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  1. smokecreeks guy

    Trailer for sale

    About 4x8 it will fit wheelers. Or sled too. Lackawanna
  2. smokecreeks guy

    Trailer for sale

    Sorry need to sell
  3. smokecreeks guy

    Trailer for sale

    Trailer needs a little work lights no reg must reg as homemade $ 175 or bo
  4. O17degree light wind. snowing sitting in the box blind no movement yet West valley
  5. smokecreeks guy

    Visual or audio?

    Visual all the way
  6. Here in 9 g pretty quiet here two Shots all morning
  7. smokecreeks guy

    Osage Orange

    Did you know that the deer eat these after the first freeze they smash them open and eat the insides I'll post some pics. Later
  8. smokecreeks guy

    Osage Orange

    Got your monkey balls
  9. smokecreeks guy

    Osage Orange

    I hunt a area in Evans which is loaded with them I'll be there tommrow I'll pick some up and throw them in the truck I'll get get a hold of you later. John