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  1. That's how you call out a female with short hair? Please, think before you say things. That's someone's daughter, niece, granddaughter, etc On the other hand, carry on as you please as my opinion of you should not make one bit of difference on how you choose to carry or present yourself
  2. You can't change it's age and with that low of miles, some may want it for that but others see one thing: neglect (or the possibility of). At least you have records of some service being performed (i hope) fairly regularly if you say the local shop picked it up every few years.... $2k-$2500 if you can find someone looking for that particular sled in that condition. But at the end of the day, it's a 15yr old fanner so the market is limited and fairly saturated for sleds in this area. Best of luck with the sale
  3. April 14th. Less than 3 months now! woohoo! The wife and I have started rewatching the series to get refreshed on what happened. Only 4 episodes in and there's a lot of story that happens right away and quickly, with stuff said that you don't necessarily notice the first time around (stuff from later episodes).
  4. Here's one of mine 2012 Hoyt Carbon Element, WB, Truglo 5pin, Gold Tip Hunter XT 340's. This pic was from a couple years ago. Only changes I've made were new strings (60x), new single pin sight (MBG Verdict), and an adjustable WB rest. I've also got a 2013 Hoyt Carbon Element which has the AirShox, in RealTree max. I bought this one to have a camo bow and to be able to try out the airshox version of my 2012. I didn't notice any significant difference in vibration or sound so I'm gonna sell this one and just hunt with my black 2012 from here out. Prior to this 13 element, I had an Elite Synergy and I'm really tempted to get another one as it just shot and held so well (aside from the bare weight of the bow). I'm also tempted to shoot a PSE Xpedite as I really like the specs on those... but I need another bow like I need another belly button...
  5. great looking rifle there. I'm incredibly tempted as I've wanted a lever-action Marlin for a long time, and even have some 35Rem leftover from a T/C contender I sold some years back.... Good luck with the sale!
  6. "Won't be" is the term you're looking for, any account/profile can be deleted from a mod/admin side.
  7. Why not the Finnish flag? ...we all know it'll be the hammer and sickle that gets hoisted long before a Mexican or UN flag, comrade.
  8. Another vote for the First Lite Sanctuary bibs here (although you already bought the sitka). Well worth the money IMO- super warm, great fabric that doesn't collect burrs, ample pockets. Not sure about them being water proof but their DWR works well for a light rain and snow. Sitka's prices are too hard to swallow, I thought Kuiu was expensive....
  9. Christians claiming Christmas as their holiday is not absurd, it most certainly is a Christian holiday. I think you misunderstood my post- for Christians to lay claim to the time of year when there are multiple celebrations going on, and to act as if they came up with it, is absurd. As for it being "under attack", well I find that rather absurd as well. Like I said, to be offended is a choice. I prefer to be cognizant of the other reasons this time of year is celebrated by all peoples, not just the monotheistic ones, and acknowledge that. But I also don't call out other people's involuntary bodyily functions unless it's funny.
  10. Happy Holidays to you all, whichever you choose to celebrate (or not). If you're offended by someone wishing you pleasantries, well then, that's your choice and it's on you. This time of year is a mixture of many religions and rituals and symbols, and for any one group to lay claim to it is rather absurd and comical. ^ one too many "rather"s up there...
  11. yep, we got one in our house for my 2 girls (4 and 5) and I can't wait to until the year that "Judy" stops showing up... They do love looking for her every morning, and since my wife is short then I'm left to do most of the moving as I can reach the higher places. We specifically put them out of reach just to not have to deal with the "You touched her and now she has no magic to get back to the North Pole" discussion...
  12. I've had the tools and parts to build a few lowers for a few years but just haven't gotten around to doing it. My brother has me convinced I want to do a 6.8 SPC upper. He's got a Bison build that shoots awesome and makes a great deer gun, but their complete uppers are pretty pricey. I'm gonna have to keep an eye on this thread to stir up some motivation...
  13. .5 cents per mile, that's quite the deal. Gonna be hard to pass that one up.
  14. I have a foxpro electronic caller (with the little remote that has like 12 different calls on it) that I wanted to try out this year on some yotes. I also have a couple nice red foxes on the cameras that I thought would be cool to have the hide tanned. I have a Savage A17 that I was going to try to use, along with a red led spot/flashlight (shines out to 200yds with 150 being the max for what you can identify an animal at). I've never done the predator calling/night hunting thing but I definitely want to give it a try.