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  1. Thanks fellas! Got me a birthday bird!
  2. mattypotpie8S


    I see a nice red fox
  3. mattypotpie8S


    Isn’t it funny how some peoples attitude changes when the fur is gone? I wonder why leather is more acceptable than fur.
  4. If not forget, forgive https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2022/10/covid-response-forgiveness/671879/
  5. Wild morning in the thick stuff. 3 does & 7 different bucks within 50 yards. Had a giant at 40 (where the does went by) was a little brushy and didn’t want to risk it. Covered in bucks from 8-10am
  6. Nice to finally have some action. That little fella got to 15 and hung around for a bit. About 10 minutes after sunset heck broke loose with another little buck chasing a group of 3 does around. Was stuck in the tree for a bit
  7. Forky rubbing every little sapling he sees. The deerless streak is over!
  8. I’m in. Corn to my right, green plot behind me & bedding to my left. Few new half assed scrapes on my way in. Hoping this isn’t sit #5 with no deer
  9. Nothing this morning. Camera says bucks are cruising though. Congrats @Belo & @NYRturkeycall
  10. 8 deer this morning.. 4 does 4 fawns. all at 25yards, they picked the right trail to live..
  11. Back at it. Gonna be by bedding waiting for them to return. Good luck all.
  12. Nothing seen on my end. Had one bedded at like 50 yards but it turned into a boulder when the lights came on.... Dummy
  13. Heading in shortly, likely won't have service. Good luck to all heading out!
  14. QR code still on it. Joking aside, that's pretty cool
  15. Not a living thing tonight. Wind was going pretty good
  16. Quit at 9 when neighbor showed up to mend fence. No deer seen. Back at it later if the wind isn't ripping.
  17. Heading to one of my best spots in a bit. Most likely will be my only sit there until the rut.
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