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  1. Sunday is a perfect day for all those NFL “kneelers”. They could just say they are praying on the Lords Day! You wonder if the “kneelers” agenda is to support criminals like Mike Brown and Freddy Grey who were involved with illegal drugs? Illegal drugs are the major root cause of gun violence. Gun violence statistics are used to support the nonsense gun control agenda. Could it be that the “kneelers” have an agenda to support drug addict criminals so their agenda supports gun control too?
  2. Super Bowl parties are risky due to the high incidents of contracting the flu. What is to celebrate anyway? You can still have pizza and wings without watching the “kneelers”. Why be nauseated by the “kneelers” agenda? Thanks to our veterans you live in a free country where you can even eat vegan food. You do not have to watch a bunch of “kneelers” whose agenda is to support criminals like Mike Brown and Freddy Grey who were involved with illegal drugs. Illegal drugs are the major root cause of gun violence. Gun violence statistics are used to support the nonsense gun control agenda. Could it be that the “kneelers” have an agenda to support drug addict criminals so their agenda supports gun control too?
  3. Everything is wrong with Nancy Pelosi. She used a tax payer funded jet to fly her and her family even though she is a multi-millionaire, Did she ever loan that tax payer funded jet to transport a poor family that needed to bring a loved one to cancer treatment in a far off city or transport a family to meet their wounded military member or you get the idea to use it to help real Americans in need. Nancy was bad, but it was Senator Corey Booker from NJ that had a very strange weird looking face on. He believes all that Russia nonsense. Corey must have nightmares of Putin jumping out of the back of voting machines. He is no supporter of President Trump.
  4. NFL Sponsors https://www.nflpa.com/players/sponsors More truthful information on who is supporting the "kneelers".
  5. Please find below more truthful information on the kneelers: When the NFL takes a knee, they are supporting gun violence. Criminals like Mike Brown and Freddy Grey who these NFL players kneel for were (R.I.P.) supporters of illegal drugs. Illegal drugs are the major root cause of gun violence, but do not expect to hear that from the gun control supporters.
  6. https://nypost.com/2018/01/23/nfl-rejects-veterans-please-stand-super-bowl-ad/ The NFL states that advertising to stand for the flag is too political, but kneeling in support of criminals like Mike Brown is not political? More hypocrisy from the NFL. Just another reason NOT to support this organization of wife and girlfriend beaters, drug users and cry babies who want millions of dollars for voluntarily smashing their heads.
  7. I wonder how the illegal alien sanctuary city mayors would embrace supporting sanctuary cities for assault rifles? Could you imagine how Cuomo and Schneiderman would have a melt down!
  8. Senator "Gun Control" Schumer did vote yes for the extension to not look too bizarre, BUT Gillibrand voted NO. Amazing how so many New Yorkers keep re-electing those two over and over again.
  9. What is going to happen when legalization of marijuana (people smoke it for ONE reason to become intoxicated a sign of mental illness) is presented in Albany? Will Senator. Brian Kavanagh and all his fellow SAFE Act supporters vote NO? I do not think so since the Democratic platform support legalizing marijuana, gun control, free college tuition, welfare and all those other useless ideas to cure the ills of society. Senator Brian Kavanagh did say he would take guns away from those who have “evidence of substance" and those who smoke marijuana do it always and every time to become intoxicated. Senator. Brian Kavanagh and all his fellow SAFE Act supporters should do more to fight illegal drugs, the failed mental health system that allows violent mentally ill people loose in public and the failed welfare system.
  10. The SAFE Act has been proven to have NOT made a reduction or elimination in gun violence. When all the stats are in on this pistol recertification nonsense it will have been proven to NOT have made a difference in reducing or eliminating gun violence. Gun control supporters are unwilling or unable to understand the real root causes of gun violence.
  11. I will take President Trump being in trouble anyday over the United States of America being in trouble under President Hillary Clinton!
