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  1. Looks like group of trees or scrub bushes.
  2. Ahh, opening day... where will I be. Oh ya, in Maine, in a church watching my niece get married.
  3. Buddy of mine got a trail cam video of a spike bull last week. He's in Hoags corners.
  4. I'll be in Maine for a wedding. I thought her father taught her better. Never schedule events during hunting season.
  5. Dam, I was just thinking a good dog steak would be great tonight...
  6. My hunting area definitely got a good coverage of frost. Unfortunately it got a good covering of yotes too..
  7. Shot in school yard. Try that today, lol...
  8. Only thing I don't like about the first frost is it means leaf cleanups are not far behind. Make good money doing them, but man it gets friggin old quick.
  9. Had 32° this morning. First frost last year was September 19th. Was mainly elevated surfaces, but my hot tub cover had some on it, so I'm sure there were areas that had frost on the ground. Shop roof and 4 wheeler seat were solid frost.
  10. These quacks will do anything to get hunting stopped. I'm sure DEC knows this groups reputation and is proceeding with caution.
  11. That burger looks fantastic. One thing with tric, forgot the formula, deep freeze kills it. Colder the temp the shorter the length in the freezer.
  12. Last yr we had our first frost on Sept 19th. This morning was close at 37°. Long range forecast doesn't look like my area is getting one anytime soon. That frost always gets me a little more excited about the upcoming season.
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