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  1. Have 5 red pups at a vineyard I work at on LI, they entertain the customers.
  2. My family owns a pub, no surprise there, outside of Waterford. One piece of advice. If your renting a car your brain will freak out for the first few minutes. It’s opposite of everything we do here, right side steering wheel to left side of road. Just drive carefully.
  3. Then add in preference credits
  4. I really think the state of Maine hates me at this point.
  5. Ok got it, oh well 24 years and counting ☹️
  6. I’m on the link, no where to look up a name
  7. I’ve opted for a bull only tag, if I was willing to accept a cow tag I probably would have gotten one by now. Plus they reduced the number of tags because of the winter tick mortality rate. They just announced that 90% of the newborn calves died last summer because of the tick.
  8. Year 24 for me and New Hampshire as well. I’m starting to take it personally.
  9. LT Quentin Roosevelt, 20 year old son of President Theodore Roosevelt. 95th Pursuit Squadron, shot down 7/14/18. His mother First Lady Edith Roosevelt was a 3, repeat, 3 gold star mother. Burying 3 sons in WW1 & WW2. We mourn the fallen but the ones left behind sometimes suffer even more.
  10. Just got last years trophy back. So proud.
  11. Wife arriving at work to a show. They eventually moved away allowing her to enter her office.
  12. Fox with something in its mouth.
  13. That’s a guy who hit the powerball jackpot then the very next day met the girl of his dreams, strange the way things work out.
  14. Ok this is a new one for me, Fishing in Florida in Tampa Bay and I catch some weird fish which no one could identify, finally someone said it’s a Diamond Lizard Fish. I can check that off my bucket list.
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