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  1. Danny


    quick walk yesterday to check cams 4F, 2 ticks and I wasn't even in the woods for an hr
  2. I was told this is 3.5 too. and the person that told me is pretty damn good at judging them
  3. Hey public land add 10" lol
  4. I'm trying bud yeah he looks pretty heavy on the hoof cool to see his neck swelling up from 10/3 - 10/13
  5. thinking at least 3.5? he's come by the camera 3X or at least it looks like the same buck to me
  6. Danny

    Age this buck

    3.5 yr old 109" in Suffolk? No way that would be 120+ easy
  7. Danny

    1st one...

    Still Velvet Here
  8. Finally some Bucks, until 2 weeks ago just does and some fawns, tonight it's going down to 48deg, season will be here before ya know it
  9. Plan on spending 1 hr/per pound in the woods hunting before getting the game animals you pursue some of us get lucky though
  10. Danny

    2022 DMP's

    Sorry, I got my 4F and 1C as usual
  11. Just a reminder In case anyone was unable to decipher the new bill, starting Sep 3 a semiauto license will be required for purchasers AND sellers of all ages in NY. Nothing is exempt...Ruger 10/22, any semiauto hunting rifle or shotgun. Licensing will be the responsibility of the pistol permit bureaus, no one knows the requirements yet ! If you were getting the kid a 10/22 takedown for Christmas get it now , if you were selling anything semi do it now !
  12. I work from home since 3/2020 still get all my projects done and can spend 6 months upstate at the house if wanted it's nice
  13. All i can say is that now that the Raspberries are ripening, the movement on my deer cams have dwindled to near zero
  14. Danny

    2022 DMP's

    4F same as always High
  15. Likely a NYS record bird will come from there and the successful hunter will be covered in 10,000 ticks I couldn't imagine sitting on the ground in LI Woods in May
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