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  1. The Jerkmann

    Red Baron-- Greatest Ace Of WW1- Short Bio.

    Another fav subject of mine along with the Civil War. I probably have 26-27 Books on WW1 Fighter Aces.
  2. The Jerkmann

    Red Baron-- Greatest Ace Of WW1- Short Bio.

    Enjoy this one. Most experts now believe that Richthofen was shot down from the ground while in close pursuit of a British Plane which he hoped to etch as #81. His Brother - Lothar survived WW1 with 40 confirmed Victories.
  3. The Jerkmann

    Best camo pattern?

    Right! I often wear 2 different Camo Patterns with no problem. I would say my Fav Pattern is Tiger Stripe. I don't know if you can get this pattern at any Store though. I got Lucky when, I visited the Greenwood Lake Sportsman's Center. A few new ones were left. Vietnam issue and came complete with Dogtags!
  4. The Jerkmann

    Guess who got her .....

    How did, I miss this Thread?! Of course, I will help you out Cynthia.
  5. The Jerkmann

    Studying For Alost A Yaer, Still Going In Cold

    Good Luck up there Rob!
  6. The Jerkmann

    Found a yellow jacket nest

    Careful out there-- don't get Stung again. I get Stung by Yellow Jackets just about every September or October while mowing. So far- so good !!
  7. The Jerkmann

    Close Encounter with Boo-boo....

    Here in Orange County, I see Black Bears all the time. When, I Hike, I expect to see them. On about 4 occasions, I have had Black Bears Sprint all out away from me. Could be the Human Scent- but if you check the Avatar of The Jerkman-- it is probably my Face-LOL!!
  8. Give them an Inch-- and they will take a Mile!! I myself no longer ask permission or send out Letters asking for permission and willing to pay good Money for a Weekend Hunt. Out of all expensive Gun Clubs now as well as, I can not afford it. I am Happy with Public Land. I love to Hike so walking in up to 2 Miles is no problem. Obviously the Turkey Hunting will be Tougher- Spring or Fall on Public compared to Private.
  9. The Jerkmann

    Close Encounter with Boo-boo....

    Good experience!! I often see Black Bears while Hiking/Hunting as, I live close to North,NJ which has a huge Black Bear population. 2 Springs ago at the old Wanaque Wildlife Management Area in NJ and close to - The Green Turtle Pond, I called up a Black Bear while Spring Turkey Hunting. Earlier and about a 1/2 mile away, I saw 2 small Bears together. Now the Bear, I called up appeared on a Short Ridge above me and maybe 70 yards away. She was Big!! I put my calls away and started slowly off as she took a great interest in me. I was loaded up with Active - 2 1/4ozs of Nickel plated #4s. Nickel is harder then Copper as most here know. Shotgun was loaded up with 3 with 4 more in a pocket as, I always go Turkey Hunting with 7 Shells. She stayed up on that Ridge though.
  10. The Jerkmann

    NYhunting support

    Glad, I tuned in to this particular Thread. Of course, I had no idea what was going on as far as buying Products here on this Site . How many of the 7,524 members do? I know if, got Ripped off, I would hit the ( Exit Button) if my Money did not come back. Opps-- my Bad-- this Site has no Exit Button.. Hope you Guys get your Money back.
  11. The Jerkmann

    Dem Debate Tonight- 9/12.

    I just saw the 10 who will speak tonight. You are right-- Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii won't be there.
  12. The Jerkmann

    Dem Debate Tonight- 9/12.

    Right - extreme to the far Left.
  13. Members will like this new video. His advice about hunting close to Private Land Borders is what, I have talked about in the past. Matt can be Funny too. Check it out.