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  1. Wow, is that for real? You could hear the click on both misfires, why would he not just eject the shell and examine the primer strike? I used to work in a sporting goods store and sold firearms. So many stories! I was maybe 19 at the time. One customer wanted to return a 20 gauge shotgun he bought months ago because "It blew a hole in my kitchen ceiling". With no authorization from the store manager I told him "Yes sir, we are happy to take that back". I didn't get into any trouble after I told the story.
  2. I just follow the directions in the manuals that came with my muzzleloaders. (Lately that is just my Savage 10 ML II, it calls for some mil spec grease that looks like aluminum paste.) I use cheap nitrile gloves from HF when applying the recommended grease, gloves go in a sealable baggie on my workbench, no mess at all. I discard them at the end of the season. A small amount of grease goes a long way.
  3. Well, back to the original question. In the areas I hunt it is much more difficult to get a gobbler to come in from a long distance than it was 30 years ago. Back then as I sat on top of a hill I have seen gobblers with binoculars on an adjacent property that came in on a dead run once they heard my call. (Yes, a box call for long distance.) That just does not happen any more on the properties where I hunt. I can only speculate why that is. Maybe it's coyotes, increased hunting pressure, who knows. Now, as others have said, it's good to know where they generally roost and where they generally want to go. Then soft calling to "steer" them combined with an excellent set up so that you have a shot as soon as he is visible. Also, as far as distance goes, once the trees are leafed out there is a dramatic drop in the distance that you can hear them and they you. I have no experience with "big woods" turkeys, that sounds like a real challenge.
  4. Things are not fine in Florida. I lost my younger brother recently, he didn't believe Covid was serious. I doubt he took any precautions. The rest of my family down there is isolating as much as they can now. There are people who do not, can not, or will not believe in science. (A survey of US citizens a couple decades ago said 1/3 of the population believed the Earth was 6000 years old.) That is just the way it it is apparently. As far as the vaccine is concerned everyone must evaluate apparent benefit vs apparent risk. I just wish more folks would consider that the benefit is not just to the individual receiving the vaccine, it also is to public health in general. I doubt that the government would mandate that all individuals must be vaccinated. But some employers, schools and colleges likely will.
  5. I used this exact procedure this year, wish I had a video. By the time I reloaded the deer was clearly dead. I came back the next day to find all the stuff I dropped in the snow. Who me, excited?
  6. I used to work in the sporting goods department in Woolworth's in Greece, NY back in the early to mid seventies. We got crates full of Mausers that we sold for CHEAP. I bought one, don't know what happened to it. I remember they were packed full of thick grease and wrapped in heavy brown wax paper. I think I paid about thirty bucks. We actually sold a lot of good quality firearms along with some very low end firearms. If you bought a good gun we usually threw in a box of ammunition. I remember some pretty crazy interactions with customers.
  7. Same here, the manuals for both my Knight and Savage say to grease the threads, grease actually came with both. I just follow the supplied directions.
  8. Yes, this is what I used to do when using pellets on my Knight Disk muzzleloader. Now I shoot a smokeless Savage ML II. If I unload via the backdoor I find powder granuales get stuck in the grease in the threads and it's a pain to get them out. So now I just discharge it and clean it.
  9. Yes, this is what works best for me. You can buy good insulated coveralls at a reasonable price and wear what you want underneath (buy a size large enough) depending on conditions. These keep the wind out better than a jacket/pants combination. Too warm for still hunting perhaps. Prior to these I used to wear Woolrich outfits for gun season.
  10. Well it's a state law so it varies by state. I believe in NY if you are shining woods or fields your weapons must be in a locked case or better yet not in your vehicle.
  11. Deadliest broadhead on the market! Knocks em dead even if you just hit them in an antler. That lady could get rich off that picture.
  12. I hunt a family camp near Ossian, NY during archery season that has a lot of adjacent state land. Lots of beautiful mixed hardwoods, tons of acorns this year. I believe the state bids out parcels for logging and they have conditions that must be followed. There was one area that was full of mature locust trees with little deer activity. It was logged and most of the tops left where they lay. We called it the "clear cut" and looked messy, and was very difficult to walk through. It became a deer mecca and is now a much more diverse woods. I think a short term mess is worth a long time gain. There are pine state lands nearby that are full of low value pole trees that could use the same treatment. By the way, I gave up gun hunting this area because the place is overrun with drivers on opening day and all weekends. Just not peaceful or fun for me.
  13. I believe from personal experience that what the deer biologists say is true. Deer do not seem to be bothered by hunter orange because they don't see it like we do. Apparently they see the color blue fairly well. I also believe the statistics that the DEC reports: You are 7 times less likely to be shot if you are wearing hunter orange. For the life of me in this state where they mandate everything I can't understand why it is not required that you wear hunter orange during gun season. Yes, I wear it in my stands. It makes it easier for the trespassers (who don't wear it of course) to avoid me. Probably just as well.
  14. Ha, yes. I think a dying rabbit sounds like a human baby in distress.
  15. Your adventures are always my favorite read on here. The last deer that Luna found through the swamp is just amazing. Thanks for taking the time to post and keep up the great work!