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  1. I have a few things that I need. I have a few camo outfits. They are getting old though and looking ragged. I live close to an O'lies in Middletown that has sales going on now for camo I hear. I have enough calls for an army!! I am ok there. I did see a ad in the new Turkey Country issue of Jan-Feb-2018 on page 25 about TRUGLOWS new HEAD BANGER LONG RANGE TURKEY CHOKE. It is rated for Winchester Longbeard XR and that is what I use. It will fit my old Mossberg 835. That choke is rated for Heavyshot as well and others. Tried to google the price- but no luck. Probably around 35 bucks I bet. The gobblers I hunt on public lands just seem to be hanging-up much further out then in the 1990s... Almost like I am in the batters box and the left fielder is watching me good! So what will members here purchase to help your Spring Turkey Hunting??
  2. Lucky bird

    Not good news for sure! They did not have to do that. The Canada Goose is the real problem with their low flying in groups. I wish I knew more about this--but it seems to me that one of these security guys wanted a free turkey for Christmas. Now his buddy probably wants to take out another wild turkey for himself. Keep an eye out rachunter. We need our wild turkey numbers to go up! I hope hens won't be targeted.
  3. Amish box calls

    I see one of Wooly's boxes is made partly of maple. I have a feeling that one will be very high pitched as I have a Scott's Cutter that is made of wormy maple--(the body) and a birch lid. This one is really loud. I bought that box from Jack Scott of Georgia close to 20 years ago.
  4. Shooting Skeet Again..

    Here is another Skeet Range Funny Story from my youth. It is funny now--but very painful then! I also had to help when we got a shipment of clay birds. Sometimes 300 -350 cases. One day a group of us were loading up the High house. One guy in the truck and 4 guys on the stairs. I was stationed at the very top this one Summer day and as soon as a case of clay birds was handed to me-- I got stung on the shoulder by a wasp!! I dropped the case. They all broke of course. Some of the older men were pissed- but it was not them that got stung by a wasp!
  5. Amish box calls

    Really nice looking box callers for sure!! I like the different wood combinations! I think your gobblers will like them also and come marching in this May!
  6. Shooting Skeet Again..

    Pulling Skeet was also my first job--although I had no say in the matter. My Father was Chairman of the Skeet And Trap Range at the Monroe-Chester Sportsmens Club. Just about every weekend year-round unless there was too much snow- I was up there from 9am-- to after 5pm. Shooting started at 10am. I really got no breaks during the day either. After 5 shooters were finished on Station 8 low house-- I had to run-yes run to load up the High house first and then the Low house. The #1 rule my Father had me follow and I was 11 when I first started was to turn off the skeet machine and release that last bird for my safety in loading the machines. Often I had to tell a skeet shooter not to walk in front of that Low house window before I released that last clay bird. I was up there from age 11-to nearly 16. That is where my childhood weekends were spent. Now when I got done loading up the Low House---5 fresh shooters were waiting already for me at Station#1! I got a dime tip from each shooter and I got stiffed plenty of times! The last 2 years- I got a quarter tip. I really did not make too many bad pulls and the shooters would tell me good of a puller I was! And I had of course to keep a clipboard with me and write everything down. I remember one skeet shooter that coughed when he was ready to shoot each time and some guys had loud yells of different types. All kinds of sounds. I always just used the standard--PULL. The pressure was on me very heavy if someone was going straight and now that person is past station 6. That is alot of pressure for a young kid believe me as I did not want to pull fast or slow. It was worse if someone was going on 50-75- or 100 straight! Good memories though and I myself after starting to shoot skeet at age 11 finally shot my first straight of 25 at age 14. I have done plenty of 25s since as well as a handful of 50s, 75s and maybe 10 or so 100s through the decades. Glad after more then 20 years of not shooting skeet- that I am back. Hope everyone enjoyed the story---Bill.
  7. Shooting Skeet Again..

    It was been a good 20 years or more since I have shot regulation skeet. Long Time!! Went to Thunder Mt. Skeet and Trap Range this morning and shot 2 rounds of 25 with my good friend -big Chris. Now Chris has never shot skeet before this morning- just pick-up trap with a clay machine and clay throwers. We do that in the Spring and the Summer with other friends. Alot of fun. Well big Chris shot 18 for his first ever round of regulation skeet! He got 15 on his second round. He did much better then me for sure as I only hit 11 on my first round and started to remember things for my 2nd and hit 17 clay birds. Going to try to do this at least once a month from now on. At one time, I was very good as in 1994, I won a 12 gauge Registered Doubles event. I hit 92 that day in the light rain and a brisk wind. The birds just flattened out and came in lower. Probably being a pheasant hunter helped me that day.

    What I really like about this video is that it does not require any real training--just mental training and staying aware. Although some training would be the best bet with alot of focus on elbows and knees as was shown by the young woman in the video. I taught alot of women in my time and elbows and knees can be a game changer when your attacker outweighs you-75-100lbs. I am seeing also in the last few years- far too many men and women walking in Malls while focused on their cellphone talking, texting, or googling. Hope this video helps out some people here. Be safe this Holiday Season--Bill.

    Right on Landtrackdeerhunter! I usually stay on all trails or woodsroads in the Fall and Winter which are good times of the year to hike. I saw that Gobbler at 11.20am .

    My Teacher called lining people up -Stacking. We practiced much of what was seen in the video and it is real life training that I wanted to share as 2 on 1 is becoming alot more common these days.

    Very good replys here. It is one of the better videos that I have seen . We covered alot of this when I was my Teacher John Deblasio. He is in the Black Belt Hall of Fame. I was with him for nearly 14 years and taught Friday Nights for him for 7 years-combined Adult-children. His teacher is Gary Alexander. Also in the Black Belt Hall of Fame.

    He is a Super gobbler TurkeyFeathers. TreeGuy-- I am a year long hiker. Hiking is a part of me-It is the main reason that I have an edge on other public land hunters that only hunt. Of course, I already know what you just wrote about above my reply--but novices here will read your reply and hopefully learn from it.

    Right TreeGuy! He could be a half-mile away in any direction by next May. Going to try to hike this area a few times a month this Winter.

    Hi members-- this video on UTUBE is one of the best videos that I have seen as far as having 2 men confront you in close quarters and what he should have done. Put in at Utube--SUCKER PUNCH ANALYSIS: STUPID MISTAKES GOT THIS GUY ROBBED. It is 3.54 and at Fight Science.I don't know how to bring up links yet- but it should pop up for you. Something similar happened to me about 12 years ago in a Big-Box Store parking lot. -- I was walking out to my truck close to 11pm in the Winter when I saw 2 guys fast walking towards me. Both were around 6'1" and were wearing gray hoodies with the hood up and both guys had their hands in their pockets. They were timing my walk to my truck-- the moment I got to the driver door- they would have been right there. I walked around to the passenger side and checked out my tires---using my truck as a block. They brushed past my drivers door and kept going. My size probably helped here as well-5'9" and 220lbs---but clearly my 35 years involved in the martial arts saved me as hands in the pockets is a dead give-away for a knife. Anyway- with Christmas shopping in full swing--please check out the video. Good moves for women on this video as well.

    On my hike yesterday, I saw another flock of wild turkeys that were fairly close--35-to 40 yards or so with some of them. Now I was on a woods road that ran on top of a ridge and the turkeys were walking up to it when we saw eachother at roughly the same time. The closest turkey to me was a huge gobbler and swinging around a good 12" beard. Wish, I could have got a pic . No putts either! I walked quickly on and they all stayed in their place. I hike in many different public areas and will be hiking in this one alot more.