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  1. Yes, as said, I think that is the theory about the difference between xbow vs compound mechanicals. But I have had both versions of the 3 blade NAP side by side and really could not tell the difference in how easy the blades opened. Not saying that there is not a difference, but I could not tell.
  2. Yes, same here. My first gun, an 870 Wingmaster, came from there was I was 16. We had a friend named Jack Strong who did some gunsmithing for them. I don't have a "go to" shop anymore.
  3. I have thought about upgrading the plain jane stock. I forget what I paid for mine, bought it from Beikirchs in Rochester, I think forty years ago.
  4. I have the same rifle, surprised you feel the need to replace the trigger. They were a steal back in the day, I see them (in excellent condition) on GB for a grand or more.
  5. Everyone seems to have an opinion about the decline in the turkey population. In my area there has been no change in habitat. It is a mixture of farmed fields, woods, swamps and overgrown brushy areas. There has always been coyotes during the last 25 years and they prey on turkeys. There is an abundance of raptors too. The one new predator on the scene are the fishers. Maybe they have made a difference, who knows. I have seen a very few hens, no poults.
  6. Safety ropes with prussic attachments. I always used harnesses but once the rope is attached to the tree for the season, I feel pretty safe. At 68 I'm just not that athletic anymore. About five years ago I stepped into a hang on stand that was secured with a chain. The chain was weakened by tree growth and it broke when I stepped on the stand. Luckily I was able to bear hug the tree and get back on my ladder. No damage other than some scrapes. I'm not sure I am strong enough to do that today. All ladder stands for me now.
  7. For the first decade or so of my hunting career my hunting crew hunted on a beautiful 200 acre parcel South of Rochester that was privately owned. There were tons of deer, although they were mostly does. In return for permission to hunt and camp on his land we had a couple of "work days". I was a kid without many skills but I could paint, stack firewood, etc. My buddies were in trades and could do pretty much anything the elderly gentleman needed done. He would make us lunch. We had a good time on those work days. We were friends and it was a great relationship until he passed away. On "the farm", over the last 20 years many have asked to hunt. But never once has anyone offered some help in exchange for hunting access. For those looking for private land to hunt on I suggest offering to do some work for the landowner. It sets a tone and perhaps might start a long term relationship.
  8. He's looking for some of that birdseed that you give out to your turkey friends!
  9. I have not "steered" deer as such. But, for archery season, I sometimes place some limbs on a well used trail near my stand so that a deer coming down the trail will give me the slightly quartering away angle that I want. It has worked for me and it's not very intrusive.
  10. My GF used to keep ducks, they would go into the barn at night. A possum (or two) wiped them out. After that she changed her mind about them, they were disposed of. They have a good set of choppers.
  11. I used to like going down to the Oswego River, below the dam near the post office. I don't fish salmon because I don't appreciate them as table fare. But back then it was the wild west during the run. I think snagging was legal or tolerated. (If you know what a "Michigan Cricket" is then you are probably as old as me.) The fishermen were back to back, many from out of state. Any many of them were well lubricated. When a salmon was hooked there were crossed lines and lots of colorful language. I never saw any actual fights but it got close often. It really was entertaining, I always left in a good mood. These days it seems a lot tamer and I often see DEC on patrol when I stop by. No doubt this brings a lot of money into the communities along the lake. The fishermen/fisherwomen seem to be enjoying themselves.
  12. Venison and perch/walleyes are my favorite protein sources. I was surprised to read online that venison seems to have more cholesterol than other critters, beef in particular. That, of course, does not mean that it is not a healthy choice. It has less calories than most other protein choices. I think the high cholesterol of venison may have to do with the fact that the muscle tissue is relatively dense. Venison chops and fried perch - surf and turf - oh my!
  13. "You can't get one if you don't shoot at one, you can't shoot at one if you don't see one, you can't see one unless you are out there."
  14. This is great advice for ice fishermen too. (I learned this as a "kid" on Oneida Lake.)
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