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  1. "you're so ignorant." You must enjoy making completely stupid remarks. Sorry that your too ignorant.
  2. Governor Cuomo said: "The appalling House vote for concealed carry reciprocity puts all New Yorkers at risk. This legislation would let individuals from out-of-state convicted of certain crimes carry hidden, loaded weapons in New York, in violation of New York's much better, safer law. Only the NRA could propose something so ill-considered, dangerous and vile." "New York passed the strongest gun safety measures in the country, and instead of joining the fight against senseless gun violence, Washington is trying to make New York and the rest of the nation less safe." 1. So Cuomo blames the National Rifle Association (“Only the NRA could propose something so ill-considered, dangerous and vile.”). Sorry Cuomo, you’re in charge of the government, not the NRA. It is you who have failed to protect citizens against gun violence. Cuomo is unwilling or unable to understand that the major root causes of gun violence is founded in the distribution, sale and use of illegal drugs; and the failed welfare system that has created an environment where children of welfare single mothers are at high risk of becoming criminals or victims of crime. Sorry Cuomo, but the NRA has nothing to do with the illegal drug problem or the failed welfare system. Those problems are your fault, not the NRA’s. 2. Cuomo calls restrictive and prohibitive gun possession by law abiding citizens “gun safety measures”? Sorry Cuomo that is another gun control supporter twisted lie your follower believe in. Also Cuomo your SAFE Act has not made a difference in reducing gun violence. Why Cuomo? 3. Cuomo has, in his own words the power to “fight against senseless gun violence”. So why has not Cuomo done so? Is he that incompetent or just a complete failure? Cuomo is the governor, he has the power to order a real war on illegal drugs and fix the welfare system IF he really wants to “fight against senseless gun violence”.
  3. I fully support Assembly member Kolb, BUT all the welfare, liberal thinking voters in New York City loves Cuomo. Cuomo is their kind of people that gives them welfare and more government to "save" us from ourselves! It will be a fight that I hope Kolb wins.
  4. ABC’s Eye Witness News reported “Ullah is from Bangladesh and has been in the United States for seven years. He came to the U.S. on an F-4 visa, a preferential visa available for those with family in the U.S. who are citizens or permanent residents, and officials believe he planned the attack for about a year.” A “preferential visa”? I wonder if the government is going to pay for his medical bills and the welfare benefits to support his family now that this terrorist cannot work? Bangladesh was one of those countries where large groups of low lifes openly celebrated the September 11, 2001 attack on America.
  5. Passed the House, now onto the Senate. https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/38?q={"search"%3A["concealed+carry+reciprocity+act"]} Going to be interesting how it will apply to New York City where the upstate New York residents do not have reciprocity even though they are New York State residents and passed the same qualification requirements as New York city residents. Also going to be interesting how it will be "honored" in gun control fanatic places like New York, New Jersey and other high crime with lots of gun control states!
  6. An innocent life was taken because of a reckless criminal, NOT a hunter. NYSDEC can try to twist the truth by calling it a "shooting incident" or "hunting accident", but it was a crime. Sadly the more they call this criminal a "hunter" it erodes respect and support from some non-hunters. Law abiding, safe and ethical REAL hunters are penalized because of this criminal.
  7. Quality insulated boots with a nylon or polyester sock worn on your feet first covered with a quality wool sock is my recommendation. BUT remember that warm blood keeps your feet warm. That warm blood flows down your legs to your feet. So while quality boots and socks are important, what good are they if the blood going to your feet is cooled down too rapidly as it flows down your legs? Are those legs properly covered with insulated underwear, non-cotton pants and possible insulated or wind pants to keep that blood flowing down your legs warm?
  8. Here are NFL supporters of these entertainers who support and some are violent drug thugs: https://www.nflpa.com/players/sponsors These supporters of violent drug thugs cry years later that their brains are damaged from playing football. Well I can believe that! Just look at their criminal, violent and perverted actions. These cry babies VOLUNTARILY wore a costume to be entertainers, NOT protect freedom and liberty. Look what compensation a brain injured combat veteran receives for their service?
