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  1. Most hunts I have my camera set up. I have never recorded a harvest. I have come close but the camera comes 2nd when I'm hunting. I just have basic equipment and it's always enjoyable to bring home footage of the days hunt. Good luck! Thanks for sharing!
  2. In the spot my Dad’s tree stand was. I first started hunting here which him when I was 6 or 7. His tree fell many years ago but I decided to put a ladder stand up. Let’s see what happens.
  3. Looking forward to seeing friends at camp, always a good time! I'll be honest, every year I hate to see the archery/crossbow season come to a close. Good luck and enjoy yourselves!
  4. Just out here enjoying the day. No desire to shoot a doe. Hoping to catch some rut activity on camera.
  5. We’ll, first sit in the new stand paid off. A six pointer with no brows came in at 6:30. 30 minutes later a four pointer came in. Long morning but he’s hanging.
  6. First time in this stand, ESE wind. Good luck all.
  7. Feels kind of lonely on here. Had to relearn how to dress for this weather. No sightings yet.
  8. 2 does, a fawn and a 4 pointer tonight. When the sunset the cooldown began.
  9. Still 60 degrees but I finally have a west wind.
  10. Saw a doe and a fawn at 4:30 and a spike came through just before dark. Despite the temps I'm seeing deer.
  11. I know it’s warm, but I’m shocked that someone hasn’t stuck one yet.
  12. Did a little rattling and one buck went through downwind. Then a spike came in looking for about 30 minutes. Found a new scrape walking in.
  13. I headed to the rye plot a little after 4:00 and bumped one out and all I saw was a tail. Just before 6:00 I saw deer headed to the plot led by a doe and fawn. I saw a hind quarter which turned out to be a buck rubbing and scraping. Another doe ran into the plot and eventually the buck, which I believe was a seven. He fed at 60 yards away and when the does started to leave he started chasing and grunting. He never got closer than 50yards. Action anyway!
  14. Saw two does in a rye plot this evening, no bucks.
  15. Had a doe tear through at first light. Then two fawns fed their way by. Then a six pointer rub a tree about a hundred yards out, he paid no attention to a grunt.
  16. I think I get less frustrated as I get older. I know if I go a couple days without seeing a deer, I know it can only get better. When I mess up I laugh it off and try to learn something from the experience. You got to be out there to get it done. I used to hunt every chance I had and be burnt out by time November rolled around. Now I hunt the first week of October on food plots, and sporadically throughout the month. Vacation starts tomorrow and I'll be chasing them for the next twelve days. I might cut a few hunts short or even skip a day. I spend all year scouting, food plotting, working on habitat improvements and I enjoy every minute of it. Kick back, enjoy it, but don't turn it into a second job!
  17. I believe these are otters. Neat pictures but there is no water within 1/2 mile.
  18. Ended up seeing at least a dozen deer. Had a wide 6 point within range but several does under me and they eventually caught my wind. The buck watched them run off and he casually circled out of range. Still not sure if I would take him. Fun and eventful sit for my first time out this year.
  19. And a 4 pointer. And another doe and fawn. And another doe and two fawns. Fun sit so far.
  20. First time out this year. A doe and a fawn winded me but ran around me. Now they’re feeding in the field about 150 yds away.
  21. Not sure yet. Plenty of young ones around. Appears they had a good hatch this year. Had some young ones strutting on the lawn this morning. It’s deer time now but you never know.
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