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  1. Headed to 8p/8r friday night. Maybe a change scenery will do me good!
  2. Agreed. Ive seen toms shy away from jake decoys. But with that setup of the jake trying to mate the hen, ive seen them come hauling butt in to kick some tail. Never know and the birds will let you know what they want. No harm in trying!
  3. Getting my coffee and headed out in a bit. Won $100 bucks on a $5 scratchoff yesterday so maybe my luck will continue today! Yesterday both my grandma and my fiance ended up in the emergency room at the same time. So it was a lonnnngggg day to say the least. Few hours to hunt before work and im feeling good about it!
  4. I have the flextone thunder chicken and its a strut style. Bought it on sale and have yet to use it. Im in the same boat where i think it may scare birds off more than call them in. Right now its got a real jake fan on it and a beard of a bird i shot a few years ago. Its mounted on the wall lol. I may give it a whirl an see whag happens
  5. X2. Ive had friends miss birds and i setup later in the morning, around the same area and harvested the bird they missed. Like above they may be skittish. Go get him!
  6. Quiet in 8f/8j. Hunted two spots today with no luck. Heard a couple gobbles first thing but they were wayyyy off. Seeing some dusting activity and new fresh tracks but thats about it
  7. Same here in 8f. Dad shot a jake saturday morning, had a mature bird working and he said it gobbled quite a bit. Just never materialized. From thursday til noon today i think ive heard a total of 5 or so gobbles and only a handful of shots. Its early yet!
  8. Headed out to a new property! Excited and hoping to hear one. Its a very low pressure farm with hardwoods and some pines, small creek runs through and lots of open field. Stoked!
  9. If i get two i know where my wingbones are goin!
  10. Maybe its time to take the not so nice approach and call mr green jeans. Its apparent he isnt listening to you, multiple people have said get off the land, and whats even worse is his kid is learning its ok to trespass.
  11. Think its time to switch to a magnus bullhead...lop their heads off.
  12. All quiet at my spots in 8f. Gonna try a new spot in 8j tomorow!
  13. TeeBugg


    Havent had an issue here in wayne county....yet
  14. Did one last spring, and it ws amazing! Im used to deep frying, turkey soup, strips so this was nice to have a break from the norm. This year i got some jalapeno/butter injectable marinade for one hehe
  15. Yep forgot to add that you should burn a few fires in it first!
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