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Camera setup?

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A lot of people are starting to get them out in the next month or two.  

Just wondering how people set them up in the summer?

ground level or elevated?

are you looking for a particular deer to show back up or just an inventory count?

do they tend to shift a lot from summer to fall on the property you hunt?

I personally have mine elevated since they are on stateland. On occasion I have some at ground level in a couple swamps I hunt.

I usually tend to put them on heavy trails heading to and from agg fields or known summer bedding areas. 

This year I’m looking for a particular buck that I saw last year.  Most of the time all I’m looking for is a decent buck so I know I have something to chase.  Most bucks I find don’t move to far and if they do I’ve learned most of the bedding areas in those areas ahead of time. 

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I put mine out last week basically because it's just fun to look at pics. But for where I hunt it does me no good for hunting bucks til season. I get one or two buck pics usually at best in the summer then once season starts the bucks show up. I just put them on main runs. I can see why you would get them out on public though. To figure what area your going to concentrate on. But patterns change so much from summer to fall I wouldn't put a ton of stock into summertime pics. I would prob be more interested in areas that have lots of does and usually have fall food sources as they will bring the bucks in the fall.

My two cents ..... Your damn good at the scouting game for sure!

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I keep some cameras out year round just because I enjoy it to the max. Mine are mostly all Brownings and set to video.

 I set them facing north on a good funnel or spot that will have game pass through.  All are at ground level to maximize view and animals that pass by a bit further out and all cams are in lock boxes secured to a tree.  Once I started seeing the video I was able to capture, I've rarely set one to take just photos any more. I'll have summer video of bear, nice bucks, fawns, fishers, coyote, bobcat and just about everything that roams the woods day or night. It's hard to beat it for entertainment in my book.

My favorite video so far this year was early May on a camera set up in the corner of a remote wooded spot. A big ole tom walks right in front of the camera, goes to a strutt and let's out a loud gobble! One in a million shot.  Just one great example while cams set to video are the only way to go.

I have a few cameras out that I haven't gotten to since last fall, so something to look forward to. I'll get to them soon, fresh batteries and a new card and let them soak till I get back there in the fall.


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 I each year see more Trail Cameras on State Lands set low- under 6 foot. They are easy to pick out once you have seen a few. No problem  here though. I am sure that,I am viewed often. Going on State Land today- not Stewart and want to do some off Trail Fall Turkey Scouting.

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46 minutes ago, GreeneHunter said:

I leave my cameras up all year long , they are on my property . I have them all set higher up and need a ladder to replace batteries and swap out SD cards . I have 2 Bait Cam's at eye level .

Right- the Bait Cameras are common and known by most Scouters by now.  

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Last year was the first time I actually put out a cam and left it. I set it up about 3-4' from the ground overlooking a small gully and maybe 30 feet from a brush blind I set up.


The main problem is the deer don't have a lot of actual trails they use on that land, they just sort of go wherever they feel like going. There are maybe 5 deer runs they use, and none are used regularly.


I may not bother setting it back up this year because I set it up for the area my wife likes to sit, and she isn't sure how much she will hunt this year. If I do set it out, I'll put it overlooking a ridge that leads down to a creek.

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