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  1. Personally I'd rather see this sub as a place to discuss actual hunting and firearms legislation/changes.
  2. It would be terrible to see a social media platform not dish out punishment evenly or even favor one political leaning, wouldn't it?
  3. 3 years ago today. hope lightning strikes again but I think you are right about the snow. I'll take the low 40's in the day and high 20's/low 30's at night.
  4. I think it was 4 years ago that we had the crazy amount of snow opening day/week. I remember becasue it was the first Field to Fork class and it was cold with snow at camp why my mentee got his good buck.
  5. Happy birthday Greg. Hope the big boy walks by tonight for you
  6. Those adjustable stretchers were bought. Mainly so I could get a pattern. I have lumber milled up and all cut and shaped for a couple dozen of Coyote and fox/coon. They sure are nice but I like the ones with a center board so there is something nice to pin the tails to.
  7. Biggest issue hunting (specially bow hunting) a small piece is retrieval of the deer. At least with a fire arm you can take a shoulder shot and anchor it there.
  8. I'd rather have the "right 5 acres" than the "wrong 50"
  9. This sounds like 3 weeks of heaven. I'm enjoying joining in....if only on the interment.
  10. Nice 40# male and a beautiful grey colored fox on today's check. I have to go look at a place in the next few days where they are having some beaver issues so maybe adding a few water sets to the line up.
  11. nah. Nothing mature enough strolled by but it was really great action.
  12. Decent weekend on catches. Seems like the action is picking up a bit.
  13. I thought I shared pics of the new skinning machine I built. Really helps with the skinning but you have to use some finesse with the thinner skinned animals like the fox. It REALLY speed up the coyote and coon.
  14. On the other side of the coin I have jumped a doe walking in and turns out she was hot. She ran right by a stand I had up and I climbed up in it. It was a parade of bucks all day right down her trail by the stand.
  15. open the box. the entire limb, pulley and cable section will be one assembled unit. measure it.
  16. 31 sets in. been kind of slow with all the rain though.
  17. Great work. This remains my favorite thread on the entire site.
  18. I have been waiting for Pnuma to come out with socks to match their vest, pants and hand muff. Still haven't yet. I have had great luck with the 8 hour hot hands insole foot warmers while I wait for Pnuma to put out a product. Only downfall is they are actually hot if you plan on doing a lot of walking during the day.
  19. Pipe Dream sets for both of the catches today. Must have been early morning catches since there were almost no catch circles. Partner had to walk to the set the fox was in becasue of the mud and not wanting to tear up the farm road. He had to wake the fox up to get it to stand. Sound asleep. Hopefully the cooler drier weather keeps them moving. Yes that is SNOW on the ground.
  20. Take a new hunter out. I can't tell you how it refuels that desire.
  21. Checks last week were very slow with the 5.5" of rain at the properties. Rebaited on the Saturday checks and got the first canine of the season Sunday morning. 34.6# male. everything is a muddy sloppy mess right now. Based on the one camera pic there should be a fox waiting for the check this AM.
  22. Yeah...I would love to but not in the cards any time soon.
  23. That is actually one we have been looking at. I really want to do a fly in or at least boat to a spike camp
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