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  1. Absolutely amazing day out of Montauk, wife and I caught 2 keeper stripers within the first 10 minutes then Caught and released over 30 more before we threw in the towel.
  2. My wife works for the National Park Service, they post signs all over Yellowstone NP not to go near the Bison. Yet dopey tourists, especially from the north east just have to walk up to them to take a selfie with predictable results.
  3. My father pheasant hunting around Hudson NY in Columbia County circa 1958. Turns 90 next month and still has that Webley Scott .20 gauge.
  4. I like the guy on the far right in dark blue, he’s like I just had a salad and he wants to split the bill!
  5. Sounds like your due another trip over. I highly recommend the private tour at Guinness. They teach you how to properly! Pour a Guinness. 99% of the bartenders here have no clue how to do it right.
  6. I’ve been to the gates of heaven
  7. Their all over my trail camera in western Sullivan county, even had a camera ripped off the tree once chewed up along with a plastic posted sign. Never saw one this past season though.
  8. I’ve gotten 6 bears off my property in Sullivan county in 25 years there. 3 of them by myself. The easy way for me was to use the metal cargo hitch off my Jeep. With the bear secured to it I picked up one end and dragged it.
  9. Why would my sister in laws be in the woods, they hate the outdoors.
  10. The vast majority of those German kills were bombers and cargo planes not fighters. Easy prey.
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