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  1. DarrenB

    The WRONG Song

    That's called the chorus Eddie, and is usually repeated several times throughout a song. lol j/k
  2. A lot of times on my property trees with less light produce even better than ones in full sunlight. Maybe because they are somewhat protected by the canopy of other trees when hit by a late frost ?
  3. DarrenB

    Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Buddy of mine took a nice one down the road from me in delaware county.
  4. Buddy of mine took a nice one down the road from me in delaware county.
  5. DarrenB

    Need help with JD Mower

    I have an L120 and had this exact problem last week. Every time I engaged the pto the engine puked immediately. Figured it was some kind of safety switch and turned out to be the switch under the seat. Good luck!
  6. DarrenB

    Carved buck skull...

    Looks great!
  7. DarrenB

    Lovin' this

    Roll Tide!
  8. DarrenB

    Strange Rack

    Thanks for all the info guys!
  9. DarrenB

    Strange Rack

    Just wondering if anyone has seen this before. I'm guessing something is broken at the base of the antler or skull for this to happen? Is this a permanent thing or can it grow normal after shedding his antlers this year?
  10. DarrenB

    4 Weeks Until NFL Football

    You guys didn't see what life was like without Romo last season?
  11. DarrenB


    Voted, Good luck!
  12. DarrenB

    Hawk attack...

    Those are some beautiful pictures!
  13. He's split from ballbag to brisket just the way i have him positioned doesn't show it.
  14. Took a decent 8 from my property this morning with my nephew with me. It's a shame one main beam is missing about 3 inches from being snapped off in a fight I presume. Happy to have him though..
  15. DarrenB

    Anyone ever have a CT Scan

    Had one a few years ago. As soon as they pushed the iodine in it felt like I pissed myself.lol Everything from the waist down got hot instantly. Hope all is well with your results..