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I going old school


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I’ve been shooting my .54 cal tc renegade patch/ball a lot to the point I ran out of blackMZ powder. I found out alliance stopped making it, so I picked up a few pounds of goex ff and was shooting it tonight. 90gr. And I didn’t have to move the sights at 50yrds. It’s a little dirty but I’m ok with that.

These where the fist to shot from my shooting sticks at 50yrds.


Everything but the primers(209 adapter) is old school if I find the time I’m switching that out too.



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23 minutes ago, sbuff said:

Love it ....

By chance is it a kit one, my dad has a 1984 kit one at his house . Hoping one day to dust it off ..

No it's not a kit.I got it off armslist the guy said it was his fathers he used it during the shotgun season on long island.It had a scope mount still in the package,but i'm holding out on that until my eyes really crap out.I did forget to mention I put a set of williams fiber optic sights on it,definitely made a difference.

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14 hours ago, rachunter said:

I put a set of williams fiber optic sights on it,definitely made a difference.

Just about every firearm I have that has open sights have been converted to fiber optic type sights, for old eyes especially in low light conditions they are better I think.

Nothing like old school hunting, good luck on the upcoming season.


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2 minutes ago, Daveboone said:

my hope is to go cap and ball all season. My Lyman .54 Great Plains rifle is to be the main gun, but in good weather I hope to use my Pedersoli GPR flintlock as much as possible. Two weeks to go for NT ML season!

I'll be up for the week with my .54 cap/ball and my line .50 for foul weather.I'm going to hunt the state park in the morning and my property in the evening hopefully the bear i keep seeing down by my pond shows up.

Good luck!!!

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