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OK.....In some areas we have completed the opening weekend of Firearms Deer season

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So with all the controversy and theorizing and such about this early season, what are your observations. 

In our part of 8N, I doubt that the deer are even aware that there is a deer season open. I have heard more shooting from squirrel hunters in past years. I checked out a very popular state hunting land parking lot and it was completely empty at 1:00 PM.

 Two questions:

1.   Where the heck are all the hunters? 

2.   Did all this crazy messing with seasons really accomplish anything at all other than stirring up controversy


So what are the observations of others that live or hunt in the affected areas?

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I'd bet there are lots of hunters that don't even know the season is open in some areas......and for those that DO know, many don't have a lick of interest.

I don't understand why we can'y get a season similar to Pennsylvania; 2 1/2-3 weeks AFTER Christmas.  Then you'd have my attention.

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The problem in western areas is a lot is private land and has no access.  So all the extra permits will remain unfilled they should of went to a shoot 3 doe and get a bonus buck tag for that area and I'm sure they would achieve their quotas quickly.

Same I see so many biologically wrong posts about does and fawns all over social media saying how it will decimate the deer population..  yet they are all for following Pennsylvania antler restrictions yet forget that they killed doe a lot of type to balance the herd 1st....

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Well, I am not so sure that I could survive the mosquitos that we have right now. I have never seen them so vicious. I don't think the deer would be interested in approaching a critter that was swinging wildly trying to keep from being drained of blood. I suspect that the DEC is not getting what they wanted out of this early season. It kind of is turning out to be a lot of controversy created over nothing.

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I have to agree about the mosquitos this year, they seem worse than ever.  We have had a lot of rain, great for crops, apples and skeeters.   The freezer is getting low on venison, maybe if we get a real windy day I'll go out.  We have tons of barn swallows but they have all left and the mosquitos have since gotten thick.

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I am going to try and do my part for the DEC and fill my second DMP.   I just finished processing my bb from Sunday (it yielded about 30 pounds of meat, mostly boneless except for the neck roast).  The deer fridge is ready for a mature doe now.   I am going to hold out for one of those with my last tag.  I had two of those in range on my 3 afternoon hunts so far, but neither offered me a clear shot.   A nice 2.5 year old 8 point buck taunted me with multiple "chip shot" opportunities on my other afternoon hunt.  I did not see a deer of any kind on the two mornings I was out.

I plan to be out there for 4 of the last 5 afternoons.   Hopefully, a mature doe will show up in range on one of them.  I could use some grind because our kids love deer tacos (I made the button buck all into roasts, chops, and stew meat).  I am a little concerned that the mature buck action will drop off later, if I take a doe away, but not so much to refrain from helping the DEC achieve their management goals.  Not taking advantage of this early antlerless season is a somewhat selfish move by trophy hunters and I don't want to be associated with that, being about as pure of a "meat guy" as could be imagined.     

I have been using Repel mosquito and tick repellant and it has done the trick on the bugs, and does not seem offensive to the deer.  I was happy to not find any ticks on the wmu 9f bb that I skinned Sunday night.  It was too hot to hunt tonight (85 F at my house), but ok for butchering in our insulated garage with the AC cranked up. I am liking this early antlerless gun season, and I hope to see it continue in future years.   It beats the hell out of letting the farmers feed the coyotes with "nussance deer" as has been the fate of most antlerless deer around here for the last 20 some years.         

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