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  1. Congratulations Cynthia and Happy Mother's Day to you!
  2. They are certainly fond of pears but so are the dang raccoons.
  3. That's a great first picture. Those choppers and claws are impressive. They are well equipped. I saw one race up a tree after a grey squirrel, the squirrel jumped to another tree and the fisher followed. There was a scuffle and some noise. It was over in a flash and the fisher came down with the squirrel in its mouth.
  4. I believe it is popular amongst a very small group of people. I think there are guides that do this as I have read articles in outdoor magazines. As Pygmy said, the primary purpose of the specially trained dogs is to find and scatter a flock. Then the dog (who is trained to do so) is hidden under a blanket or towel while the hunter attempts to call the flock back. Clearly this would not work in areas with smallish tightly posted areas like where I hunt.
  5. I have not seen any video coverage, or actually any coverage, of this on Syracuse tv news. How do you think the public would react watching spawning walleyes getting speared next to the hatchery? Seriously, this story needs to be covered.
  6. There is a discussion and video posted on MFF under the Oneida Lake thread. From the video it seems the DEC confiscated the walleyes from one native spearfisherman. I have not seen anything on the local news, seems like it should be a story they would cover.
  7. I like it cool enough to keep the bugs at bay. A breeze helps.
  8. I did a quick google search and it does seem to be illegal to have large quantities of bear spray in your possession in NY. Apparently "bear spray" is differentiated from "self defense" spray by the quantity and concentration of the Capsaicin. The same search showed a statement from the DEC that said there was no DEC policy against bear spray when used for its intended purpose. Of course, that does not trump state law. With that said, I saw bear spray for sale in a big box store in Rochester a few weeks ago. I guess I won't name the store. (It was true bear spray, large, concentrated canisters, I think 2 for around $40.) Of course, the same stores sell deer bait and its' use is not legal in NY either. Your mileage may vary. Luckily, I have only seen one bear in all my times in the woods so I have no need of bear spray. He/she smelled me from 100 yards away and ran like hell. Man, they can really cover some ground!
  9. Wow, that was quite an adventure! Glad things turned out ok for you.
  10. I agree they often hang out together and I'm sure a big reason for that is that it is beneficial to both for security. I also have observed apparent "play behavior" between them. Most often involving fawns but sometimes adults. I've seen deer bluff charge turkeys just to make them move a bit and have seen turkeys puff up and flap their wings and jump up in the direction of fawns, apparently for the same reason. Sometimes I think they "enjoy" each others' company, if that is possible.
  11. I'm thinking a VERY expensive tree!
  12. As always your videos are very informative and interesting. Wow, some beautiful specimens there. Thanks for posting.
  13. I have to agree about avian predators. Fifty years ago (gasp!) there simply were a lot less birds of all kinds, probably due to the use of DDT. Pheasants and rabbits were common and often seen in fields. Now there seems to be hawks and other predatory birds atop every other telephone pole in the country. That's a slight exaggeration of course but back then you rarely saw one. Pheasants, which were prone to be out in the open, became easy targets. Of course we also have a lot more coyotes now and from what I've seen fishers are effective and their numbers are growing. Things change, they always do.
  14. Checked my piggy bank, nope, can't do it. I need a bigger allowance! Mt Morris is a nice area, went to school at Geneseo.
  15. It really is awesome when hard work and talent pay off for students! As others have said, congratulations to both of you.
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