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26 minutes ago, moog5050 said:

I never heard of them Rob and I live here.  But I typically don't shop for jarred sauce either so who knows.  We do have LiDestri here which was originally Ragu (then cantesano) which was actually started from an Italian family out of their home in Rochester.  Has grown crazy and the original owner sold out.

Paul Gugliamos is on the radio with Brother Wease, also,has his own food show. He Started making his family sauce and selling small batches , turned into a business.

I won’t give a thumbs up,or down out of fear .....

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^^^ Seen these, but sticker shock prevented me from trying them. ~$6/jar compared to $2-3 for other name brand sauces. When you use off the shelf sauce as merely an add-in, hardly worth the xtra $.

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