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  1. I didn't realize that growing hemp in NY was a "thing". Is there a commercial market for hemp where this could stolen crop could be sold? One would think the thieves had a purpose and it seems obvious that if a large quantity is being grown in the open then it's not marijuana. Or am I wrong? I am just curious and have little knowledge.
  2. In many areas of NY people are having their ash trees lumbered before they lose their value due to the emerald ash borer. I am not sure if that has kept the price of ash low or not. I have seen a local property which was recently lumbered and the logs have been stacked up in a landing area for well over a month. Waiting for a better price perhaps?
  3. jperch


    I went to my town clerk today to apply for my DMP tags. She had plenty of paper but the system was down and she was not sure when it would be up again.
  4. I use one. One area I hunt in gun season is very, very muddy and the jet sled makes it possible to drag a deer out fairly easily and keep the carcass clean. It also makes it easier to get the deer in the back of my truck, lift the front of the sled to the gate, get down and lift up and slide in. As you pointed out, it keeps things cleaner, you can also toss the heart, liver and other stuff into the sled for the drag out.
  5. The last few ladder stands that I have bought had the "D rails". They are heavier and seem stronger. They are a bit more expensive, and harder to put up because of the weight. Also, the newer ones come with a fabric seat. These are comfortable but I don't know how durable they are. I have used a separate ladder on these to do the initial install, especially if by myself.
  6. Great post, glad you are ok. I use a safety line with full body harness and prussic knot. You still have to do the initial install. Two years ago I decided I needed to stare at some different trees so I went to a hang on stand with a fixed ladder I had not used that season. So no safety line until I installed it. My hang on stands have chains, not straps. As I stepped off the ladder onto the stand I bear hugged the tree. Good thing because the chain broke! The growth of the ash tree put enough stress on the chain that it broke. I was able to get back on the ladder, called it a day.
  7. On the DEC website there are specific directions on what constitutes legally posted land. I take a four foot chunk of ladder with me when I post. It increases visibility and makes it more difficult for someone to destroy signs. Trespassers are a PIA.
  8. I guess my point was that the DEC asked permission to place the cameras. Maybe they didn't need my permission since a DEC forester already saw evidence of someone planting something on my land. There has been discussions on this forum of under what circumstances they can enter private property. If I remember the outcome correctly, I think there needed to be some justification or probable cause.
  9. I got a call from the DEC asking if they could place trail cams on my property. The stated reason was to monitor fishers but this was a couple months after I went for a walk with a state forester and we found evidence that someone had been growing weed on my land. I said yes, any time you want. I've had nothing but good, professional interactions with the men in green.
  10. I will get the vaccine if it becomes available. It's no only for the individual but also to help stem the spread amongst all of us.
  11. I had two hens in my yard this morning. One has 5 fist sized poults, probably just a couple weeks old at most. The other is a larger bearded hen than had 9 large poults. The bearded hen has been around here for maybe 3 years. Last year she had just one poult, maybe the smaller hen with 5 little poults.
  12. The hunters showed great restraint. (Politeness seems to be common with Canadians.) I'm not sure what the hunter harassment laws are there but I'm pretty sure that in NY this would be addressed by a DEC officer. It was nice of her to supply her name.
  13. Yes, box turtle. My turtle biologist friend said this was a "particularly handsome specimen". He also said there is a problem in NY with box turtles and the pet trade, people often release non-native box turtles into the wild.
  14. Or is it a bog turtle? I note the starburst pattern on the "scutes". The DEC has a nice description and pictures of native turtles: I know a biologist who studies bog turtles, they have become endangered in NYS and reside in only a few areas that they try to keep secret. So Cynthia, you may have seen a fairly rare species! I sent him the picture, if I get a response I will post.
  15. I never saw one 10 years ago, now I see them on 3 different properties in different counties that I hunt. They are neat creatures but highly efficient predators. I saw one go up a tree after a squirrel in the woods behind my house, it didn't take very long.