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  1. Never said it wasn't real... Never said it wasn't our fault.. Only said authority should be questioned. Sorry for being so controversial.
  2. Arguments from authority have way less credibility these days & for good reason. Not saying anyone is right or wrong here, but I'm skeptical of todays "experts".
  3. There's no free lunch with the "green energy" we have now. Not saying they shouldn't be used but they aren't the final solution.
  4. May be a good thing, carrots can be fussy to come up & you can always thin.
  5. Hard to say like Biz said. In my area I usually get bachelor group pics until about Sept 20 then less pictures until late October when the welcomed strangers start showing up.
  6. Haven't seen one in my neck of the woods but seems like they're becoming more and more common.
  7. At least 2 deer, one from the ground with bow wearing the ghillie suit I made would be cool. First full year with a trapping license, hopefully have some luck in that department as well (k-9s & nest raiders).
  8. It doesn't but how are you wearing it?
  9. Does it have a little support strap that runs under the arm?
  10. They've got some range finders going in the $60-70 range. Just a heads up
  11. https://www.fieldandstream.com/conservation/possums-dont-eat-ticks/
  12. Germany Is firing up their old coal plants.. Don't tell Greta
  13. He said 2 - 2 1/2 months. Do you need a calculator?
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