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  1. 150 lbs? How many acres are you seeding? I just did 8lbS
  2. That's pretty cool. I would assume 1.5 so that was done this year? Quick heal time it seems? That's crazy for bone to calcify like that in response to injury.
  3. I have dreams of arrows colored like that.
  4. I prepared for an all day sit. Was hoping it was one of those 2 hr sits. Still sitting . Ate my sandwich. Couple small bucks and 2 yearlings.... onward
  5. I have a stand of swamp hickory that the deer hit. It's super loud when they eat them.
  6. I have seen 10 bucks in last 2 days. 5 were shooters for me. 2 were wall hangers for some. I hear you on the meat spoilage but if you got one let me know I'd help u process.
  7. Passed on this buck. Antlers excluded to avoid any judgment.
  8. 40 Minute walk in this am. Got to treestand go to put arrow on bow....... and quiver fell off. Backtracked all the way to house and quiver was about 80 yds from backdoor. Walking back to house with a unloaded bare bow felt so unbelievably awful. I thought for sure i would see a monster buck bring murphys law. Anyways took my ball and went home.
  9. Isn't a "leased land gobbler" that's not on public, essentially a "private land tom" as well? Asking for a friend.
  10. Thought it was what's for dinner haha
  11. We did a charter. What a blast. Everyone got a lobster too we checked pots at end of trip. 400 pollock the boat caught. Cooked everything st the rental we got.
  12. Watch him. I love #wolcisms they are one of my favorite things to read on this site. @wolc123 don't take this personally
  13. It's chilly but not awful. I swam in it. Fueled by a few beers it's not terrible.
  14. Vacation in Maine for the week. Caught it on a spinner bait. No idea what I'm doing haha
  15. kpkot


    Wtf I'm a buy once cry once, but those prices I can buy 2 sets of danners haha.
  16. kpkot


    I'm kinda with you here. I have fallen out of it a bit . Vodka and Miller lites have filled my iPa void latley.
  17. kpkot


    I'm a lazy stand hunter. I let them come to me. Sitting in a funnel with some snacks, they are bound to come. On a side note I had a pair of Minnetonka mocs with a decent outdoor sole on them, I think they were "driving moccasins ". I would recommend a sole like that if you do decide to stalk in them.
  18. I believe it was a form I registered with that came with the safe at the time of the sale.
  19. Interesting fact I didn't know until a couple years ago. European butter, cheese, dairy is required to be organic.
  20. Best butter hands down. Crazy pricey but good stuff. I like it salted
  21. Don't forget to add this in your price per lb of venison tally this year. I hope your rewarded for your kind gesture.
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