Finally got around to continuing my VTR build

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Many of you know of my Remington 700 VTR that I bought years ago and hunted with up until last season. The reason why I stopped hunting with it was because I had become disgusted with the factory Remington finish constantly rusting. Before last season, I sent it out for Cerakote, and when I got it back, I just couldn’t bring myself to drop it back into the original stock. I since hemmed and hawed at what stock I was going to buy for it. I thought Long and hard about a laminated stock, and ordered one, but it just didn’t look quite right and was heavier than I really wanted. I sent that one back and ended up ordering a Magpul Hunter stock in a similar green color as the factory stock. The other day it came in and I dropped the action in. It’s just what I wanted looks, feel and weight wise. The lines of the stock go very well with the triangulated barrel, and it doesn’t weigh much more than original. The stock is adjustable lengthwise and has an interchangeable cheek riser. Now the rifle is bedded and free floated, with full Cerakote and the Timney trigger. The last additions will be studs for the sling and bipod (if I choose to use one), and I have a detachable magazine kit on the way. 

I enjoyed hunting with my 300 Win Mag last year, but that Gun is awfully long and not ideal for still hunting, which is one of my favorite ways to hunt. I’ll be glad to have my little 308 back with me in the field this season. Can’t wait to get her finished up and sighted in!


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On 7/20/2020 at 2:47 PM, SpacemanSpiff said:

Almost bought one of those in .223, i like the VTR. How much does that package weigh?

I’m not sure. It’s pretty light though. 

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On 7/20/2020 at 3:11 PM, TACC said:

One stage or 2 stage trigger?

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Single stage. It’s the older version of the current Hit trigger

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