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  1. Likely a NYS record bird will come from there and the successful hunter will be covered in 10,000 ticks I couldn't imagine sitting on the ground in LI Woods in May
  2. Turkeys, Stripers, Tuna and in that order
  3. Would they congregate around areas like this? I assume maybe roost on the edges although that stuff is soft and will swallow you if you walk on it
  4. LOL i can see it now another hunter in the distance with his buddy "Holy Sh*t there are Elk in here I do here Barred owl's calling almost nightly by me
  5. Had 2 Toms off my deck 2 weeks ago
  6. Not far from Oneonta, You?
  7. Hunting a new property this year for turkey and looking for clue as to where to start, Lots of pines bordering private hay fields, an old flood plain/swamp, small creek, and areas with lots of undergrowth (Blackberry bushes) was thinking of trying by the creek as the hillside faces south/east whats the best method of trying to locate these guys? owl or crow just after dark and before sunrise, or will the shock gobble in the middle of the night as well?)
  8. Planning on hunting the woods not to far from the fields, lots of pines and beech trees
  9. Promising Had 2 big Toms come walking 60 yards from our deck today
  10. Pretty Darn pleased with how it turned out before and after
  11. Same to you, I will post pics of before and after
  12. We have a Ton of Coyotes here and also a ton of baby turkeys there was a Coyote that was tagged close to here Worcester, NY. then killed in a trap in PA
  13. So I got to thinking (Dangerous) lol anyway i'm gonna try hitting some spots on an older rubber/Plastic decoy with some Chameleon Color Shift paint, Green to Copper curious to see if it will mimic the iridescence you see in natural turkey feathers
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