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2022 HuntingNY Firearms Hunting Harvest Thread


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Post up pics of your 2022 Shotgun/Rifle/Handgun hunting harvests here!

Only pictures with the associated story will be allowed in this thread. If you want to congratulate someone, please do it by clicking on the "like this" button for the post. There will be no exceptions.

Feel free to start a new thread if you wish to have comments in addition to posting the photo / story here.

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Hey everyone, haven't been on here much with the new job and have had very little time off. Missed all of bow season. Made sure I was off this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sat dark to dark on Friday with the crossbow and didn't see a single thing. Went back to the same stand this morning, not sure why since I saw nothing yesterday. Well I sat thru lunch without seeing anything. Finally about 2:30 I look over my right shoulder and there is a very small deer just outside the thicker stuff. Think it was probably a button but not sure. Was just glad to see something, it quickly went back in the thicker stuff and I figured it was bedded in there. At 3:30 I thought I heard a grunt but with the wind I wasn't sure. I waited till it was calm so it could be heard and hit by grunt tube a couple times. 30 seconds later i hear crashing and see the white tail of what I assume was the button bounding away. Crap, that wasn't what I wanted. Not even a minute later this guy comes out of the thick behind me on my left, I look saying what are you, get a glimpse of the rack and say to myself besides dead...lol. I shoot and he runs 30 yards, starts plowing and I put another one in him. Was a little disappointed to see the 2 on one side but the rack is unique. Glad I could punch a tag with the limited time I have.




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My two for Thanksgiving week. The doe popped up when I was headed to a blind on Monday, and the buck stepped out on Wednesday. The buck is most likely a 2 1/2 year old 8 point. I’m extremely happy to have taken both of them after 2 years of basically not hunting, and with limited time to hunt this year! 




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I was very Thankful for this Thanksgiving morning dmp-tag  buck this morning, after missing my first opening weekend of sz gun season, in 40 years.  

The wind was from the south, about 5 mph, when I headed out back, 1/2 hour before sunrise.  I had showered with scent free soap and wiped my boots with Evercalm.

As I walked back, to the south, along the hedgerow that my natural blind is in, I noted a dark shape up ahead about 150 yards away.  It saw me at the same time, lifted its tail, and ran to the far side of the field.

I continued to the blind.  At about 15 minutes sunrise, deer began converging on my position from three different directions.   I didn’t see antlers on any of them.  The first “loner” that came out looked a little smaller than another,  that was also closer.  

I swing around to the bigger one, which was in the middle of my turnip plot, about 50 yards away.  I didn’t have a good rest in that direction (or I would have gone for a shoulder blade shot), so I held center lung offhand, and squeezed the trigger. 

The “buck” mule-kicked and bolted into a half-acre patch of brush.  I had a shooting lane behind that, in the direction he went, which he never crossed.  The doe that I heart shot, from the same stand, had ran into the same brush patch and dropped dead in that shooting lane, about 75 yards from where she took the 240 gr xtp from my .50 cal ml.  

This buck, that was double-lunged with a 12 ga Hornady sst, only made it about 50 yards, but was a lot tougher to find.  Those damn things don’t make very big holes, and the blood trail, on the little bit of remaining snow, just about petered out after about 25 yards.  

After loosing that, I circled that little patch of brush and found no blood trails leading out of it.  Going back to the last drop, I made a half circle and found that he had turned 90 degrees.  He made it almost to the edge, where I found him, sprawled out.  It took me almost a half hour to find him.  


Tale of the tape: left spike: 2-3/4”, right spike: 1”, chest girth: 37-1/4”.



My favorite things about this deer are:

1) legal to tag with a dmp. 

2) bucks are much faster for me to process than does, because they always have a lot less fat to trim out of the meat.

3) (2) Oysters (yum yum). 

4) Get to keep the antlers. 



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