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Looking at buying a house near Three Rivers Wildlife Area,,, any info

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Short answer in my opinion, no the deer hunting isn't great there but I don't know your expectations. It gets a ton of hiking and bird hunting pressure because they release so many pheasants there. Are there deer there? Yes, there are a few spots that get less human activity but after several years of trail cams there I've never had a single big buck picture and little deer activity overall. I live a mile from there and would rather drive 45 minutes to bowhunt down in 7M if that tells you anything. Just my thoughts, I know@Fletch hunts it from time to time and he had had some success. It's just not for me.

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I live down in Cicero and I dont go over there.  I’ve heard over the years it’s better for bird hunting.  I have a few buddies who bird hunt it, but don’t really deer hunt.

That said, Cicero swamp is like 2 miles away, and as Chris said, I’d rather drive out to 7J/7M.  The swamp is tough, there are deer there but it’s so big and thick, good luck ever seeing any.  Hamlin Marsh is the same thing.  The state land in this area sucks IMO.

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I have hunted it frequently in the past, work and live in the area. There is a deer population, but the surrounding area is quite populated. I wouldnt choose to deer hunt there, but I am thinking that archery season could be productive. There is ALOT of access to the land. During small game season it is is very active with bird hunters, getting a good stocking of pheasants. 

You mention "The house is close"....so you live nearby? Have you been out on it at all?  Get out and wander it. All of it. This is the season to start. 

If I lived closer, I would be there very frequently walking the dog, just tromping etc. As you probably know there are roads/paths all through out it to explore.

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I used to train and run my dogs there all the time.  Lots of areas to explore, but a lot of bikers, runners and even horses out and about.  I think the sections off Sixty Road get a lot more traffic than the other areas.  If this property and house backs up to it on an isolated section, you might have a real sweet spot.

All the times I ran dogs there, I never saw a deer or even any sign of a deer.   But I’ll bet they are there somewhere.  

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