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Swamp_bucks hunting 2022


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Going to try keep this as up to date as possible this year.  I’ve scouted a bunch of pieces since last winter and have been letting cameras soak most of the summer.  I’ve got 3 bucks I’m targeting that I’ve personally seen and 1 I’ve only heard rumors about but will see if I can get on sign from it.  

seasons right around the corner and have some last minute things to finish up and practice some more with my climbing setup so I have the least amount of screwups on opening day. 

Only have a couple goals this year. 1 is to get my father on a decent buck or just able to get into the woods, hopefully get a buck with my bow big enough for a shoulder mount, improve on my outdoor/hunting skills some more, and spend sometime with friends and family enjoying what we love.

 Below are the 3 big main bucks I’m hoping to track down this year. The wide 7 I had an encounter with last year.  

can’t wait for the chest match to begin. Good luck to all those going out this year. 




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