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josephmrtn's Contest Thread

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Went out at about 6 am... saw 10 deer during the next hour (more than i saw all last deer season) called and called... NOTHING... then saw a strutter in the plowed field (map below) called for a while... NOTHING... finally i got tired of waiting and started crawling tward him... calling every little while... crawled to the top of a little knoll... laid flat on my stomach and called for a few min...  saw some movement... swung gun over and up... three jakes come trotting up and stop 6 steps from me... BOOM!!! first turkey of the yr down!!!!


red box on right= setup

yellow box= decoy

red line= where i crawled

blue boxes= turkeys

blue box= where i shot im (6 steps)



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Congrats, I shot a 2 yr. old this morning. 19.75 lbs., 7.75" beard, 3/4" spurs. Called in 2 of them @7Am. I used a new slate pot call that a friend gave me. I just love breaking in a new call!  Hope I can enter the contest next year.

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Bird #2


Called him in at 11:49 AM 32 yrds... had a flock of 5 jakes strutting and gobbling around but he only gobbled once the whole way in...

10" Beard

1" Spurs







red line= my entrance to area

red box on left= first setup

blue box farthest north= first saw gobbler

blue circle= farthest I called him in... (couldnt get a shot, brush in the way)

blue line= he circled around through the woods...

red box on right= setup #2

yellow box= decoy

blue box near decoy= where he died





BTW phade pointed out to me that the beard is actually 10.5"

( http://huntingny.com/forums/topic/16348-gobbler-2-down/?p=209529 )

and i went and checked and sure enough...


Does that count? or did i need to right it on the card?

I suppose i still could but it would only be the legs, beard, tail, and card in the picture cause the bird is getting cut up for the soup pot... 

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