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  1. Sometimes, just someone to talk and maybe, just maybe they would listen and not offer comments throughout. Life, at times gets to be a pain and it would be nice for this one old veteran to just sound off!
  2. I served 15 years as an Cruelty Investigator, NYS-CCSPCA. I enjoyed this job, investigated hundreds of cases, a few ended up in court, mostly the owners needed education. This was a Part-time position that turned into a full-time position. Our County needs an Investigator but again it all comes back to Money$$$. The Police and Sheriff's Dept, just don't have enough time to devote to all animal cases.
  3. happy Birthday. Have a great season!
  4. Same as yours, never failed me, no need to change
  5. The Red Flag Law isn't well thought out, too many loop holes.
  6. Hey, Happy Birthday and may God Bless you with a fantastic hunting season.
  7. With my 12 gauge, head and neck Bow, well that's just below the wing joint Very lucky turkey hunting, haven't loss a bird yet. I only shoot when it is within my range, 10 yards or 50 yards, max!!
  8. I have hunted all over NYS, never seen anything like that. Maybe another hunter just playing a joke.
  9. I hunt and hike in a pair of Corcoran Jump Boots, not insulated. Never had any issue about cold feet, but I have waterproofed them to hell and back.
  10. Joe couldn't win in a chicken house match, check his background out, not good. C-VINE International News Network, log in at this site, good reading, what ever side you're on. U.S. Appeals Court Hands Another Win to Trump Plan to Resume Federal Executions https://c-vine.com/blog/2020/04/07/u-s-appeals-court-hands-
  11. Los Lobos


    Puzzles, give me one helluva headache!!! I'm alone, so my days are weight lifting, washing dishes and cleaning up, computer time, reloading for my firearms, selling Amsoil Products from home, walking feeding my chickens, taking photos, and some times, zeroing in my rifles to a fine edge. Maybe catch a show on roku, even though I sleep through it after the first ten minutes.
  12. Great news for all!! Trump supporter all the way, darn good President and will lead us to a Better America!!
  13. Started running every morning a way back in basic training, 52 years ago, never get over it, first thing every morning, after stretching, running 3-5 miles. Took up weight lifting later but still ran. After age 55, every time I ran, I got horrible pains in both calves and feet. Cold and hot pacs, stretching, took a couple of months to fully recover. After consulting with my doctor, we both agreed it was time to stop acting I like I was still 25, so I stopped. In its place, I walk and weight lift every single day, all, different areas of the body on different days, paying special attention to stretching my legs, arms and trunk. Now, I am 70 years young, have good muscle tone but in the last few years, my back is acting up. 6'3", 225lbs and I pay ATTENTION to what my body is telling me.
  14. Glass of cold water Yogurt with fruit, cut up in it Banana 2 maybe 3 cups of Strong Hot Coffee