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My 40th high school reunion was last night but unofficially started Thursday night and ended at 5pm tonight.

A small gathering Thursday night with a little bigger one Friday night got things going nicely.

Lots of buddies came in town for the weekend and we had a blast.  A couple brought their wives but more came solo.  Understandably it can be very tedious for the spouse who didn't attend the same school but fortunately my wife and others locally know each other well.  The main event was last night at a local restaurant but that included a couple hours of "warm ups" at a friends house prior to our grand entrance.  

We had almost 500 in our graduating class and were thrilled to have almost 200 attend, including significant others.  It was great to see everyone and catch up. 

Today I took a couple friends down to see the Buffalo waterfront and we met up with another bunch then went to eat on Allen Street, downtown after walking around Canalside for a bit.  I dropped one of the guys off at the airport for his trip back to Boulder CO around 5pm then came home and CRASHED.  All told it was a great weekend but I'm ready to get back to normal hours, eating and LESS drinking.  :)

Here is a picture from Friday night.....




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No doubt is was a grand time going back to the good old days, with memories and stories.  And remembering the ones who couldn't be there.

Reunions are cool. 

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My 30th is next sat.. and so is my brothers and his wife 50th b day.. gonna be hurting on sunday

I've hunted almost everyday of my life.. the rest have been wasted!

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