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  1. Pistol,Rifle,And Shotgun Shooting Today!!

    I put 6 22s in that Turkey splatter target. Got a pretty good group there as well with that ancient 22 Cal bolt action.
  2. Star Trek-- Broken Hearted God..

    Well Grampy-- Rob helped out with me. A few ways to do this. I want Utube video and not a link. I put the Utube video on -- hit -- share at the bottom-- then I hit --- Copy when it pops up and back out of the video--- then I go to, the right forum and put in a title,. Then on upper left on the white screen, I hold down for 2 seconds with my forefinger and Paste will Pop up. Then, I hit Paste and the video pops up. Took me forever Grampy and you can do this too.
  3. Star Trek-- Broken Hearted God..

    Hope members enjoy. Got a double video here-- novice mistake.
  4. Star Trek-- Broken Hearted God..

    A few more short videos that should have pasted before the top 2. This is my Fav Star Trek Episode..
  5. This Is Weird!! Picture taken at 8.30am.

    Love the replys! Bionic-- I am 20 miles or so away from Pine Bush. I understand there are plenty of info sightings there. Wanted to read some replys first. I used to watch plenty of Jets as a kid. The (Vapors) would soon be gone in minutes. Now the (Vapors) last forever and widen out.
  6. Predators.. and Turkey nests

    Probably Raccoons and Possums are the worst Turkey egg eaters. I have read that a snake called the Chicken snake is high on the list. Just read that in The American Wild Turkey. Henry Edwards Davis would take as many predators as he could off the 12,000 acre Pearce Preserve in South Carolina. Red Tailed Hawks, and Great Horned Owls, and Cooper Hawks,etc. Of course none of this is legal today.