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  1. Hmm, from the first picture I am thinking a good name is Popeye.
  2. But with the current market prices being driven up by demand it easily counters the cut.
  3. I had long wanted a 1911, and decided to do something about it a few years ago. I would have loved an actual GI issue, but didnt want to go through the hoops to get one. I absolutely wanted the real mccoy though, which meant a Colt manufactured 1911, which I did get...Competition model. I have had many handguns and semi autos, and I have to say the 1911 trigger/action is the finest out there (but my CZ 75 was pretty dang close!). In note of your Nambu...there is a book written by a WW2 vet who was a sniper...sorry I forget his name or the title....and a good portion of the book he relates his real world experience with the axis powers weapons, especially the Japanese. As much as a lot of writers turn up their noses at the Japanese firearms, he actually thought quite a few of them to be quite worthwhile.
  4. A good friend and his family needed to sell the house on a very desirable lake. There was a lot of interest from friends and family. I think they did the wisest choice in allowing a real estate agent handle it. Totally hands off fair and no emotions involved. More friends become past friends, and good family relations dissolve over money. Remove yourself from the equation.
  5. And although not all of your posts interest me, I never find them objectionable or inappropriate.
  6. Start now exploring the public land...the stories are in the snow. During the season the further from roads/access the better.
  7. Well worth watching. Lets not forget that the Appalachians run right up through NY and that way of life was right here.
  8. I have a tough time with neck roasts trimming the fat well enough to enjoy it, so my necks usually end up ground into something. I can see pulled venison/bbq as a good way to go.
  9. Ten days in South Africa in the Eastern Cape region come April, split between the wifes critter peeking and a modest hunt list. Our first time "away" vacation in thirty years.
  10. I love squirrel hunting, really havent in years. I just havent found a recipe for them I like, but the squirrel cacciatore does sound good. I have lost all my old stand by areas, but I guess I should be able to head down to the finger lakes national forest and find some.
  11. Next acquisition....A current quality reloading manual. Do not just try to get by with what you find on line. Speer, Hornady, Nosler, all make a good manual, but in particular Speer is pretty much the industry standard, and covers a very wide range of projectiles. Do NOT take as gospel any recipes that are offered to you. Projectiles/ cartridges are very specific to powders and loads, and I would be very surprised if .243 and 30-06 used the same powders due to the vast difference in case capacities and bullet caliber. The manual will not just give you the appropriate loadings, it spells out how and why for the different procedures. There are no shortcuts to safe and quality loads.
  12. I had never saved them, but with recipes I have seen for shanks over the past couple years I am eager to try them. Unfortunately, I have to wait..at least another nine months!
  13. After I posted last, I looked that up and was surprised...just as Oudoorstom mentions, any dog can be used. For a long time only certain breeds ( I know dachsunds were one) could be used. I wonder what the original mind set was?
  14. Oh, by the way....any dog being used to track deer in NY MUST be on a lead, and what breeds can be used are also spelled out in the regulations.
  15. I had a 1/2 blue tick/1/2 beagle hound for a number of years. When a pup, we made/bought drags (heavy canvas throw ) which we sprayed with rabbit scenting spray. I had the kid take the drag for a run through the woods, and with the dog initially on a lead, followed the scent. Early on, lots of scent, small circles. over time, make a point of skipping over logs, little streams, etc. so the scent is broken, then use less scent. Be sure you yourself are using rubber boots and are relatively clean so he doesnt get used to following your scent. There are numerous dog training web sites to find the stuff. Scents are available for most anything, but of course you could also use skins, etc. I used the same basic procedure on my Setter to start. Before you start worrying about scents though, make sure you get your basic discipline commands down....sit, stay, come, etc. Beagles are about as bull headed as you can get when they are on a scent. No matter what, no matter how po'd you are for his stubborness, failure to respond, what evern...DO NOT spank/disciplen the dog for not coming! You praise him heavily for obeying. Otherwise, he will simply learn that when he does come to you, wtf....he is getting disciplined anyway.
  16. In particular what I like about his show is he doesnt actively promote products, although there are times I am curious about what his equipment is. My favorite episode is a recent one where he is flintlock hunting in Pennsylvania snow for white tails..very unsuccessfully, but still obviously having a great time. I love flintlocks (building my 2nd one currently) and would have loved to know more about what he was using.
  17. We used to do real well on bunnies without dogs around the finger lakes, but certainly the increase in predators (coyotes, hawks, etc) has thinned them out or made them much more wary. As a kid it we would track bunny tracks...which seemed to be everywhere, for hours.
  18. Absolutely. Even though he is not inducted into the BB hall of fame, his records and accomplishments are very well noted. Even though I may not be his greatest fan, I think he should be inducted. Despite his actions (gambling betting against his team, essentiallly) you cant deny what he a did on the field.
  19. What we take for granted now, huh?
  20. Favorite pistol to shoot...by far, Colt 1911 45 acp. Favorite revolver...tougher. My Smith model 28 has probably the finest revolver action ever made, but for sheer shooting enjoyment, ergonomics, it would have to have been my Ruger .357 Blackhawk, though i shot my .44 Ruger single action Super black hawk just as well.
  21. The boss system has been around for over twenty years. i remember when they came out it set the industry on its ears, but havent seen or heard much about it in a long time. I dont think they can make a crappy round shoot great. Still need to find what round performs best, and then the boss system helps stabilize it more as I recall.
  22. I find my game cams more entertaining than TV, but I am perfectly ok with not using them during hunting season. I have certainly used them to my successful advantage, but like to think I have enough woodsman/hunter skills not to need mug shots of my victims.
  23. Dang if I remember off hand...sure you can google it.
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