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    7mm-08 35rem 12Ga
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    hoyt alphamax 32

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  1. figures i didn't go out yesterday, would have passed but he has potential in a few years
  2. 4F Wed scouting saw a giant 8pt that was bedded down and i kicked up Friday opening day (evening) saw a decent 6pt Saturday didn't hunt Sunday PM Hunt nothing Monday PM hunt, Doe under my stand Tuesday PM Hunt nice 8pt Wed PM Hunt anther Big 8pt
  3. That’s how I learned to but her a deer shot my first doe with a bow 70 degrees out went don’t to a neighbor and he told us how to do it, and I’ve never brought an upstate deer to a butcher to date on Long Island too many ticks is goes right to my butcher $60 done
  4. Bow on Long Island and Tick City as well
  5. Danny

    Deer Forage

    Now this is a cool looking spot
  6. Danny

    Deer Forage

    Nice I’m on the border of Decatur state land insane the amount of beechnuts and apples this year
  7. Danny

    Deer Forage

    Yeah it’s my backyard (literally) so I haven’t ventured into the other places but I will
  8. Danny

    Deer Forage

    Decatur state Forrest
  9. Danny

    Deer Forage

    4 or 6 sleeting some beechnuts
  10. Danny

    Deer Forage

    All the preferred food for bears, beech being #1 heard turkey here is awesome had 7 on my lawn last week, and my neighbor (cattle farmer) said as for the deer “don’t worry they are here” found this dead head first walk in the woods
  11. Danny

    Deer Forage

    so i've walked a really good chunk of the state land here in Otsego, what i have found is Zero Oak's like not a single tree so far, Tons of Beech and it looks like gonna be a bumper crop, Beech, Black cherries, Sugar Maples, Striped Maples, Red Maples, Choke Cherries, Crab Apples, Lindy, Raspberries, Black Berries, Spruce Zero Oaks, so Odd i guess when the state logged the took every Oak
  12. Thank You, Yep i'm about 4 miles north of 88 at 2100' elevation in the land of beef cattle and hay fields (gorgeous country). I walked the state land a bit didn't see much in the way of Oaks, tons of sugar maples and lots and lots of blackberries, about a 1/2 acre of them 100 yards from my house (tough walking through that though thorns and tangles, lol) Summit, I hunted off of Charlotte Valley Road on a friends 30 acres, (4F) your buddy is on the other side of 10 (4G) lots of big bodied deer.
  13. Change out that Vacuum Petcock, plenty of videos on YouTube they are notorious for what you describe
  14. Under 500Ft for a firearm, 250ft for crossbow, 150ft for a bow. You need neighbors permission beyond that you are OK considering my house is within 100ft of the state land and you cannot see it approaching from 50 yards away as a safety measure the Forest Ranger is going to measure out the 500ft and post the state property with signs stating no discharge you are 500ft from an occupied dwelling....
  15. Saw mama crossing the road July 19th, Poults in tow 6-8 of them, was surprised to see them fly so young one in mid-flight on in the tree
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