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  1. My guess is for the mount it will boil down to what you can find. Not a lot of demand for 94 mounts ever, less as years go by. The 30-30 performance arc really is best optimized out to about 100 yards...not that they havent been used further, and especially as the woods gun they were designed for, no great magnifiction needed. My favorite scope magnifiction for the woods is 1.5 -5. I am very partial to the Leupold 1.5 x 5 vx3. It is as good as it gets for early and last light. I know guys who love a fixed 2.5 or four power.
  2. Thats all I have to say on that matter! Almost! I pulled my game camera card from in front of my favorite stand last week end. Despite my lack of luck, right through the end of the season ...when I was hunting, through last week end the deer population is outstanding from the looks of it. I have pics of six different bucks different sizes and too many does and smaller deer to count. Once the snow starts settling in and before it gets too deep, deer hang in our area off the edge of the Tug. I just couldnt be there at the same time they were. It should be a banner year next year as long as the winter holds reasonable. We are also lucky that the hemorhagic fever that did so much damage only a few miles away didnt affect us.
  3. Two years ago I was up to 250 lbs (6'1" tall) Knees and hips hurt, poor endurance. I have a horrible sweet tooth and love to snack. I have two cups of coffee in the a.m. and no caffeine the rest of the day (energy drinks are poison to me!), and i really dont care for soda. I went cold turkey on day time snacks. No donuts/baked goods or candy. I love milk and would drink several glasses a day. Cut it out for just one small fruit juice glass before bed...a lifetime habit. Lets face it, we dont need snacks no matter how we justify it( if otherwise healthy). Probably the healthiest snacks you can eat the no carb snack...fruit. I am down under 230 for over a year now. I desperately want to get to 220 . My knees and hips dont hurt any more, and I do not get mid afternoon "lag". A lot of that is caused by caffeine withdrawal. Get away from it! I am a firm believer in a big breakfast...eggs, toast, fruit every a.m. (5:30-6 a.m.) with no snacks before lunch. I love ham/bacon/ leftover steak /etc. with my breakfast, but the funny thing is when i dont have it or when I only eat one egg and slice of toast, I dont feel less full/hungry later.
  4. Look into it sooner than later. Africa (especially SA) is much more affordable than what most folks think. Other than airfare, our 10 days in SA for both of us with four species (pretty common plains game) time split between hunting and day trip stuff, is less than a one week Newfoundland moose hunt.
  5. No sharks for us. No bridge jumping, no night clubs, we are spending as much of our time as possible off the beaten track. We are spending a day deep sea fishing, and are looking forward to getting a tour of the owners sheep ranch (no comments) and farm, and have some down time planned for some beach combing along the Indian Ocean, which one of our hunting properties borders. We absolutely are looking forward to the local foods, and the guide knows I want to sear some game tenderloin over a camp fire, just as I would venison at home. I hope we have a chance to check out one of thier gun shops. Ten days are going to go by very quickly.
  6. Google searches online, reference follow up, He actually contacted me in reference to some questions I posted on another forum. I contacted over twenty references, many of whom were repeat customers, all of which responded enthusiastically. He is a small outfitter compared to many, very personally oriented and the whole trip is 100% around what we want to do, and we are the only party present.
  7. real deal black powder is very forgiving with measurement...I would think the sustitutes would be the same. Doubt it will be noticeable in any way.
  8. The Benoit (sic?) family in Maine is recognized as being top level wilderness trophy white tail deer hunters. They put hundreds of hours a year in year round scouting, woods cruising, target practice and simply researching deer, which they hunt exclusively by tracking in snowy winter conditions. If you were to measure success by how quickly or how often you shoot big deer, they would fall flat on an average. On the level of woodsmanship and deer hunting knowledge...couldnt be measured. Myself, it would be a horrible season to shoot a buck on opening day. I want to hunt all season long and get my deer on the last evening...which happened a surprising number of times. This year...no meat. passed on shots, then missed a difficult shot behind me. I stopped hunting saturday night before the sunday closing, without seeing much for days. Yesterday I checked my game camera. Gobs of deer all over my stand area sunday a.m. and pm! Thats the game!
  9. After over five years of planning and delays, we are a go for our (wife and I ) long planned trip to South Africa...Eastern Province out of Port Elizabeth. She had always wanted to do the animal viewing thing, and I have long dreamed of Kudu since reading Ruark as a kid (and many times since). Only a very modest package for impala, wart hog (only if with exceptional tusks,) Kudu...which is my primary, and surprisingly enough my wife insisted on me getting her a zebra rug! Okie dokey! We are split five days being a tourist (including visiting Addo elephant reserve, deep sea fishing, big cat rehabilitation, visiting street markets among others, and five days in the field. Using my guides .270, which greatly simplifies the travel plans. We are in the "pulling all the stuff together" phase, to be sure we dont miss anything, and to minimize our packing. Of course once back, I will post highlights. Hopefully this will compensate for my poor showing for the past fall deer hunting.
