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  1. Cool neck hair on the one!
  2. bigpaul

    Early Bear SZ

  3. bigpaul

    Early Bear SZ

    Got my projects done around the house so I decided to sit in a blind til sunset, it is so green.
  4. bigpaul

    4P Hunters

    I'm originally from NJ and have lived here about 20 years. My Dad built a camp here back in the 1960's and I have always loved it here. Not as many farms as there once was and a lot of mature woodlands have taken over. I'm a little pickier what I shoot these days but there are usually some good bucks around. I do plant food plots and do some habitat management on about 62 acres.
  5. bigpaul

    4P Hunters

    Welcome Mule! I'm on the Andes & Bovina border and have hunted here my whole life. Sounds like your only a couple miles away. Actually I'm quite surprised how many close by members have chimed in. Not sure if I missed it Mule but where are you from?
  6. Started 41 years ago when I was 10. A Juvenile license in NJ cost $2.
  7. bigpaul

    More bear pics!

    Two years ago I unknowingly walked up on a couple of cubs. The sow charged and realized the cubs were on the same side of the road as she was and she stopped. She stood there popping her jaw as I backed away yelling at her like a little girl. I've never been so scared.
  8. bigpaul

    Where are the fawns ?

    I haven't seen one since early June and haven't got many picture until my last camera check. Got a lot of fawn pics.
  9. bigpaul

    More bear pics!

    date and time are off. All pics are from last three weeks.
  10. bigpaul

    More bear pics!

    Checked cams and got about 30 more bear pics.
  11. bigpaul

    Life expectancy

    My Dad died on January 14th and his Dad died on January 14th. Only time I get superstitious! Always glad to see January 15th!
  12. bigpaul

    Lifetime Licenses

  13. bigpaul

    Anyone see any poults yet?

    Three poultless hens here. Wet cold spring.
  14. bigpaul

    Career change?

    Try it locally in your County first. You can start part time in most cases and see if it's for you. It's the same criminals that the State gets, they're just not sentenced yet. You'll develop a sick sense of humor and meet a lot of bizarre people.
  15. bigpaul

    Using A Deer Decoy???

    I tried a buck decoy last year. Every deer that saw it investigated. Two small bucks came in and fought in front of me. I was in a pop up blind and they never looked my way, they concentrated on the decoy. Looking foward to using it this year.
  16. bigpaul

    Sharpening chainsaw

    Nobody at work has one but we were talking about this sharpener just yesterday. I'm sure someone will own one come Monday. Thanks for the review!
  17. bigpaul

    2019 Lawn Thread

    Adding a pic from yesterday's mow.
  18. bigpaul

    2019 Lawn Thread

    The sun came out and my first cut of 2019 is in the books!
  19. bigpaul

    Live From The Woods 2019 Turkey Edition

    Neat things you come across on new land. Might be a town line as I found 4 in a line.
  20. bigpaul

    Live From The Woods 2019 Turkey Edition

    It amazes me whenever I hunt public land that someone always pulls up by my truck and get out and start calling. If I see another vehicle I just keep on driving. It's called respect!
  21. bigpaul

    Roosting For The 1st Time Tuesday. Who Else?

    Luckily I can perform that task from my deck!
  22. bigpaul

    2019 Lawn Thread

    Oil and filter change is on the things to do list. Mowing is still a week away for me.
  23. bigpaul

    Dehydrator Recommendation

    I have the same one. I'll give it 5 stars. They also make a 160 liter.