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  1. The link is live and the early bird knives are going fast. The best bang for the buck is the table tickets as always. Also on the gun raffle that comes with your entry ticket. Your ticket number is in the raffle for every drawing on that list.
  2. I thought the same thing...lol. But I think that is a "southern" deer so it's ok to drag either direction or just pick it up and place in you game pouch of your vest.
  3. Save the Date of September 24th!!!!! and don't miss out on the September 1st early bird bonus gift. I hope this email finds you all well. It's been over 2 years since we've been able to host our banquet but we are anxious to get back to the good work that we have done in the past and that requires some fundraising to support the branch and national programs. We've come up with an idea that should provide a more open air environment and will be a little less formal than our normal banquet. We are also trying something new.....an entry ticket that not only gets you a meal and a membership but also gets you in on a 12 gun raffle. Besides the entry raffle that will draw a gun every 10 minutes for the duration of the game (no need to be present to win), we will also be doing some of our normal games. We are anticipating having our normal Gun Board, 50/50, some side games and a silent auction with some great NDA products. We are hoping this will be very popular and we know we can count on you in supporting our efforts. See the attached flyer for more details and drawing times. Tickets are on sale now through the NDA portal. www.deerassociation.com/roc Tables are limited so if you want to do some leg work and get 8 folks together you can get a huge discount. All-inclusive Ticket Options: (doesn’t include side raffles, 50/50, Silent Auction or Surprises) $100.00 One Event Entry, One Chicken BBQ, Two Drink Tickets, One Annual NDA Membership,One Entry in the 12 Gun Raffle, 1 gun drawn every 10 minutes from 1:10 till 3:00 $250.00 One Event Entry, One Chicken BBQ, Three Drink Tickets, One Annual NDA Membership, Three Entries in the 12 Gun Raffle, 1 gun drawn every 10 minutes from 1:10 till 3:00 $1,500.00 Captains Reserved Picnic Table with 8 - $250.00 Packages, a $2,000 VALUE!!!!! Eight Event Entry Tickets, 8 Chicken BBQ, 24 Drink Tickets, 8 Annual NDA Memberships, 8 Early Bird Incentive knives, 8 National Deer Association Hats, Special Event Recognition and 24 Entries in the 12 Gun Raffle, 1 gun drawn every 10 minutes from 1:10- till 3:00  Meal only tickets for spouses and kids are available, please reach out to Mike Edwards at [email protected] Early Bird Incentive: The first 200 people who purchase tickets before 9/1/22 receive a Fixed Blade Knife. Chicken BBQ Dinners served from 12 Noon until 2:00 PM. Drinks 12-3:00 PM. This is an outside event under a pavilion. Feel free to bring a chair, there are some picnic tables, but this event is more of a party feel than a banquet and most tables will be reserved for the $1,500 Captains tables Tickets will call, need not to be present to win on the scheduled 12-gun all-inclusive gun raffles. The Early Bird incentive knife is available only to those at the event, with tickets purchased prior to 9/1/2022. We expect the gun listing to be accurate but there may be equal value substitutions if not available On the All-Inclusive Ticket GUN Make & Model 1:10 NDA ROY Savage XP Hunter w/ Scope 6.5 PRC 1:20 RUGER 10/22 CARBINE HARDWOOD 22 LR 18.5IN 1103 1:30 RUGER PC CARBINE 9MM 16.1IN BLACK 1:40 STOEGER M3000 MAX5 CAMO 12GA 28-3IN 31838 1:50 BROWNING ABOLT 3 HUNTER GRADE II 300WIN 26IN 035827229 2:00 SAVAGE 93R17 FXP 3-9X40 SCOPE 17HMR BLACK 21IN 96209 2:10 HOWA PUMA 12GA 28IN WALNUT 2:20 BROWNING XBOLT HCANYON LONG RANGE 6.5CM 26IN 035499282 2:30 CITADEL KATAC1220 12GA 20IN BLACK 2:40 WEATHERBY VANGUARD BADLANDS CAMO BURNT BRONZE 270 WIN 24IN 2:50 MOSSBERG MAVERICK 88 FIELD 12GA 28IN BLACK 3:00 CHRISTENSEN ARMS MESA 6.5PRC 24IN BLACK For more information, please contact Mike Edwards 585-813-2021 -- Bob Rose, President Gr. Rochester S. Tier Branch NDA 585-301-1590 Facebook GRSTQDMA
  4. Thanks all. I’m at camp for one more day so what could be better.
  5. we did ok. I can't even remember the final totals but didn't hit as many properties becasue of limited time. The fox seemed to come better than the coyotes this year and we did hit our first grey. Probably a dozen coyotes and 14 fox. Just off two properties. Damned fishers all over the place and no season.
  6. Hi all. Been a hectic year with a new relationship, big changes at work and trying to get a wood workshop up and running. Never enough hours in the day. Keep an eye out over the next month for info on a new format for our banquet. Shooting for late May. Much more informal and firearms focused. It'll be outdoors and under a pavilion becasue we are trying to alleviate any COVID concerns and be less likely to have to cancel if there is another variant. I did commit to 150 bags of Soybeans and am taking names of those that want them. Probably half are already spoken for. $20 a bag and will be local pick up in Rochester on a weekend. Stay tuned for details.
  7. Personally I'd rather see this sub as a place to discuss actual hunting and firearms legislation/changes.
  8. It would be terrible to see a social media platform not dish out punishment evenly or even favor one political leaning, wouldn't it?
  9. 3 years ago today. hope lightning strikes again but I think you are right about the snow. I'll take the low 40's in the day and high 20's/low 30's at night.
  10. I think it was 4 years ago that we had the crazy amount of snow opening day/week. I remember becasue it was the first Field to Fork class and it was cold with snow at camp why my mentee got his good buck.
  11. Happy birthday Greg. Hope the big boy walks by tonight for you
  12. Those adjustable stretchers were bought. Mainly so I could get a pattern. I have lumber milled up and all cut and shaped for a couple dozen of Coyote and fox/coon. They sure are nice but I like the ones with a center board so there is something nice to pin the tails to.
  13. Biggest issue hunting (specially bow hunting) a small piece is retrieval of the deer. At least with a fire arm you can take a shoulder shot and anchor it there.
  14. I'd rather have the "right 5 acres" than the "wrong 50"
  15. This sounds like 3 weeks of heaven. I'm enjoying joining in....if only on the interment.
  16. Nice 40# male and a beautiful grey colored fox on today's check. I have to go look at a place in the next few days where they are having some beaver issues so maybe adding a few water sets to the line up.
  17. nah. Nothing mature enough strolled by but it was really great action.
  18. Decent weekend on catches. Seems like the action is picking up a bit.
  19. I thought I shared pics of the new skinning machine I built. Really helps with the skinning but you have to use some finesse with the thinner skinned animals like the fox. It REALLY speed up the coyote and coon.
  20. On the other side of the coin I have jumped a doe walking in and turns out she was hot. She ran right by a stand I had up and I climbed up in it. It was a parade of bucks all day right down her trail by the stand.
  21. open the box. the entire limb, pulley and cable section will be one assembled unit. measure it.
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