  10. A few years ago there was a miniseries movie on the early years of Harley Davidson. I think the title was.... "Harley and Davidson". I enjoyed it alot. A bunch of HD propaganda (hey, I have owned one for twenty years) but at the same time fills out the early years trials and tribulations. A worthwhile view. Not sure what channel it is on.
  11. I am surprised he is still out. Whereabouts is the pic taken? Granted, it has been exceptionally warm lately, and they do get out and move around in such conditions. I hope you had a nice big snack for him, as he decided to show for you.
  12. Yep. All are the #1, but I now have a #3, which is alternately called the boaters (or yachtsman) or the Canadian military Jump knife, which is similar in configuration but has bit straiter blade and heavier tang. A bit better for an all around camp knife.
  13. Here ya go... My everyday field /hunting knife is the one on the far right. I have added to it with three other bone handled versions, all but the one with the silver coin lanyard are seconds bought from the factory for 1/2 price, the silver coini lanyarded (2nd from L ) is the only custom I ever had done...flat ground high carbon. Crazy sharp, but by the time the flat grinding is done the blade is so thin it isnt appropriate for field use. Otherwise they hold an edge crazy long, easy to sharpen and the offset handle is much more natural than a normal knife handle. The short stubby knife is one I made and carried for years, but retired for the G. #1. The rifle photo is the only one i have. It is from the rock in Newfoundland I shot from to get my moose. (rifle has its original barrel in 8x57 Mauser, with my handloads.
  14. Most any of the t/cs or CVAs and Traditions are well built and dependable....although I may get disagreement when I say stay away from the CVA Wolf. I have seen and shot several of them and although they are light and handy and accurate enough, I found them flimsy and built very poorly. they sell cheap and definetly are a bottom of the barrel choice. I would try to get your son to at least handle some, to make sure they arent overly burdensome/heavy, clumsy to hold. No matter what you get, do not get carried away with powder charges. Following the manufacturers guidelines, start low and close for the new shooter.
  15. Yep, I tend to agree...the Barnes are supposed to be good bullets, but are built for a specific purpose/situation. It doesnt take a lot to kill a white tail...just put the bullet in the boiler maker. I have used W748 for many years. It is designed for medium to small calibers in med. capacity cases, and gives good service. I shot it out of my 18 1/2 inch Ruger bolt for many years with very good performance...those short barrels just invariably give you a big muzzle flash which is very distracting in low light conditions. At your moderate distances, 100 yards or so you will not have any performance issues. Most shooters dont get into chronographing, but with reloading I find it an invaluable tool to really learn what my rounds are doing, esp. finding out what powders/rounds shoot the most consistently.
  16. If you find powder/ primers, do not delay...buy the moment you find them. I would also recommend a good pair of steel vernier calipers. My preference, and the Lyman book is good for the reloading details, but I would pick up a current RCBS reloading manual...I think they are much better with the current loadings/ component details. You dont mention what your round purpose is ....target, hunting... For deer hunting, I have had excellent long term results with the Speer 165 grain Hotcore. Out to 200 yards (my maximum club range) it has all the accuracy I would want, and has cleanly taken deer at that range, though most of my north woods hunting distance is closer to 50-75 yards max.
  17. I think we had a mild temporary upswing with all the folks who are/were out of work the past two falls. The younger generations still overall show a lack of interest, and the older generations are thinning out. It will probably be a sad climate for the outdoorsman in another thirty years as our numbers plummet.
  18. Getting my 1933 Oberndorf 98 Mauser to my taste...Drilled, tapped, Leupold scope and rings, Timney trigger, safety conversion and drop floor magazine, synthetic stock...took twenty years, but it is my perfect rifle now. That and my Grohman #1 field knife. I would be slacking not to mention my RCBS electronic powder scale. Cuts my reloading time to a fraction.
  19. In particular the law was aimed at folks with outdoor wood fired boilers in close proximity to other houses. I see many of them poorly installed in just wrong locations. The purpose of the law is not as all inclusive as the pot stirring website is editing to show. The ATV law actually is a bill that NY will ban all gas powered vehicles (including cars, trucks, etc) by 2035, such as california has already passed.
  20. I think we are all on the same page with PETA, and we all get touchy whenever we hear the name. We all are cool here. and at the same time, We all love our dogs and hate the thought of any sort of mistreatment.
  21. Found during a PETA investigators visit? What? sorry folks ,but that is all strait poorly written propaganda. I am well aware that beagles are a common dog for testing due to their small size and docile nature and testing goes on, but reading anyting with PETAs name on it is giving them the publicity they crave.
  22. All ML regardless of powders, need to be thoroughly dry swabbed out and have primers popped prior to loading...any traces of oil/cleaners can snuff the spark. If I am putting a ML away for an extended amount of time, that bore is well treated with oil/protectant. Just a swabbing aint gonna cut it.
  23. were you guys current with your boosters?
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