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  1. If you can find a copy this book is great. The Old Man and The Boy, by Robert Ruark
  2. one3


    Any one hunt 9N? Or some where around Centerville? Maybe we can meet up and chat.
  3. one3

    New here

    We, hunt around Centerville.
  4. one3

    New here

    New to this forum. Been hunting N.Y. since about 1982, off and on. I have a old army buddy that lives in N. Y. so, we some time get together for a hunt. We, hunt in the southern Tier. I, live in Ohio. Going up this year for gun season if any of you are going to be in the southern Tier , maybe we can say hello.
  5. Sorry for your loss's prayers are with you
  6. one3

    Bow Oil

    I have always used RemOil it seems to do a good job. You would want something thin, and not get stiff in cold weather, and not gum up. I do not remember the name of the oil , haven't seen it since the mid 80's it was great, it even had Teflon in it.
  7. I think it was Paul Newman that said the Oscars is a bunch of bull. How many more movies do you suppose are going to be remade? And why are people going to see the same movie?
  8. I remember my time in the jungle back in the 60's, it is not a nice place to be with cloths on , I can not imagine going naked.
  9. Some people learn the hard way, and some never learn. Isn't speeding like throwing money away?
  10. Any one hunt 9n? 9 hunters 2 deer
  11. What part of NY do you live in? It seems as though it does not matter how much people pay for there house, some do not want to take of it. when I was presadant of a condo assn. it was very hard to get property owners to sit on the board. it's like come on people you are property owners. I will never under stand people. I, know what you are saying the world is a strange place now. I beleive we have our polications to thank for that. It seems as though they sat babk and let it happen The war on drugs my a$$ no one wants to stop drugs , to much money in it. money talks and you know that rest does.
  12. WELL SAID , hunterdan44 I feel the same way. Merry Christmas to you and your family