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  1. Now wait, I take exception to that inaccurate picture……you fail to show the 3 supervisors standing nearby watching, Err I mean supervising.
  2. Probably chased by coyotes and barely got away sacrificing his tail.
  3. Some early afternoon surf casting, no bites but watched several porpoises roam up and down the inlet.
  4. I’m in 3H, this year I’m sending the videos to the DEC of the herds of does walking by me each season and ask them to explain why I can never get a doe tag.
  5. Dachshund Security Company, 24/7 monitoring
  6. Have 5 red pups at a vineyard I work at on LI, they entertain the customers.
  7. My family owns a pub, no surprise there, outside of Waterford. One piece of advice. If your renting a car your brain will freak out for the first few minutes. It’s opposite of everything we do here, right side steering wheel to left side of road. Just drive carefully.
  8. Then add in preference credits
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