  12. The government is under NO obligation to protect you and when civilization breaks down like during riots over some criminal shoot by the police. The politicians make the military and police let the criminals do pretty much whatever the criminals want to do. Our government gives almost complete advice on being prepared for an emergency. Seems they ALL forget about having a firearm in the house for self-defense which we hope is still legal. Make me wonder what is in the White House and the governor's mansion home emergency kit! Federal Government https://www.fema.gov/media-library-data/1390846764394-dc08e309debe561d866b05ac84daf1ee/checklist_2014.pdf New York State Government https://www.health.ny.gov/environmental/emergency/people_with_disabilities/emergency_supply_kit.htm https://prepare.ny.gov/preparedness-kits http://www.dhses.ny.gov/aware-prepare/nysprepare/documents/nys-prepare-eng.pdf https://www.health.ny.gov/environmental/emergency/ New York City Government https://www1.nyc.gov/site/em/ready/gather-supplies.page
  13. No problem. If the questionnaire states "guns", you say NO because you own "firearms", NOT "guns". Drill sergeant handed me an M16A1 rifle and told me this is my rifle, this is my gun (pointing to male genitals), one is for killing (The drill sergeant really did not mean that since that would constitute violent behavior, we only SAY Bang! Bang! in combat.), the others for fun. So I guess if you have "male genitals" in the house, show them to the doctor and tell them here is my GUN!
  14. Senator Kavanagh represents lower Manhattan and North Brooklyn. That section of New York State where upstaters do NOT have reciprocity for their pistol permits to carry in NYC even though upstaters go through the same background investigations. Discrimination? Impossible in human rights advanced New York State according to Governor Cuomo. Kavanagh voted YES for the SAFE Act which has proven to have NOT reduced gun violence, but does prohibit and restrict law abiding citizens form rifles that LOOK like military assault rifles and other useless other laws . Apparently since the SAFE Act has not worked, Kavanagh and his gun control supporters want to create more useless SAFE Act type laws that will NOT reduced gun violence, but does prohibit and restrict law abiding citizens. Why do they hate guns so much? If politicians really cared about reducing or eliminating gun violence gun control politicians would attack the TRUE root causes of gun violence like the distribution, sale and use of illegal drugs, the failed mental health system and the failed welfare system that enables single mothers whose children are at high risk for being victims of crime or becoming criminals. Obviously they cannot handle the truth.
  15. Here is the great state of New York’s plan to give you more land to hunt: http://www.dec.ny.gov/permits/47452.html “Created in 2002 by Legislation, the Habitat & Access Stamp helps supply financial support towards the department's efforts in improving and conserving fish and wildlife habitat, as well as increasing access to public and private lands for fish and wildlife recreation.”
  16. http://news10.com/2018/01/17/ny-senators-push-for-new-gun-law/ The article states “If a person is exhibiting warning signs, family members or law enforcement would be able to recommend to a court that their guns be taken away. The courts could then keep those guns away for up to a year. They would be able to appeal, however. The article also states “Sen. Brian Kavanagh listed what is a warning sign. “Prior violent behavior, erratic behavior, evidence of substance or alcohol abuse, prior violations involving guns,” he said.” First and foremost anyone who is an actual violent sociopath should not have access to firearms or any other weapon. Still the language used and who can trigger a person to lose possession of their firearms should concern everyone. I quoted some very troubling aspects of this proposed law. Think about the following: · A “family member” can recommend your firearms removed? So your gun control fanatic relative uses this law to have your firearms removed by reporting on you? · Would “prior violent behavior” include legitimate self defense, studying martial arts or military service all of which involved some degrees of “violent behavior”? · What is their definition of “erratic behavior”? That is a can of worms. · How would they rate the severity of “evidence of substance or alcohol abuse”? Using one too many pain killers due to a back injury or getting drunk at a wedding with your gun control relative watching you? I see this as more by hook or crook the gun control elitists of New York move to further take firearms away for its law abiding citizens. In retrospect to this New York gun control nonsense is the fact that the politicians avoid dealing with real root causes of gun violence. The major root causes of gun violence is the distribution, sale and use of illegal drugs, the failed mental health system and the failed welfare system that enables single mothers whose children are at high risk for being victims of crime or becoming criminals.
  17. I believe that after the data on this useless re-certification nonsense is compiled that just like the rest of the unSAFE Act it did not reduce or eliminate gun violence. Just another one of Cuomo and his friends non-accomplishments. I seriously recommend carrying the letter from the New York State Police that you had successfully re-certified. Cheap insurance for the cost of sheet of paper in case the police have an issue if you actually re-certified. Why does Cuomo and his supporters always cry for gun control, but not crime control? Because they are unable or unwilling to understand that the root causes of gun violence are rooted most entirely in the distribution, sale and use of illegal drugs; the lack penal system that releases habitual violent criminals who cannot be rehabilitated, the failed mental health system that does not institutionalize the violently mentally ill, and the failed welfare system that enables and encourages single mother families whose children are placed a high s=risk for being victims of ct]rime and becoming criminals. Unfortunately Cuomo and his supporters lack the intellect to comprehend all that truth.
