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Work day done and ready to hunt


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Trails cleared, stands ready - one new one set, lanes cleared and cameras set.  One was still taking pics (not sending them since I suspended the cell account) from setting it last summer.  Some decent bucks on it for this early.  Thanks for the help to Culver Creek.  Should be a fun season.   


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28 minutes ago, moog5050 said:

Oh and our fields which are usually beans and corn are alfalfa and clover.  How is the draw for alfalfa and how long does it draw?   Thx

I am wondering the same thing.  I planted a clover/alfalfa mix for the first time ever one week ago today.  


I planted that right next to some Imperial Whitetail clover. It will be very interesting to see which one they prefer and for how long.

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One of the fields I used to hunt had a lot of alfalfa. They hayed it every year. If there are late beans or corn deer might be pulled to that but always saw deer hit hayfields esp if there was any new growth and it hasn't gotten too high. If it's less than knee high it should be a good draw. Seen them dig down thru snow to get to it. If it got too high I don't think it's as palatable. I know in places like Alberta they bring in hay bales during the hunting season to bait for deer.

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1 hour ago, grampy said:

Glad to see ya getting ready for the season!!! Hope it's your best ever my friend. 

Alfalfa will stay green well into November. As long as it's green, it will be drawing in deer. 

Sounds like it may be better than the norm

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