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need help with hanging a deer


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hey guys I need some help and need some input .I shot my deer  last Monday and he's in my freezer and my friend john shot a nice buck [a 6 pt] Saturday well it was cold up state sat. nite  and alittle warmer sunday so I packed him  in the car w/ me it was 43 degs coming back to the city and I hung him planing to cut him up today it was warm 50 degs I packed him w/ ice last nite and again  this afternoon about 1 pm .Well my question is can I cut him up tomarrow its raining like hell in queens I still have him hung and ice in his cavity and I hope he'll be ok but I need some opinions from you guys  

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Doesn't necessarily help you now but this is what I do with my deer. I don't really have a place to hang for extended times nor a deer fridge.

I usually skin and quarter my deer as soon as I get them home. I then put them in my Orion cooler. Ice on the bottom of the cooler, two two by fours set on the bottom of the cooler then racks on top of the ice and 2×4s. I put the quarters on the racks then loose cuts in a tray that sits on top. Let it sit in there for a controlled environment to personal preference. Also works well for transporting from deer camp to home.

Like I said doesn't necessarily help now but maybe a thought for the future. Congrats on the success. 6caae87f825e6bb8ddb75afff2b05fc4.jpg

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