4 years ago and I have been trying like hell to help her score on another. Now on the way out- I found a nice dusting area a good 100 yards from this roosting area. I spent a good 5 minutes stirring it up . Have seen plenty of wild turkeys in Sterling Forest State Park and this area, I was in is pretty remote. Yup-- If I am able to scatter them- Jeannine gets the 1st shot! Here is a good tip-- if you hear a magnum shot on Opening day of Fall Turkey Season and can pinpoint the location in your mind from topo maps you have studied-- head toward that area. A Fall hunter has scored and his Season is over--but other turkeys are still regrouping to the breakspot. You might luck out!

    Yeah Lawdwaz-- One of these years, I will have to hunt up at Turkey Trot Acres where Pete Clare has alot of leased land and they have turkey dogs.

    Hey there Belo---I have had a smartphone for less then 1 year and probably 3 generations behind everyone here as far as computers go. Thats why I gave the title. Just type it in and the proper one will pop up. I hope to learn more so I can upload pics in the future.