$280 CamX X330 Hunting Crossbow BRAND NEW Made in USA LIFETIME WARRANTY!

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Hi all!  I'm new to the forum.  Ive got a couple really nice crossbows for sale at a great price.  Below is some info I typed up about them.

I am near the Rockland County area.  Message me if you have any questions

$280 firm

Multiple camo patterns available Realtree Xtra, Realtree AP Snow, Mossy Oak Treestand, Black

These crossbows are BRAND NEW and only taken out of box to photograph.

Comes in ORIGINAL BOX AND PACKAGING- everything is as you would receive it from the factory

Made by the same company that make Elite Archery compound bows (The Outdoor Group)


-Scope already installed
- 4 arrows Quiver
- 4 arrows w/ field points
-Rope Cocker/ Decocker
-Original box and paper work just as it comes from the factory

The main features of this crossbow include:

-Excellent fit and finish! The camo on these bows looks awesome and even better than my pictures can show!

-Automatic flip up finger protectors for safety

-Anti Dry Fire!!

-Lifetime warranty (brand new never registered)

-Made in USA

-Super rugged design (check out Youtube links at end of my ad, this bow can take a beating!)

-GUARANTEED 330 FPS (bow includes a card showing each arrow tested for speed and accuracy)

- Four (4) .001 straightness arrows made by Black Eagle!! (one of the best brands for crossbow arrows)

-YOU CAN UNCOCK YOUR CROSSBOW USING THE ROPE COCKER!! (you don’t have to fire it to unload)

-Large rubberized foot stirrup

-Easy mounting 4 arrow quiver

-Bow comes ready to hunt with scope already mounted and zeroed in. Just assemble the crossbow and start shooting!!

Manufacturers website : https://camxcrossbows.com/pages/crossbow











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These are still for sale and at an awesome price and you can see it in person first to make sure you like it.  

Here's a pic of one I set up for myself


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I bought one and set it up and shot it today.....Awesome set up...It was pretty close to dead on out of the box but did have to make some adjustments with the broad heads....So far I am very happy with the set up.

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28 minutes ago, Big Indian said:


just received mine. As described, closed/sealed box. @-sro- is a true gentleman, a man of his word, and was a pleasure to do business with 




I bought one from him on behalf of my uncle who isn't a forum member and everything you say about the purchase and sro is absolutely true.



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On 1/13/2020 at 9:59 PM, -sro- said:

Have more for sale!!  $280 shipped to your door and insured.  Realtree Xtra, Mossy Oak Treestand, or Black

PM me if you get a chance. I'd like to pick up two of these for our QDMA branch banquet. 

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