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Hello all.  Looking for a hunting club for myself, 15 year old son, a few more guys.  Most of us are veterans and law enforcement.  Club we were in was disbanded because land was sold.  Would prefer a club with a camp.  I know its a long shot but any clubs looking for good people to be members please respond.  Thanks 

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Welcome! and you are probably the first folks EVER to actually start looking for a club before the last week before the season! (that is a compliment....this is the time to start looking , but few do). As well as what area you guys are looking for it would also be useful for folks to know which seasons, if just for deer season or for year round access too.

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Big game?  Small game?  Waterfowl?

Here are some clubs in the Adirondacks:


Scroll down to “Hunting Clubs”.

Other than that Google the best you can with “Hunting clubs in the Catskill Mountains, New York”, "Hunting Clubs in New York State", etc.

Another option is to buy a lease and hope the land owner will allow you to discreetly park a camper on it.  Other than that pool money to purchase a camp that adjoins state land for walk out access, but no motorized vehicles are allowed.

Some guys put up a camp (big cabin tent with a wood stove) for the big game season.  Tricky to shut down a camp in December with the potential for snow and ice to access the area.  The law says:


Law states “Except during the big game hunting season”, but always contact the local Forest Ranger to be in compliance and they will know where you are.


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