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  1. Site wish list. Dump the political crap. I open the daily feed on this site and 17 of the first 20 posts are political bull shit. There is no reason to be on this site if your looking to avoid this crap.
  2. Many Americans, myself at one time too all to often believe they have a Monopoly on freedom and that’s we are only ones living well. Well that isn’t the case. There is a lot of good in the world with happy people living good lives that suit them, their time and their places. Life changing perspective change for sure.
  3. There are some many places in this world worth visiting and seeing . Seems like every time we check someplace off we add a few more. Not that I am old however when I was younger I had much more America centric view of the world, I am glad I have traveled quite a bit because it has definitely changed my perception.
  4. Yes everyone says the same. It’s a must visit county. We had had put this off the past year with all the travel crap so now that things are opening up we are going. We have to somehow fit in soccer camp for my son in Madrid as well, he got accepted to the Real Madrid camp last year, again got out on hold for Covid. I want to make that happen for him for sure
  5. My wife is setting something up, Scotland and Iceland I believe.
  6. If it came out the consistency liverwurst then you over mixed it till the fat emulsified. That happens because your temps are too high while you mix it.
  7. Last night. Mountain Goat Saltimbocca
  8. That was an all-time classic
  9. That was an all-time classic
  10. Local Greene county business owner and all around great guy just passed away. He was 52 in good health. Such a shame.
  11. Bags of Corn. Same thing that’s used all over the state illegally by “hunters”
  12. The only thing dumber then the NY DEC receiving an award is anyone silly enough to praise them for it.
  13. It’s all tied in together. It’s all examples that show the willingness of hunters to subjugate fair chase at any cost to increase success.
  14. Pretty amazing that we could interject the amounts Of these things into the environment then be shocked at it having negative consequences on both people and wildlife. Like any rational thinking individual should be surprised.
  15. This latest wave been been almost all unvaxed, all our intubations have been with unvaxxed patients. Oh well. Sorry don’t have much sympathy at this point.
  16. I think we have ourselves to blame. Lack of discretion and indiscriminate use of every type of technological advancements that we could get our hands on makes us look like greedy saps. Trail cams, 1000 yard long range rifles, 100 yard archery shots, crossbows that resembles rifles more then archery equipment, 500 yard smokeless muzzleloaders, carbon suits, ozone machines… you flipping name it and hunters will use it. Game farms, exclusive ranches that cost more to hunt in a week that some people make in a year. And all while we clamor for more opportunity’s and longer seasons. Add to that there are a lot of hunters that by their actions show that quite frankly they can give two shits about the animals they hunt, never mind conservation and environment… I am not particularly sympathetic[emoji2369]
  17. Got these also…don’t need em..make an offer if you can use em
  18. Still got these…. Make an offer if you need em
  19. I absolutely agree with the ban in arid states in the west, like Utah . As someone who hunts out there yearly it pretty out of control. Honestly it an embarrassment hunter stoop to. I don’t see a parallel to it here. The topography and dispersement of game is totally different. I do struggle with the ethics of cell cameras myself and the is coming for self introspection of my own use of them.
  20. Similar to what was said above, I found myself well into double digit pistols in never being happy or satisfied. That said I changed all that that…I now keep two EDC, a Glock 43 for warm weather carry and FN 9c for winter time carry. I also keep a Glock 20 to carry in the lower 48 grizzly county and also to take to Alaska. Other then those three I have a handful of 22LR pistols that I enjoy shooting the most. Every thing else I sold off. Now I have to sell some rifles because I don’t need them or hunt with them. I can keep a handful and have more then I will ever need. I have rifle hunted about 6 hours in the last 15 years or so, so I don’t think need all I have.
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