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  1. The way your starting your day is completely different than the way they started theirs 6-6-44. We will remember them.
  2. Homemade fish chowder with the catch of the day, bluefish. Wife hit it out of the park again. Awesome.
  3. Yes they do. Got this big guy Monday, 37” and 20 lbs. broke my heart to release it but it lives to fight another day.
  4. Went to Dicks yesterday here on Long Island to stock up on some fishing stuff and the hunting section is gone, relegated to a 6x6 shelf with some left over xxxL or youth size jackets and 3 orange hats.


    Ok, I’m starting to get nervous.
  6. Gotta love The Deer Hunter with DeNiro where we see them load up their station wagon for deer camp in western PA. Pittsburgh skyline can be clearly seen in the background then just a few minutes later their in the Pacific Northwest and shoot a red stag which is not even native to North America.
  7. The fire dept arrives at a pub fully engulfed in flames, donning their equipment they enter the front door and see Sean Murphy sitting at the bar with a pint in his hand. They quickly drag him outside to safety where they inquire how the fire got started. “Damn if I know” says Sean. “The place was on fire when I walked in”.
  8. Nice grouper, 30 miles offshore in the gulf off of Tampa. Out of season unfortunately but snapped a photo and put him back to fight another day.
  9. Took this New Hampshire buck 2 years ago, field dressed at 174lbs. I’ll never see anything that fat in Sullivan County
  10. Just hitching a ride on an iceberg.
  11. 2,700 we’re taken in 2022. The National Park Service has to do culls of several sites including Fire island in an attempt to slow down the rising herd. The real ticking time bomb is Nassau county, no hunting and the numbers are rising quickly. Their now in areas they’ve never been before. I can show some pics of Nassau deer that are monsters.
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