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Looks like an early Browning Hi Power 9mm


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The FN Browning M1922 was a very popular pistol in many Armies and Police forces, till take over of Belgium through the Germans.

Technical data:

Caliber: 7.65 mm (P.626(b)) and 9 mm short (P.641(b))
Function: Blowback; hammer inside
Barrel length: 103 mm
Weight: 677 g
Magazine capacity: 9 rounds (7,65 mm); 8 rounds (9 mm kurz)

Production data:


Fabrique Nationale D´Armes de Guerre




1940 - 1944



Serial numbers:

20000 - 215000; 1 - 100000 with suffix "a", "b", or "c"


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A lot of them came home from Europe with military personnel after WW II ended. They were very common and note the "Nazi Eagle" just behind the trigger guard.

The "fit and finish" on most was pretty crude as they were made in volume during the war.

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Not a model 1922. I have one. The 1922 has an extended 2 piece top slide, and a grip safety, and is quite a petite little thing. As well, this piece has a single action exposed hammer, 1922 is striker fired.

It looks like possible wartime production though....pretty rough finish, and I believe a german proof mark on the frame. 

is there a caliber marked on it? sometimes if not on the slide the FNL will have it stamped on the bbl.

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Yep. Certainly looks it. FN was taken over by the German occupation while they were there, but they also re-proof marked a lot of the captured arms. My 1922 was manufactured in the early thirties but carries a Nazi stamp.

JJB, is your pictured handgun yours, something your are looking into? I do not know much about the collecting value, but as a shooter, I wouldn't think it would be very desireable….if it is war time manufacture. Even though the HIgh Power is a great handgun, quality of manufacture  would be in question and it probably would have more worth as a collectable. Actual dollar value I am clueless. Try to find a Browning, FN or similar web site where they have a more specialized interest. 

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