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  1. Had a bear quietly walk about 70 yards away, slipped into the mountain Laurel without offering a shot.
  2. One of the biggest does I’ve gotten, she really needed slim fast.
  3. Nice big doe ran up the ridge at 7:15, she was dragged back down at 7:30.
  4. Ed Grund in Cochecton is very good, been using him for years.
  5. Stuck in a traffic jam trying to get to work this morning. Take your time boys I’m in no rush.
  6. Moose steaks turned into Chinese pepper steak.
  7. I would but her family owns 100 acres of land in Sullivan County that no one hunts on but me. You choose your battles.
  8. Just got my Maine moose euro mount back. Had to negotiate with the boss of the house, we settled on a euro over a shoulder mount. The threat of a divorce has been averted.
  9. Saw a lone doe walking through the pines, I gave a few grunts on the tube and I hear a crashing sound coming towards me, never knew he was there. He was not happy with the trespasser I guess.
  10. Took me 23 years but I only put in for a bull tag, could have gotten one sooner but I didn’t want a cow.
  11. Dressed 772 lbs and had a “47 spread
  12. Been applying for 23 years and spent 4 days seeing almost nothing, this guy came in to say good morning.
  13. First 2 days in to the Maine moose hunt and all we saw was 1 lone cow. Action is very slow. Guide blames fish and wildlife for issuing to many cow tags. 4 days left hopefully it turns around.
  14. Update: as I said I trimmed a few shooting lanes along the trail that this guy likes to use, gut feeling said this is a good spot to hit him broad side when he comes by. Do I use that tree Sunday? No I set up 50 feet down the trail where it intersects with another. Of course he comes down the trail at 8:30 stops under the other tree my gut told me to use, looks around, doesn’t wind me, but something’s not right, turns back and retreats. Moral of the story, he’s not dumb, I am!!
  15. When I see him on Sunday I’m going to say, this is strictly business nothing personal.
  16. That’s what my wife said when I told her the story.
  17. With the exception of Fire Island, where the deer will take a hot dog bun out of your hand. I’ve never been able to just walk within 20 ft of a deer before. While scouting my property in Sullivan county today, I walked up to this guy who didn’t care at all. I trimmed some shooting lanes while he stood next to me and ate. I said you do realize I’m back here on Sunday right? He looked at me and kept eating acorns.
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