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  1. good spot, i tend to gravitate to spots that have lots of property to walk, those deer are pressured and need to be kicked up
  2. your location says deep in the Catskiil Mountains you call it what you like i'll call it what I like (cheers)
  3. Gonna take a troll at 2:00 for the last day, then a break and then the holiday hunt
  4. here you go, still active https://countryboyrealty.com/listings/202114252/
  5. Checking out new places is always fun, new scenery I walked around Burnt Rossman forest a bit. Nice area and 12K acres
  6. Where in 4F if you dont ind me asking?
  7. 4hrs from back home on Long Island far enough for me
  8. Hunted a lot during bow and saw 5 bucks total and 2 doe (all to far to connect) the buck I shot during rifle in the photo is the smallest buck i have seen, and i haven't seen a deer since Nov 20th
  9. Yeah we love it. the view makes stacking wood even enjoyable
  10. Thank you, and best part is the Mrs. Insisted i have a shoulder mount done
  11. Opening morning of regular season got it done at 10:30 full on chasing a doe and heard him grunt his last grunt 300 yards from the new house on the state land here in 4F First year here First Buck First Day
  12. IF i HAVE to use a shotgun Savage 220 case closed
  13. Big N J smells like beer, matter of fact i think they use the barley discard from brewing
  14. figures i didn't go out yesterday, would have passed but he has potential in a few years
  15. 4F Wed scouting saw a giant 8pt that was bedded down and i kicked up Friday opening day (evening) saw a decent 6pt Saturday didn't hunt Sunday PM Hunt nothing Monday PM hunt, Doe under my stand Tuesday PM Hunt nice 8pt Wed PM Hunt anther Big 8pt
  16. That’s how I learned to but her a deer shot my first doe with a bow 70 degrees out went don’t to a neighbor and he told us how to do it, and I’ve never brought an upstate deer to a butcher to date on Long Island too many ticks is goes right to my butcher $60 done
  17. Danny

    Deer Forage

    Now this is a cool looking spot
  18. Danny

    Deer Forage

    Nice I’m on the border of Decatur state land insane the amount of beechnuts and apples this year
  19. Danny

    Deer Forage

    Yeah it’s my backyard (literally) so I haven’t ventured into the other places but I will
  20. Danny

    Deer Forage

    Decatur state Forrest
  21. Danny

    Deer Forage

    4 or 6 sleeting some beechnuts
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