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  1. Awesome!! Glad things went well for them!! Junior year this year??
  2. I’m not 100% sure but I think you need to go same route as a pistol. Buy said rifle, take paper work with serial number to sheriffs office and have serial number, make & model added to permit. Then can take possession of rifle. Bass Pro & Cabela’s are not even selling rifles at there stores in NY because of this law
  3. Bow season in Southern zone is always 10/1. Regular season always opens 3rd sat in November. Late season bow/muzzleloader season starts the day after regular season closes and runs for 9 days. Holiday hunt runs 12/26 - 1/1. This is for southern zone. Not sure about northern zone as I haven’t hunted there in over 15 years.
  4. Ah the Dorr brothers. I did some research on this group. They also run one in Ohio, Illinois and I believe a few other states. Never found to many positive reviews. I’d stick with a few of the ones Al listed
  5. 2003 Hoyt Razortec for a bow. (Thinking of upgrading. Easton carbon arrows, new this past season so don’t remember which ones off the top of my head. Muzzy MX-4, 100 grain broadheads
  6. I talked to a buddy today who is a lawyer for Assemblyman Barclay. He said what he is seeing in this bill is the state going after “sellers” not “buyers”. Similar to what they did with online sellers. Nothing about buying and bringing ammo across state lines.
  7. Ha. I fell for that once. Posted the site and got a 10 day ban
  8. Are you coming to Syracuse for the Army-Syracuse game??
  9. Would depend, is it really hurting the deer or is it just a “skin” condition??
  10. Go to your county sheriffs office. Can print form online. Fill out all parts then call to schedule time to drop off at sheriffs office. A lot has changed since I got mine. Especially with the new changes that went into effect last year. Phone call to sheriffs office to check on the process might be best first step
  11. I recertified last weekend. My “due” date was 3/9/2024. Had been that date for years. I looked Sunday before i recertified and my date had been changed. The new “due” date was 09/01/2023. I heard they anyone over 3 years needs to recertify by 9/1/23 according to laws passed last year
  12. I can only see the left side of what you posted Loki g on my phone?? Will try laptop later. Heading to NC next weekend to move my daughter there. Thought about buying ammo but am flying home. Can you put ammo in checked luggage?? Anyone know??
  13. How did this topic go from asking about all the adds popping up to bashing each other?? Reading some of this stuff and the bashing of each other is why some people left here from talking to them. Some always wrong. Some always right no matter what the subject. Now, back to the adds. I’m good with the pop ups on top of screen on the laptop or on the bottom of the screen on the phone. But the whole page adds, anytime a topic is opened is getting frustrating.
  14. Don’t know. Getting a little ridiculous. Every time I open any topic I get a full page add. EVERYTIME!! Doesn’t matter if on phone or laptop
  15. Could be better than the 2 idiots we will probably have running!!
  16. I agree. But this country is on a downward spiral it seems. Again, doesn’t matter the state, democrats and Republicans are f’ed up
  17. Doesn’t matter you’re in a red or blue state. They are both messed up along with the people running them
  18. I still have a company that will ship ammo to NY. Just ordered some slugs and pistol ammo Friday
  19. My brother lives in California. Comes home every year for opening week. My nephew has been with him and hunting last 3 years. My brother has been getting permits for years. My nephew has gotten 2 permits also for he last 3 years. I didn’t think non-residents could get permits either until my brother started getting them every year.
  20. I don’t mind the adds at the top of the page. It is when I click on any topic and get a full page add that is getting a little overboard. Clicked on this topic today and got this.
  21. I get an add like this every time I open any topic on here. Been happening for about a week.
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