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  1. Its my anniversary tonight. I tried to convince my wife that an evening in a double tree stand would be just as romantic as an evening out... she disagreed. So not tonight.
  2. Can anyone recommend a good climber stand for under $150. I went out this afternoon and found that my hang on and climbing sticks have grown legs and walked away.
  3. A Solingen fixed blade made in the 30s. My grandpa used it for many years until the tip broke off. I found it in my closet in the spring and spent most of the summer reprofiling the edge and creating a new point.
  4. Our great Dane Harley and his "big" sister pixie.
  5. My old company did a bunch of engineering for his camping world stores. He is a cheap prick who never paid his bills on time if at all. I have no desire to support any of his businesses.
  6. Take a road trip to PA or VT burn the records and never speak of it again.
  7. I hide all of my wife's gifts in the bottom of our gun safe. She only goes in there during the summer. Haven't found them yet.
  8. Ok, that's fair thank you for the honesty. I think we have such a different view on the subject that we won't make much headway.
  9. Are you saying that it is a good thing that coyotes are living in densely populated areas?
  10. I am glad that you and your sheep can coexist with the coyotes in your area but, the pack that lives by my house has gotten 10 of my grandfather's chickens, taken down an 8 point buck in my yard and starred down one of my neighbor's when she went to cook dinner on her grill. So I would tend to think the ones by me have some what lost their fear of people and have moved up the food chain from just rodents. Just my experiences.
  11. He had the pipe bomb strapped to his leg so it could be and is hopefully both.
  12. That would be a little difficult, the report is that the only thing he blew up was his johnson.
  13. Just checked gunbroker and they are going from anywhere from low $400s to multiple $1000s depending on condition options and who did the sporterization. I have been looking at either a mil surp or sportized 03 for a few years as a long range rifle and I must say you ended up with a beaut.
  14. I think he could have gotten off if he had the bird feeder properly posted:
  15. Welcome aboard. If you are looking for fly fishing locally try Irondequoit Creek at Fishers and Powder Mills park, it is stocked every spring.
  16. First shot from down the hill. Hope it gets them moving.
  17. In the tree no shoots yet still too dark visibility is about 30 yards. Wind just picked up who's ready for some tree surfing.
  18. There is a Field and Stream online flash sale today FYI.
  19. I think Culver was talking about the comments on the Fox page. There are some dandies on there
  20. Where you hunting bare foot and was that stand up hills both ways . In all seriousness that is a great buck congratulations.
  21. No deer yet but a full murder of crows just woke up about 35 yards over my left shoulder. And a tree just fell over. Interesting morning so far.
  22. It does look like they are using optical tricks to make the dogs look larger but I would say they look to be about the size of my great dane who is 150 lbs. It is incredible how strong dogs of that size can be. I have no doubt that they could chase and hold hogs and even small bears. If only I could get mine off the couch.
  23. Although they could be eliminated from N.Y., with current attitudes (not every one shoots on site) and the reduced number of hunters in the state I doubt it will ever happen. Maybe if fur prices increase to where trapping would actually pay or if coyotes ever started encroaching on the suburbs and started attacking people's pets it would change attitudes but I doubt it for the foreseeable future.
  24. If your crapping like that I would ask if you had the blood trail.
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