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  1. Been in since 6:30. Toting the crossbow today. On a piece of property one of my hunting buddies has permission on but no guns. Idk about surrounding property but nobody has hunted this property yet this year. Nothing but squirrel so far.
  2. I'm guessing we will take turns. At least that's what we have always done....
  3. Just got invited to do drives on Sunday with one of my hunting buddies on land i have never been on and with guys i have never hunted with. I said yes, but now i am rethinking that....I have been hunting with this guy for 20 years. I can't imagine he would hunt with people that are unsafe.....hmmm
  4. The climate isn't even the same in Florida between north and south Florida....but ok...
  5. If that is the case, why isn't every southern state safe for travel?
  6. One only needs to look to Florida to see how all this should have been handled. Protect the elderly and vulnerable and let everyone else go on with life. No masks, no vaccine mandates, no lock downs and its the safest State in the republic.
  7. I don't believe that.....If you shot a Giant non typical piebald out of a treestand you wouldn't mount it?
  8. We always do drives on the last Sunday of Rifle season. It's always one of my favorite days cause i get to see the guys all day and don't worry about being quiet. Not sure it will happen this year though. Its been a strange year with people in my group not hunting as much (to much work) and our group leader being down with a bad hip.
  9. Happens to everyone! If you are seeing them, you are doing something right. During crossbow i was in my stand, had a Buck appear over my right shoulder walking behind me, when i grabbed my crossbow and turned to my left the sling hit the stand. That little noise made him bolt about 20 yds and then only offered my a rear end shot as he walked out of my life. Keep at it!
  10. I think my reasons for hunting have changed over the years. When i was a kid and my Dad was packing to go too camp. I couldn't wait to go. He would come back on Wednesday and then after Thanksgiving Dinner he and my Grandfather would leave and head back to camp. When i was old enough to go (unfortunately my grandfather had passed) i just wanted to kill a deer, any deer. But I miss those camp days, stories, cards, drinking etc. When is started hunting with the guys i hunt with now (20 years ago) i had never killed a buck. I also learned that what i did at camp wasn't really hunting. Heading into the woods at 7:30 or 8am, Sitting on a stump, never looking for sign or anything. I killed a few doe those years but it had to of been mostly luck. Back at 11 for lunch, leave at 1ish and back at 4 for drinks and cards. My Dad never taught me about sign or anything. Hunting for him was being at camp. The guys i hunt with were serious hunters. In the stand before light. I got to watch the woods wake up for the first time. That is the best part of hunting! Spend all day in the stand, etc. Eventually I killed my first 8 pt and it is on my wall. Then i became antler obsessed and wanted more. Got into bow hunting which opened up a whole new world. I don't look forward to opening day of gun anymore. I have been lucky enough to kill some beautiful ( to me ) bucks the last 10 or so years. Now i just enjoy being in the woods. Watching them wake up. Watching deer and other wildlife that have no idea you are there. The time with my hunting buddies etc. If i get one great! If I don't, i still enjoy being out there....
  11. Why a blind and not a stand? Treestands are way less noticeable and your perspective will be better to view from 15 or 20 feet up....
  12. Stopping this virus is like stopping the common cold. It isn't going to happen and we all better get used to it....
  13. Happy Birthday! Hope you are enjoying it in the woods!
  14. Happy Birthday! Hope you are stand and score a big one!!
  15. Yup, its magic, you never have to worry about overhunting your spot or your scent again....!
  16. My alarm went off at 4. Had texts from my two outa three (third still out with his hip) hunting buddies. 1 said I feel like crap I won't be going, other said I drank to much, might get out for the afternoon. I turned the alarm off and roled over. Regretted it all day but told myself I deserve it after that 4am alarm every day off since Oct 1st
  17. It's the only scent I use and I have tried everything... I used to put in on the tree etc but now I just put it on the bottom of my boots. I have nothing but good things to say about it.
  18. I would have to really think about this....hmmm
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