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  1. I’m in western 3H, same here. Weird, what a difference a year makes. Last years spot where my trail cam was set up was like grand central station, this year it’s a dead spot. However I’m getting more bears than deer this year, maybe that’s the difference
  2. Theodore Roosevelt and the “ Thanksgiving Truce”. I always found that print amusing.
  3. 2 days in a row this 4 ptr responds to my grunt tube, bro you have to stop falling for it. Where’s your daddy.
  4. Forecast for 3H says high of 32 degrees this weekend, yes..finally!! Conditions look ideal.
  5. Not a NY deer but opening day of the New Hampshire rifle season and my buddy drops this 8 ptr at 7:30.
  6. Happy Saint Hubert Day November 3rd. Patron saint of Hunters.
  7. Just like my wife’s relatives, a flock of turkeys come over unannounced and make them selves at home. At least they didn’t drink all my beer like my brother in laws.
  8. 4 all day sits so far this season and the only buck I’ve seen is in my lawn
  9. We will meet up eventually
  10. I like big butts and I can not lie!
  11. Guess she just happens to have magnum XXL in her purse.
  12. That’s why I carry a backup release.
  13. I do but I’m keeping my eye on that hurricane hitting Florida on Wednesday. Depending how it tracks, what’s left of it might be here by the weekend. Hoping it heads out to sea.
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