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  1. jperch

    Xbow full inclusion??

    I agree with all of this. I have been bowhunting since I was 16, 48 seasons. I started with a recurve, I had good mentors but it took years to be successful. My shoulders are sore and my overall muscle strength is not what it used to be. I have dropped my poundage from 70 to around 58. I'm ok with all that, but there will come a time. I bought a xbow 3 years ago and shot a nice 8 pointer first year. I didn't use it last year for bucks as I was tagged out. This year I shot another nice buck with the xbow in a tough snow storm. Neither of the xbow bucks would have been possible with my compound. It is simply much easier. By the way, one of the things I like the most about the xbow is I can wear as many warm clothes as I want and not have to worry about being able to draw the string. At this point, I like the seasons the way they are. jperch
  2. jperch

    advise need with hunter harassment

    Years ago someone bought a small piece of property adjacent to our farm. Shorty after that our posted signs were torn down and he put up posted signs a good 30 yards onto our land so he could sit on our field, I assume. I was angry and called the County Sheriff, who came right down. I showed him the property survey and he confirmed the boundary on his computer. Then he looked up the new owner. He asked me not to speak with the fellow, said that "He is known to us" and to avoid any conflict. He said he would deal with this person, and he did as far as I know. So I learned not to get into arguments with people I don't know that are possibly carrying guns. The LE are the pros, they have been very helpful to us. jperch
  3. jperch

    Confrontation with another Hunter

    I no longer hunt public land during gun season for all the reasons mentioned above. Add to that the large deer drives with somewhat drunk hunters telling us we had to move because they would be driving the woods with 20 guys. But, I lived in Central Pa for 6 years and hunted the Game Lands. Trust me, that is a whole different level of scary!
  4. jperch

    nocturnal rutting

    JeremyK, We hunt in 9P near Ossian. Things sure have changed over the last few years as far as deer density goes. I didn't hunt there opening day but two relatives did and saw no deer, amazing as compared to 10 years ago. The state land gets hit hard with large deer drives, seems like anything brown is down and shot fawns are sometimes left to rot. The state lands near us are in need of being lumbered, and some are being cut. I only saw 2 adult deer during archery season there. I no longer hunt in 9P during gun season, much better hunting locally if you can find a place. And I no longer have to listen to the deer drives. jperch
  5. jperch

    discharge target

    It makes it weigh less! It's just a dedicated bolt for unloading the crossbow. I have a different target for practice that is easy to withdraw the bolts from.
  6. jperch

    discharge target

    I bought a dense foam crossbow target primarily for unloading. I found that when I fired a field point tipped bolt into it that it was a major PIA to remove the bolt. I mean sometimes it would take me 5 minutes to get the bolt out. So I ground a field point flat, problem solved. With the blunt tip the bolt pushes foam ahead of it instead of cutting through. I have also used a feed bag filled with an old canvas tarp, that worked well. jperch
  7. jperch

    Archery :Quartering towards shot. Do you ?

    It is extremely important, especially with mechanical broad heads, to have an exit wound. At least that is the experience that I have had. So for me that means only broadside or very slightly quartering shots. Of course, sometimes they move after the shot is taken! jperch
  8. jperch

    Apple Tree’s?

    I have heard that the apple orchards in Northern Cayuga County are fine but the apple trees on the farm are very sparse with apples. This is true for both the apple trees in the yard and the wild apples in the hedgerows. I did not see many bees this spring, don't know if there is a connection or not.
  9. jperch

    Lets Age Some 8 Points

    I guess that's how a buck manages to turn into a horse like that. Still, very nice to know there is one like that around. Hope you get to lay eyes on him some day. jperch
  10. jperch

    Lets Age Some 8 Points

    Old enough! Did you ever get any daytime pictures of him? jperch
  11. The chain is likely much stronger than the ladder stand itself so you will want to watch that as the tree grows. We often use a turnbuckle on the chain, this makes it easy to tighten and loosen as needed. As I have gotten older(and less agile) I feel safer in ladder stands than hang ons. I still use a safety rope with prussic not from the moment my feet leave the ground. Good luck! jperch
  12. jperch

    For anyone that might give a rat's ass

    Hope they get you patched up and feeling better very soon!
  13. jperch

    Man hangs from treestand 20 hours

    You are probably right Red, that makes sense. My first harness was that type, decades ago. I think it came from an old VW. Bigfoot, thanks for the information about his dogs. Hope the hunter makes it.
  14. jperch

    Man hangs from treestand 20 hours

    It's amazing that he survived for two days. He must be one very tough seventy year old man. It is hard to understand how, with a modern harness, one could end up hanging upside down. Also, in the story it says his hunting dogs were still with him. That's confusing, what kind of hunting involves using a tree stand and a couple of hunting dogs?
  15. jperch

    Heavist deer ?

    Does anyone know if the NY Big Buck Club records include weight? The biggest deer, by far, that I ever saw was a buck taken in Webster, NY about 30 years ago. It was a real freak, an eight pointer with a huge wide rack that had a body like a cow. I was told it was in the NY Big Buck Club. I don't know the official weight of that deer but I would believe close to 300 pounds. Since most everyone field dresses their deer, there is probably not a definite answer to this question. jperch