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  1. Have a model 77 in .270 There was a safety notice put out by Ruger about 25 years ago regarding the trigger and safety. Took it to a gunsmith near Sodus, I think his name was Don? . He did the safety modification and adjusted the trigger. It's very accurate. The only thing that I don't like about it is the safety. It needs to be off when loading and unloading. Definitely need to pay attention and keep finger away from the trigger when doing this.
  2. On my crossbow, I have a butler creek flip cap on the front of my scope, not in the back. I have the front one on to keep debris out when pulling it up into my stand, as well as if it's raining and I have it hanging from the holder facing upwards. If it's not raining, after I get it up into the stand, I immediately flip it up, so I don't have to deal with it. I never have the back cover on my crossbow scope. That's how I do it. How anyone else likes to do it is their choice based on what works for them. Use what you like - like what you use.
  3. Maybe she knows something that you don't? Look for something like this to make its debut at the SHOT show in Las Vegas in a few weeks LOL
  4. Cool. Update us on how it works with broadheads.
  5. Agree with the lower power fixed being a good option specifically if you are hunting the deep woods or for something that will not be for long range, such as a .22 Also like matte finish for hunting, however, can see where someone may want to have shiny for a gun that is used for something else. I also see why a company would not want carrying costs for something that is not in high demand and would also cost more to do limited production runs. Can't give any recommendations for anyone looking to buy a new scope, as the last two scopes I bought were a Bushnell Elite 3200 and a Bushnell Elite 4200 that I got on closeout for a great price - can't remember the exact amount, but I'm thinking around $120 each. These scopes are beautiful, I love the crosshairs and the scope is crystal clear and bright. I use the 2x7 for deer hunting.
  6. Whatever someone decides to do; or not do, based on the information that I provide is not something I will ever be concerned about. Just glad to help out and offer what I can. It should be noted that for those of us with "slower" crossbows LOL, the lines may be helpful. The most pronounced line is for the shortest distance, and I never had issues with acquiring it in my sight line and focusing on it. I never shoot past 30 yards in the deep woods where I hunt, so never had an issue with this scope as the 30-yard line is the next one down from the top for me and is still easy to pick up. One of my friends has the standard, one crosshair scope and he has the adjustment yardage wheel thing on the side (don't know what it's called?) where he can move the scope up or down based on distance. This works for him, but I wouldn't consider it, as usually when action happens in the deep woods where I hunt - it happens fast; so, I don't have time to screw around adjusting something. As with most things -choose what works best for your situation, only you know what that will be. Again, best of luck in whatever you decide to do.
  7. Typed too fast before, as I was heading out the door. Meant to say Hawke. Mine has the speed ring adjustment and lighted crosshairs that can be lit red or green. Super clear and bright and works great even without turning on the crosshair light. I don't see pricing on the Wyvern site, however, I don't think you can beat what he offers. Also, he doesn't charge for shipping or sales tax. I can also tell you that the Hawke customer service is fantastic. You can speak to someone in their shop if you have a problem. The cap for the light battery was hard for me to get off and I used pliers to remove it and scuffed it up a little (even though I covered it with a cloth). They overnighted me a new cap after I called,no charge. Best of luck with your research and your choice, whatever you decide.
  8. I would get a hawks scope. Call Wyvern Creations to get another option and options, the guy is a wealth of information.
  9. Didn't you have a successful test (dead ML deer) on December 31st? Stick with what you know works/don't fix what ain't broke.
  10. Don't worry about the noise walking in. As long as they don't see or scent you; just keep the wind in your favor(face) and proceed to where you want to set up. As far as the deer are concerned, they are hearing other deer moving around. There have been many times when I have crunched my way in, and half an hour later the deer show up in front of where I'm set up. If you are in a tree stand, your noise will hopefully be kept to a minimum. If you are on the ground, clear all the noisy crunchy stuff - leaves or frozen snow, away from where you are sitting and be still and quiet. Good luck.
  11. 270 is a great caliber. Been shooting a Ruger M77 for years in 270. Ammo is easily available and relatively inexpensive (got some recently at Walmart for about $28/box incl. Tax). Since I hunt in the deep woods I use 150 grain Remington CorLoks. Recoil is also manageable, so your son won't be gun shy/prone to flinching with this gun and can use it for a long time. The 130 grain may also be considered to start with to get a little less recoil, but probably not too much. Just something to consider. Good luck with whatever you choose. PS - Although I love my M77, I would not recommend it for a beginner (or anyone looking to by a used gun of this type) due to safety issues. You really need to pay attention when loading and unloading this gun, as the tang safety needs to be off when the bolt is moved back and then forward; so your finger should not be anywhere close to the trigger.
  12. My perspective is from shooting less than 350 fps. I can see that if one is shooting a higher speed xbow then sinking into the ground may be an issue. Probably a bigger issue is hitting a rock or something in the ground that will break your bolt. Of the 10 deer that I have killed with a crossbow and six that my 2 friends have killed, we have had no problems finding the bolts from our "slow" crossbows. One of my buddies did break a bolt this year after his passthrough shot hit a rock. It should be noted that we are all hunting from elevated tree stands in the deep woods and not in grass fields. Everyone has a different situation, so choose what will work best for your situation.
  13. Yes, that makes sense. Think about it. If you are doing a video for the internet, then visual effects are important and lighted nocks are good for videos. Also, many of the tv shows are promoting what their sponsors are selling, and if one of their sponsors is lighted nocks - guess what they are going to use? Marketing works, and hunters like to buy new stuff; that's the way it is, which is good for the economy. I believe your Excalibur uses flat nocks on their crossbows. Either with or without adding the nocks, let's say a six pack of bolts will cost around $60. To put lighted nocks on all six bolts will cost another $60 if you are looking to keep things consistent with your practice set up. If you lose one bolt because it doesn't have a lighted nock, so what, you are only out $10. I would be surprised if you lose any bolts, as you will find out crossbows are extremely accurate, and you will be hitting right where you're aiming virtually every time (don't shoot at the same spot if you already have a bolt in the target). You were looking for target suggestions, I would recommend the Hurricane H25. It will easily stop what you are shooting. Good luck in your research and whatever you decide.
  14. Not necessary. Most of your shots in the woods are going to be 30 yards or less. If you take an ethical shot with a crossbow shooting 330 fps or more, in almost all cases you will have a pass through and will find the bolt on the ground behind your target. You will have a good blood trail and can retrieve your animal. Keep it simple. Just get brightly colored vanes. If you are really set on spending $ and playing with another toy; then go for it. Rember you will want everything consistent so you will want the same weight bolts from front - field point/broadhead to back - your nocks. I thought you were just target shooting? Not sure if you need these for target shooting. Probably use good binos to see your arrows in target instead of screwing around with lighted nocks.
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