  18. While I somewhat agree with you I don't think teaching a drug addict how to kill would be a real good idea. Sorry Steve, my error. I should have been clear that the marksmanship training, grenade training, hand to hand combat, making booby traps and all that other fun stuff would be left out. Get them up at 0400 or 0500 hours and run them in circles screaming at them. Lots of physical fitness training to clean their bodies and to get a real adrenalin natural high. Give them classes to help them make better choices than jail, disability and death. Oh less I forget the 2200 hour running in circles in the dark with a foot locker on their shoulders.
  19. https://www.governor.ny.gov/keywords/state-state AGAIN Governor Cuomo has failed to present a real plan to combat gun violence. Cuomo and his gun control followers are unwilling or unable to accept the truth that the major root cause of gun violence is related to the distribution, sale and use of illegal drugs. Cuomo’s SAFE Act has been ineffective in reducing or eliminating gun violence. The SAFE Act, like many gun control laws are useless. Gun control only pacifies gun haters, but fails to make us safer. Since illegal drugs are the greatest threat to public safety, why not a real war on illegal drugs? Sentence those who distribute and sell illegal drugs to life imprisonment. These criminals prey on the mentally ill drug addicts that cause death and destruction. Send drug addicts to rehabilitation camps that are more like military basic combat training as opposed to sitting in a circle talking about why their addicts.
  20. After you locate an area, do a summer trip to scout. Remember to critique what you forgot, what you wish you had bought and what you could do better to make the stay more enjoyable. Make notes and study discuss them with your friend when you get home. Also the summer trip is an opportunity to build a fire pit and stock some wood for October. Less work to prepare camp so you can hunt more. Both you and your friend should have good walkie talkies in case your separated. Lastly prepare how you will get a deer and/or bear carcass out of the woods. I use a sled.
  21. http://blog.timesunion.com/capitol/archives/279480/cuomo-pardons-39-immigrants-18-young-offenders-two-prison-inmates/ FACT #1: The distribution, sale and use of illegal drug are the major root cause of gun violence. FACT #2: Cuomo champions himself as the great savior to rid gun violence with his gun control laws regardless if they have been proven to be useless and ineffective in reducing or eliminating gun violence so long as they restrict and prohibit law abiding citizens access, possession and use of firearms Cuomo does not like. FACT #3: Cuomo pardons illegal drug criminals who are supporters of gun violence. So Cuomo why is supportive of those who cause gun violence? Cuomo is supportive of terrorists who used firearms to kill police officers. Go to: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/21/nyregion/judith-clark-brinks-robbery-parole.html
  22. When Governor Cuomo attends the national governors meetings he should ask the "red state" governors how they survive on lower taxes. We can only wonder how badly Cuomo will take their answer! The new tax bill is a wake up call for governors like Cuomo. Politicians like Cuomo support over sized wasteful government and generous social program spending to appease their supporters of such destructive and repressive actions.
  23. Have you shared that information with the NYS Police IT people to better protect this sensitive information?
  24. http://www.dec.ny.gov/permits/47452.html The Habitat & Access Stamp is suppose to increase access to public and private lands for fish and wildlife recreation. Please direct your attention to the words “fish and wildlife recreation”. It could be for others forms of recreation like bird watching and nature viewing, NOT exclusively for hunting or fishing. So if the Habitat & Access Stamp money is for “fish and wildlife recreation” why is the stamp only sold where hunters and fisherman go to purchase licenses? Why not sell the Habitat & Access Stamp where bird watchers and nature watchers purchase their equipment? I heard one year DEC used the money to take children on a boat cruise around Manhattan to view wildlife. That would meet the criteria for “fish and wildlife recreation”. I wonder how many of those children and their parents purchased a Habitat & Access Stamp? New York State is not hunter friendly. I would only support purchasing a Habitat & Access Stamp if the money was strictly used for hunting and fishing access, and habitat improvement in the DEC region of MY choice. Because that is not the case, I have never purchased a Habitat & Access Stamp. Another point is the “public fishing access streams”. These are private properties that have given permission for fishing only. I have had to put up with groups of party people and people taking their dogs for swims while I “tried” to fish. They were actually trespassing since the rule is the access was for fishing only. So imagine if hunters pay private landowners for access to hunt, who else will enter the property to bird watch, etc.?
  25. I would not recertify on the internet. Who knows who is spying on all that personal information with your address and list of handguns?
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