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  1. I’m interested in the red and black checkered flannel, what’s the asking price? send me a PM if you want.
  2. I’m a little disappointed, I figured you already knew to keep your zipper down so someone could stick their head in.
  3. And just as an aside, I’ve had covid twice...first time back in March of 2020, tested positive for the antibodies in June/July then got it again around Christmas...1st time was brutal, second time was no worse then the common cold. I was down and out for three days after getting the vaccine, uncontrollable chills and high fever with body aches....my advise to anyone who had it recently is to wait at least 3-4 months after having it to get the vaccine. I have my second shot scheduled for February 19th and they already told me to expect the same or worse side effects.
  4. I got vaccinated this past Friday, was reluctant but did it anyway....I’ll still mask up and take precautions for the benefit of others.
  5. Send it to me and I’ll get it out ASAP.
  6. Took a picture with a quarter in it for size reference.
  7. I have these clam shells I collected from the beach, I’d be more then happy to send them if you can make use of them.
  8. I'll keep this in mind..if you're still doing it come summer time, let me know. I usually find quite a bit on the beaches down here on Long Island....The Atlantic Ocean and sand does a real nice job on it, that and some of the sea shells I find....we call it Beach Glass down here.
  9. So sorry for your loss, thoughts and prayers to you and your family.
  10. I just got it again for the second time...feel better.
  11. Get well fast....I had it back in March, ran a fever for two weeks and had crippling back pain the first few nights and sweated like an animal every night. I tested negative when they swabbed me, and eventually spent two nights in the hospital with double pneumonia. The infectious disease Dr. said although the swab was negative I definitely had it, fast forward and I came up positive with the anti bodies a few months later when I got tested. My daughter and husband who live in Colorado just got over it, it was nothing more then an inconvenience for them as neither had a bad case, in fact my daughter never had a fever the entire time. Speedy Recovery to those who have it!!
  12. Nobody will know how long they were in NY prior to going back home, there’s no sign in sheet when you drive here...so even if stopped with NY tagged deer going home, there is no way for anyone to know that they didn’t in fact follow the 14 day quarantine rule.
  13. Does anyone have any use for this? if interested send me a PM....shipped to your door free of charge.
  14. best post of the year, congratulations Cynthiafu...you’re definitely a good guy Bill!!
  15. Can anyone give me any info on this one? I can’t seem to find much on it.
  16. I have no use for these and have no idea what they even are, if anyone can use them shoot me a PM...I will ship free of charge.
  17. Thanks for all the well wishes.....on day four of having a fever, but all in all not feeling too bad. I'm just waiting for results at this point.
  18. ok, woke up with a fever very early Thursday morning and went to a walk in clinic when they opened. I tested negative for all common flu’s and my symptoms were inconsistent with any other illness going around; that and the fact that I was exposed to other people who were quarantined awaiting results was enough for them to test me....so for three days I’ve had a fever and no other symptoms and they haven’t gotten better or worse in those three days. Ive also had a coworker who was turned away from a test at one place because he didn’t have enough symptoms but went to a second place that was willing to test him and he was positive.
  19. I have symptoms and was tested 3 days ago, waiting for the results...worst part so far has been the quarantine.
  20. Not sure, all I can say in that case just a mild fever wasn’t considered enough.
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