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  1. ckprax

    Arrow Build

    These look great. I have a similar build for the fall. Victory RIP TKO 250s, custom onestringer wraps, white x-nock, 3 white blazers. On the other end I have 200gn inserts and 150gn broadheads (cutthroat, VPA and Stinger Buzzcut). These things fly like darts and hit like a hammer.
  2. I like to mount them to a plaque and cover. In the past I mounted the skullcap directly to the plaque then covered with leather. Lately I have been using a second board and felt. The results are much cleaner. I have always made the plaques as well but time was short this year so I bought one from Michael's for a few dollars (green felt).
  3. Remington 870 12ga with rifled barrel and scope. It knocks them right over.
  4. I have hunted a couple times per week since opening day. Jumped an unknown deer heading in and walked up on a nice buck in the dark a week and a half later. I haven't seen a deer while hunting since.
  5. ckprax

    Back Tags

    I wear a leafy suit so no issue sticking a pin through it. With that said, I am not a fan of back tags. There is no logical reason for them; enforcement is inconsistent throughout the state and we are the only ones in the country who have to have them. Utter nonsense.
  6. I would expect deer to be in both the hills and in the swamp. Big bucks live where people don't go and people tend to avoid water so I would bet the better bedding is in the swamp. I would scout/observe the transition of the swamp based on the wind. Try to figure out how they enter and exit. Stay on the down wind side. Scout your way down the transition of woods/swamp and set up to watch/hunt what comes out. The next hunt you can scout further down and set up on the next hot sign and so on. As the hills get more pressure the swamp should get even better.
  7. Do you know where the beds are and when he is using them? If its too hard to get in quiet, maybe a good spot for a morning hunt. Get there before he does and hopefully he sneaks in after sunrise to offer you a shot. You can't walk in on a deer trail and if he's early (before you can shoot) you are SOL. If you know what winds the bedding is used for you can set up to get a shot when he enters from downwind. Obviously you have to make sure he can't smell you. Another approach is to hunt each exit, in the evening, based on wind. If he sticks around your odds should go up with each sit. Is there other bedding on the property that is easier to hunt? You could push him out intentionally and set up on his next bed.
  8. ckprax

    Subaru ?

    I have a 2000 outback with 200k miles and while it is reliable, good in snow and fine for hauling deer I can't wait to get rid of it. I have a toddler and it is a pain getting her in and out. Car seats are so big now and my 2 year old is the size of a 5 year old so it's cramped back there. We will likely sell it this winter and get a Highlander or another Rav4.
  9. ckprax

    New to the area

    Lots of DEP properties and parks to hunt. Opening day of gun is crowded. I live in North Salem and hunt 3n and 3s. Good luck.
  10. Do you want to hunt deer or hunt for a tree? A climber is lighter, more comfortable and faster to get in position. A hang on and sticks has the distinct advantage of allowing you to hunt where a climber simply wont go. Only you can decide what is more important.
  11. 2nd year for me. I bought license and tags on Friday so haven't received this years yet. I did get selected for both my DMPs!
  12. I took the course on Saturday in Thornwood. We had to shoot at a target at a short, unknown distance. Some shot multiple times until they hit the bullseye, The instructors would give out pointers to help them along. There were misses and somehow a bow blew apart (I didn't see how). I only got to shoot a single arrow but I guess that's good. We also went over tree stand safety, shot placement and blood trailing. Nobody failed.
  13. I have carried the same knife since I was 12, nearly 18 years. It was given to me by my grandfather. He used it on countless mulies, antelopes and whitetails. It is a cheap Schrade but it holds an edge and works well. I take pride in using his knife and gutting as my dad taught me. I unzip, cut the ribs, split the pelvis and skin all with the same knife. I almost lost it years ago. My cousin shot a doe right at dark. I gut it and his brother and I helped drag it down to the truck. We rushed back to grandma and grandpa's place to show off and eat dinner. I was putting my things away and my stomach dropped when I couldn't find my knife. At some point it was set on the rear bumper of the truck and we drove 8 miles back to town, thankfully it never fell off. This knife is one of my most prized possessions and I keep it in the safe except when I'm hunting. I let my grandpa know every time I (in his words) "tip one over" and use it. He gets a kick out of it and is happy that his kids and grand kids are out hitting the woods every fall. For us hunting is a tradition and this knife is a big part of it for me.
  14. ckprax

    New hunter

    A smooth bore with rifled slugs will do just fine. Practice and know your limits. Keep the wind in your face. I like to still hunt but the most important thing to remember is you can't shoot them from the couch so get out there and hunt.