  9. I do not care about the NFL, a bunch of “costume” (Entertainers wear costumes, people with real contributing jobs like the military, police, fire fighters, nurses, doctors, postal workers and others that provide for our safety, health and convenience wear a “uniform”.) wearers. These “costume” wearers are part of a community that uses performance enhancing drugs to make up for their lack of athletic talent, watch dogs kill each other, assault women, produce illegitimate children, commit violent crime and use illegal drugs. In so far as their kneeling, they are so pathetic. Their kneeling is in their support of violent thugs like Mike Brown and the terrorist organization called Black Lives Matter who terrorize innocent people and call for the murder of police officers. Their kneeling tantrums remind me of a story written by a journalist who visited Normandy many years after D-Day. While walking the beach he saw a bullet riddled helmet wash ashore. As he held it in his hands he realized that it was a time when REAL men died on their feet so we would not have to live on our knees. And they say these buffoons are college educated? In what?
  10. Hunting seasons are supposed to be determined by wildlife biologists using science. With the dawn of antler restriction I am not so sure. My belief is based on page 32 in the New York State hunting regulations : http://www.dec.ny.gov/docs/wildlife_pdf/15huntguide.pdf I understood that the three inch minimum for a buck to ensure it was not mistaken for a doe. That regulation is good to maintain a larger doe to buck ratio. Why change s regulation that has worked for years? It appears that someone at NYSDEC has been convinced to turn deer hunting from a wildlife conservation program that is suppose to maintain a healthy whitetail deer herd into “trophy deer hunting” to satisfy the desires of “trophy” hunters who want big antlers. This turns hunting from a conservation program to a real blood sport. The real consequence of this is what it may do to change the attitude of the hunters’ greatest ally, all those non-hunters. Many non-hunters support hunting because they understand hunting is a conservation program when done safely to reduce whitetail deer population to a healthy level. What happens to their attitude when they see “trophy” hunters wanting to harvest deer based on antler size?
  11. I support all the positions of the NYCC on use of crossbows. Like any hunting implement (firearms, bow or crossbow) it is an ethical obligation of every hunter to be proficient enough with that implement to kill on the first shot and honestly accept their limitations. Paper is targets, animals are not.
  12. My Yeti Rambler filled with hot soup along with sandwiches, snack bars, candy and plenty of water. Sounds more like a picnic than a hunting trip!
  13. I am voting NO until I have proof that the “new” New York State Constitution would guarantee me the right to bear arms which presently does NOT. Seeing as New York is overrun with gun control addicts especially from New York City and urban areas I think the default vote is definitely a NO. https://www.nraila.org/gun-laws/state-gun-laws/new-york/ That being said, I would like to know how Cuomo and his gun control addicts “interpret” of Article 2, Section 4 of the New York Civil Rights Law provides: “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms cannot be infringed.” ?
  14. Senator Gillibrand was rated "A" by the NRA when she was a congressional representative. She did support the Second Amendment and gun rights. Now she is rated "F" as a senator. Gillibrand fell in line with Schmer and the many gun control voters in New York to keep her job. She also took money from Harvey Weinstein. Sad, but these politicians are not honestest or of the highest character. That is why we call them politicians.
  15. After watching the interview with the ANTIFA and Fox news I realize these people are severely mentally ill. Amongst other really bizarre remarks made, the ANTIFA leader said they were justified in stabbing a police horse because the horse was racist! Yes, they are severely mentally ill. ANTIFA members who have seen their destructive acts succeed in urban areas devoid of armed citizens and police forces castrated by politicians afraid some violent sociopath might be killed should not be so delusional. There are some neighborhoods where their rioting would be met with the kind of resistance they will not recover from.
  16. Sad that a person spends their money to purchase and maintain property, and then some Socialist minded idiot believes that the property is for their use free of charge. Pointing a firearm could lead to the charge of menacing in a non-threatening encounter. Even without a human witness, do not forget you might be being recorded as evidence against you. The trespasser could be violent nut case or some lost hunter who owns or is family/friends with the bordering property. Digression is the better part of valor talk first. If no one is in the tree stand just take a photo and report it to the local authorities to have them make a record of the trespassing. Then just leave a letter stating the property is private, there are several hunters using that location and the local authorities have been alerted about the trespassing so please remove the tree stand immediately. Thank you. If the tree stand is not gone, its yours!
  17. Making venison available to the public via a national fast food restaurant is a great. Hopefully those who never had venison, will realize that deer meat is human food. Too many think of deer as Bambi, the Disney cartoon character. We need less ignorant non-hunters like PETA. We need more non-hunters who who will support hunting.
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