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  1. Nice find! I loved playing Jarts as a kid and my parents were never concerned about us playing them....
  2. Yes. To be fair she is less than 5 feet tall and i doubt she weights 100lbs. My daughter has tried her bow. I am willing to bet my daughter could pull 35lbs but you said 55lbs....
  3. Do you even read what you post or do you just like to look like a moron. Here, I'll repost it for you. " However 55 pounds is not difficult for any able bodied male or female above the age of 14. Period." Your comment says anyone, male or female above age 14 can pull 55 pounds. Period and that is flat out false! And yes, soccer players do tons of drills for core strength. I am positive my daughter can't pull 55 pounds, and my friend that is 38 can't even pull 35 lbs. Both my daughter and her are in way better shape than i will ever be. The both easily fit the description of able body females....
  4. Everyday with this administration something else blows my mind..... Can't find baby formula but the illegals can get it! Illegal migrants first to get ‘pallets’ of hard-to-find baby formula | Washington Examiner This Administration has nothing to do with the high gas prices at all! yea right! Biden administration scraps 3 offshore oil and gas lease sales in Alaska, Gulf of Mexico (msn.com)
  5. Seriously? My friend that shoots with me a lot can't come close to pulling 55lbs. She can't make the 35lb min draw weight at this time and she wants to try bow hunting. She has gone turkey hunting with me the last couple years. She shot well at @Buckmaster7600 pistol class last spring too.....Just because you don't like crossbows doesn't mean they wouldn't be useful for some. I would bet a ton of money that my 17 year old daughter that has played soccer her whole life and is very good shape wouldn't be able to come close to pulling 55lbs. You must hang with some big women Belo!
  6. Apparently you don't need it in the Northern Zone...
  7. I saw some very small tracks while turkey hunting Sunday as well and was wondering the same thing...
  8. I had everything on me accept my back tag. It was on my backpack from deer season and i never thought to grab it. My hunting license and tags are always in my wallet....
  9. I was out yesterday for the first time this year. Heard some gobbles, saw 5 deer and it was a beautiful morning. Other than dealing with DEC because they got a call that people were in the woods, all in Camo and carrying guns! He was a nice guy and seemed annoyed at the call. All was good accept my back tag was still on my backpack from deer season and i didn't have it with me. He didn't give me a ticket which i thanked him for cause i deserved it... Congrats Bill and Cynthia and the rest of you guys that scored!
  10. I put $114 in my truck today. Most ever! Totally BS Guess i better get an electric Silverado.....NOT!
  11. Where did you get it? Talk of the town?
  12. I always start with STRAP
  13. Gobbler over the shoulder or not, sounds like an awesome hunt!
  14. Do you have a crossbow? If you do, which are you more accurate at 20-25 yds. Freehand crossbow or compound? I am more accurate with my compound at those ranges than I am freehand with my crossbow. For whatever reason it is much easier for me to hold the pin on a compound steady. Now you put the crossbow on a rest and its a different story but we very rarely get a rest while hunting.
  15. It isn't Obama, just the same people running things when Obama was in office. Just even more openly. It's more like Soros and other rich and powerful globalists that want to bring America too its knees. They are doing a pretty good job i would say.....
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